Saturday, May 3, 2014

Boxes and Baseball

 This post will be the theme for the month of May for the Steele Family!
We are under contract on a new house, so it looks like we are on the move... again. Thankfully, our new house is only about 15 minutes away. Therefore, a much closer move this time around. Phew! We were so thankful for the opportunity to have rented to allow time for our house to sell back in Temple, but it will feel so great to have our own house again. We are set to close on May 15th. God's timing is always perfect and I am absolutely giddy to see what God has in store for our family during this semi new chapter in our lives.
Of course with the moving comes packing. I should be at pro at it by now, but it is not my favorite thing. Then again when you have a Mom with expert packing skills I'm always in good hands. When there is packing to be done just call on Ghee and  she will help on the double!
On Wednesday Ghee offered to come in to town for a few days to help me start packing. Tyler and Georgia Kate were over the moon with Ghee being here and I must say we make a great team. We got so accomplished while she was here.
Ghee even got to watch Tyler play T-Ball last night so that was fun for all of us. Ty even got a home run.  The only person we were missing was Poppy. We can't wait to see him very soon.
There are still boxes to be packed but a lot of the big packing done and I feel so thankful for that. We can't wait for this new house and all the memories we will share.