Monday, December 30, 2013

Time To Wrap Up

New Years Resolution #1: Get all caught up on my blog, again. I was doing really well until the week before Christmas and then it all just fell apart and the Holidays plus life got in the way.
On the Thursday before Tyler got out of School for Christmas Break Tyler's class went on a field trip to see Santa and Santa's Workshop where each Kindergarten student received 2 gifts from Santa. After the fun trip they returned to class for a fun Christmas Party. They were numerous treats and then they got to open up their 2 gifts from Santa, plus a book during the class book exchange.
Tyler had lots of special visitors during the party: Ghee, Poppy, GK, and even Daddy dropped in for a little bit. We had so much fun sharing in this fun time with Tyler and his classmates.
That week was also full for the PTO as we wanted to provide some Christmas cheer to all the staff members at Tyler's School. We had a meeting on Tuesday where we made cute and easy Teacher Happy Holiday gifts for their boxes and finalized all the plans for a Christmas Breakfast for staff members. The week before Christmas I made two Breakfast Casseroles, Banana Bread, and Monkey Bread. I was in the kitchen a lot that week, but thankful for the opportunity to do something special. 
It was a fun a full week that truly made me excited for Christmas and the break that it provides.   

Monday, December 16, 2013

Annaul Santa Picture

We had to stand in line for over one hour but finally getting to see Santa was so worth it. I always love this tradition and the sweet memories the pictures provide us with.
This was the first year that Tyler loved sitting with Santa and Georgia Kate was a little unsure, but there were no tears or screaming. I think it helped that she had Tyler with her. We love our Biggest.
We are having a wonderful Holiday Season. I can't believe how close Christmas is.
Merry Christmas!!! 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

You Did It

This Weekend marked Texas A&M's December Commencement and the weekend in which Ryan officially received his Doctoral Diploma. Whoop!! 
Well, this will be the only picture you will see from our Graduation weekend as Ryan decided not to walk. He made that decision early on, but I kept holding out hope that he would change his mind the closer we got to the big day.... nope. I tried so hard to confidence but nothing would change his mind. Ryan really did not want to make a big deal out this accomplishment, but I am just so proud him and this huge accomplishment that took so much time, commitment, and determination. 
On Friday, Tyler wanted to make a banner for Ryan to show him how proud they are of him, so I got some paper and markers and let the kids create a masterpiece for their Daddy. ;)
We ALL love you, Ryan. You have accomplished so much this year and we are so proud of you and all of your career accomplishments. I can't wait to see what else is in store for you and your career path. We can't wait to travel it with you... just please no more going back to school. :)      

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Family Movie Night

Popcorn and Turbo! Perfect family fun night for our Saturday.

Soccer Party

We were supposed to play our last Soccer game today but the other team did not have enough players to play, so our Soccer season is officially over. Which I was kind thankful for because today was very windy and cold.
The team Soccer party was already scheduled for today, so that was perfect timing. We went to a very fun kid friendly restaurant that we will have to visit again. Georgia Kate cried when it was time to go. Both Tyler and GK had fun. I mean who wouldn't have fun. Cupcakes, Ice Cream, and Trophies!! Thank goodness one of the players was absent and GK could participate in the Trophy presentation.
We had such a fun fall Season with our new League in our new City. We were blessed to be apart of such a great Soccer organization. We had so many precious kiddos on our team and GK was really taken with one of the girls on Ty's team.... Callie and GK bonded at the first practice and they always loved practice and game day when they would get to be together.
Tyler really had a great season of growth! We are so proud of him for always trying his best and having fun.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two In One Night

We had a make up Soccer game last night and another one Saturday morning. Soccer sure does last a lot longer in the Season that what we are used to...Soccer in the cold weather is not too much fun, but we bundled up and stayed super warm.
 It was a full night for us, because right after Soccer we had to switch gears and get ready for our second night of basketball practice. Tyler loves it all and we even got dinner at Sonic! A win for me, for sure. However, It will be nice to just have to focus on one sport next week. Although, full nights help our weeks go by super fast. We are almost out for Christmas!!   

Book Fair

Tyler's School is hosting a book fair this week so I thought I would take Georgia Kate up there today to shop for a few books. It did not take GK long to spot the books she wanted... Dora. I also got Tyler the book that he circled and then GK picked out one they can share.
I love new books, well I love books of any kind... especially children's books. I wonder which books we will read first.
 (side note) GK was sitting in Tyler's seat in the carpool line keeping it warm. ;) GK loves Ty's car seat, mainly because it is Ty's seat. ;)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Popcorn and PJ's

We had a fun Saturday treat with a visit from Ghee and Poppy. My parents flew to Florida after Thanksgiving for a mini get away and flew back in on Saturday and decided to extend their trip with an overnight stay with us before heading back home on Sunday. I always love when they are here and so do Ty and Gk.
They flew in right in time for the Baylor Game... I'm guessing my Dad planned that reservation. ;) My Dad is a Baylor Alumni so what a great game to watch all together. After the game we had a fun PJ's, Popcorn, Cookies, and Movie night with Tyler and Georgia Kate. Tyler planned the menu and picked the movie, The Incredibles. Such a fun night.
On Sunday we put my parents in charge of taking family pictures of us in hopes of getting something together for a Christmas Card. Well, we did it. My parents deserved a huge award after our photo shoot, because it took lots of tears and fits/tantrums. Thankful we got some decent shots. Card is ordered so there is no turning back, now. I just hope to get them in and out before Christmas. 
It is hard to believe how fast December is flying. Next week is the last full week of School before the Christmas Break. Time flies when you are having fun.      

Monday, December 9, 2013

Forever In My Heart

Philippians 1:3- I thank my God in all my remembrance of you
December 9, 1989- A day that will be forvever etched in my memory. 
I am beyond thankful for my amazing brother, Justin. I am grateful to be his sister and I miss him today, more than words can express. He was simply the BEST.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lights Camera Action

Thursday evening we had a family outing to the Theater. Royal High School put on there first ever musical production, Little Shop of Horrors. We decided to show our support and attend opening night. With my Theater background I always love attending plays and everything that goes in to a production.
Unfortunately, Georgia Kate does not share my love just yet. GK lasted lasted all of 15 minutes into Act One and the same for Act Two, and I was not about to have her distracting everyone trying to enjoy the performance. Therefore, we spent our evening running up and down the school hallways.
We came back in during the curtain call and then the kids were allowed to go up on stage and meet the cast and take pictures with Audrey 2.... GK would not get close to it. ;) We had such a fun evening even if I didn't get to see the whole performance. We will have to continue to work on Theater etiquette with GK so she is a pro by the next play.     

Friday, December 6, 2013

Pajama Day

Today was Pajama Day at School. Tyler was really excited about wearing his new PJ's that were finally delivered yesterday afternoon.... Cutting it really close. ;) I went out yesterday for a back up pair just in case these did not arrive. Tyler loves having The Elf on the Shelf on his PJ. Gk has a matching pair, too. I love Christmas PJ's. 
It is very cold out so today was a perfect day to be comfy and cozy all day long. 

Out With the Old In With The New

With Soccer winding down... we still have 2 games left. It is time to start thinking about basketball. Jumping from one sport to another is what we do best.
On Tuesday Tyler had try outs. Well, they all make a team so I guess this was more for the Coaches to see students experience level. Ryan was hoping not to Coach bust basketball, but sure enough he got a phone call on Monday evening stating they were in need of Coaches.... Ryan is now Coaching.
Games don't start until January so thankfully we have sport break just in time for the Holiday's.
I am just so thrilled that we have been able to find great organizations for Tyler to play Sports with. I guess I better start looking into Tball because I know that season will be here before I know it.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We Want Ice Cream

And we want it NOW!! Tyler and Georgia Kate love Ice Cream for a after dinner treat and it had been a while since we have had this special treat, so tonight was Ice Cream at our house.
Tyler was finishing up homework and I had taken out the ice cream and put it on the corner to get ready when I got called to help Ty with his homework.
 Well, Georgia Kate obviously could not wait any longer and decided to help herself. I'm still shaking my head that she is now tall enough to reach things off the Kitchen counter, and she also had to grab the Ice Cream scoop out of the drawer. GK is like a sponge these days... soaking up everything. Thank goodness Daddy caught her in the action, of course we must snap a picture first. :)
I still can't she was right behind me indulging in here after dinner treat. She must have been practicing being quiet like a mouse.  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Christmas Elf's

We put up our Christmas tree on Saturday and I had two Elf's that were anxiously awaiting their turn to help decorate our family tree.
One Elf thought she would dress herself and decided that Halloween Pj's were in this Christmas. Her big job was helping me put up the bows, well at least they made them on tree. ;)
One Elf was really excited about hanging his new Christmas Ornament from Ghee. That is about all he did, but at least he helped for a little bit. ;)
No matter how much or how little they helped I am just thankful for my two Elf's. I love to watch all of their wonder and excitement during this Season.   

Monday, December 2, 2013

Good Friends

While we were visiting Ryan's family last week we were able to reconnect with Ryan's good  friend from ACU. Ray was in our wedding and now he adores our children as if they were his own. We enjoyed lunch and even a trip to IKEA. He was such a good sport to go rug shopping with all of us. ;) 
Both Tyler and Georgia Kate loved him (even though GK was being super shy when it came time to taking a picture together). Georgia Kate immediately went to Ray upon arrival and loving sitting next to him at lunch. Visiting a good friend during a trip to Fort Worth was a nice surprise and made our trip even more wonderful.   

This post basically wraps up our Thanksgiving Holiday. I know there is no post or pictures from Thanksgiving, that is because I did not get one single picture. I still can't believe that... my parents came in to town on Wednesday and on Thursday we went to my Aunts house and was also able to celebrate with one of my cousins. We had a fun day even though I was not feeling 100% and Georgia Kate is working on cutting her two year molars and we have had a lot of up and down days and restless nights. Friday and over the weekend I worked hard to get Christmas all up. It is always hard to figure how to decorate a new place, but it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cousin Time

We had a lot of cousin fun when we were in Fort Worth ovet he the Thanksgiving break. When ever we are there it is non stop activities. The few days we were there were filled with a flag football game, basketball game, movies, McDonald, Chik Fil A, Ikea, and even finding times to put on talent shows. Tyler and Goergia Kate love all of the cousins and are so excited that we get to see them in a few weeks when we head back for there for a few days during Christimas.
 I can't believe it already December. I have a feeling the next few weeks will fly by. This week sure did, because we are back to our normal routine starting tomorrow. 


Friday, November 29, 2013

Math Night

Nothing like Holiday and a full week off from School to throw a routine out the window. However, a change in routine is sometimes nice. 
Tyler's school hosted a Math night last Thursday and we had so much going from station to station exploring  and trying our hand at all sorts of fun different math concepts. I never thought I would put fun and math in the same sentence but the teachers really did a great job capturing all in attendance. Such a fun night with a our biggest. I think we have a future mathematician on our hands.   

Last Friday after school and work we hit the road to Fort Worth to be reunited with Georgia Kate and spend a few days with Ryan's family. We arrived past Gk's bedtime so we had to wait until Saturday morning to give our girl hugs and kisses. She was so excited when I got her out of bed on Saturday morning, but Tyler was right there waiting for her.... those two were so excited to be reunited. We had some fun full days with Ryan's family. We hit the road back home on Tuesday and Ghee and Poppy arrived on Wednesday to be here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We are so thankful for this full week off and all of our time with family.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Santa Door

We had a Parent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday, and I told Tyler's Teacher if she needed help this week that I would be to help as I would be happy as I would not have Georgia Kate. Well, we found a job for me. ;)  I really was happy to help in Ty's class. We are truly thankful for Tyler's Teacher. She has been a perfect fit for Tyler this year. She is one of a kind. 
Every class at Ty's school was asked to decorate their door for a Christmas door decorating contest. 
Thankfully, there was another Mom up there to help yesterday, because I was there all day. Ty did not seem to mind at all. He was so sweet. I guess when you say yes to class room Mother and PTO you should expect stuff like this.... I have to do the workroom door after the Holiday. This is when I am thankful for Pinterest. Well, this Santa to get me excited about Christmas and decorating. 
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