Sunday, November 30, 2008


The beauty of a child at Christmas is priceless.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Ty thought he would help me put up the tree this year. It is so neat to see Ty's face when the lights are on. He loves to walk up to the tree and touch it. It is amazing to see the change from this year to last year.
I got a lot done on the house today, because of my talented Mother who loves to help me decorate. Thanks Mom. Plus, I need to say a huge thanks to my Dad for taking Ty out to lunch today and then for a drive to look at the job sites. Ty had a wonderful outing with my Dad and we were able to get a lot done. It takes a little bit longer to decorate with Ty and his wondering hands. He has heard "don't touch" a lot today.
Ryan decided to make it a day of football. He left this morning and headed to Abilene to watch Abilene Christian play in a play-off game. The bad news is they lost. Ryan went to ACU so I know he enjoyed going back to that campus today. After the ACU football game Ryan got in the car and headed to Dallas to watch our Nephew, Justin in his play-off football game. The bad news is they lost too! Ryan said he must have been bad luck today. Maybe next year!
It is hard to believe that tomorrow is Sunday and Ryan has to go back to work on Monday. We truly have enjoyed having him home this week. At least it is almost Christmas. Ryan also has finals for his class coming up soon so he will be so busy until his Christmas break.
Tomorrow is our Christmas Family picture day. All of the outfits are ready, and I hope the models will be ready, too!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Late Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful time in Houston with my family. We left on Wednesday afternoon and came back last night after a wonderful feast. The best part is Ty started feeling a little better Wednesday and has been doing well since then. Thanks goodness! Tuesday Ty did wind up getting a fever so we took him back to the Doctor and he had developed a sore throat. We just kept Motrin in him and the fever finally broke. We also kept cleaning out his nose with Little Noses. Ty hates that! Here are some pictures from our wonderful Thanksgiving. My Aunt and Uncle had a staircase at their house so Ty loved trying to climb the stairs. We were always right behind him.

They also had a pool table, so Ty became a huge fan! Look at how cute Ty is.

Ty's second Thanksgiving but his first time to enjoy the food. As you can see Ty loved it all!

Ty enjoying a snack with his Ghee

Me with my beautiful cousins. We had a great time talking and enjoying some good old girl talk with snacks and Peach Bellini's. Yummy! Lauren, Caroline, Meghan, me, and Claire.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The tree is finally up but that is about it. I will say it is so hard to decorate with a toddler. The the Holiday Season begin!!!

16 Months Old

With Ty being sick and heading out town I forgot to post that our precious boy turned 16 months old on Wednesday. It is hard to believe. I can't wait to see what this month will hold for us. I am sure running will be involved. We love you, Ty. We are so proud of all you have accomplished.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Under The Weather

Tyler developed a chest cough on Sunday Morning and he is still not back to himself. I took him to the walk in clinic at S&W yesterday because I could not get an appointment with Ty's Doctor or another one in the Pediatric Clinic. They were all booked up.
Needless to say the Doctor just said it was a cold an there is nothing they recommend him taking because of his age. I felt a little silly but I just wanted to make sure.
Well, Ty had a rough night with the cough but he seemed ok this morning. Still coughing on and off. Well, he went through phases. He would want to cuddle and then he would want down to play. That is how our morning went. However, he is still a little more fussy than normal. Around 11:30 am he was ready to crash. Hopefully, he will get a good nap. I am still worried about him, but I have to let go and trust God. My prayer is that it is just a minor cold and nothing more will happen. So far he has not gotten a fever. I pray it stays that way.
We are scheduled to leave for Houston tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with some of my family but I am so nervous about taking him but then again I don't want to be stuck home at Thanksgiving by ourselves. A sick child is no fun especially during the Holidays. Plus I should be helping my Mom cook and I have not been able to do that.
Please keep Ty in your thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grill Master

Tyler getting tips on grilling from his Daddy. This was taken last weekend. I have been borrowing my parents camera since ours is still sick.

The Christmas decorations are down from the attic but I am now having a hard time remembering where everything goes. I keep telling myself to take pictures every year so I remember how I had everything but I never do. I will do it this year. I will!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Ty loved playing in the stands and climbing the steps. Up and down.......

Ryan's sister Shana with Caleb and Callie and I am next to Linda my Mother in Law. Excuse the pacifier in Ty's mouth. I only like to give it to him when he is in bed but this was at a breaking point. We left shortly after this picture was taken.

Ryan with his Nephew, Justin. What a Handsome young Man. Justin is also one of the star players for Liberty Christian. Ryan is going to watch him play next weekend, too!

Last night was a great night for football. We were all bundled up, surrounded by family, and Justin's team won! Our Nephew plays for Liberty Christian in the Fort Worth area. We got very lucky that they had their play off football game at Wildcat Stadium! My old stomping ground. It brought back a lot of memories from my drill team days. We had a lot of Ryan's family come in town for the game, so we had a wonderful cook out before the game and even my parents came and joined in on the fun. After we ate we all bundled up and headed out. Well, everyone except my Mom. My Mom is still recovering from her foot surgery. 4 more weeks to go!
To be honest I did not get to watch a lot of the game because I was busy keeping up with Ty. However, right before half time Ty started loosing it. So, Ty my Dad and I decided to leave at half time. Ty crashed as soon as we got home. Ryan's parents and our Niece Callie stayed the night with us. This morning Ty and Callie played a little bit and then we picked up my parents and headed to I-Hop for some breakfast. Well, except Ryan. Ryan has class today but he does not next weekend so we are ready for that.
My house is all put back together, laundry is going, Ty is napping, and I am listening to Christmas music! That is right. Fall decorations are coming down today and Christmas decorations are coming out of the attic tomorrow. I hope. I am ready to decorate. We will be home for Christmas Day this year so I am excited to play Santa. I am searching for a cute "Cookies for Santa plate". Christmas traditions mean so much to me and I am excited about starting Christmas traditions with Ty. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Worn Out

I spent the whole day either shopping, cleaning or cooking. I am worn out and it is not even Thanksgiving yet. At least I am not hosting that. Some of Ryan's family will be in town tomorrow for the big Play Off Football Game so we will be hosting a cook out at our house tomorrow. Ty can't wait to show off his walking skills.
Tonight I made a Cranberry Salsa. It is so good and very easy. I will attach a recipe soon.
Sorry, this is all you are getting tonight. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At Last...

I've been wanting to post a video of Ty walking. He's been walking for a while, but we haven 't gotten it on film. Hope you enjoy our big walker...

Ready For The Holidays

Ty is ready to deck the halls in his new Christmas outfits. I actually ordered three today but thought I would save one for a surprise. I found two new children clothing websites that I just love. The green outfit comes from Best Dressed Child and the Red Santa outfit comes from Orient Expressed. It took me a week to narrow down my choices. I was thinking just one but I could not help myself. I know Ty will look precious in his Christmas card picture which will be taken next week, now if I could only narrow down my Christmas Card choices. How I love the Holidays!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Not As Much Fun

Wait! I think I found a picture of Ty that I have not posted yet!
I have decided that blogging is not as much fun if it does not have pictures. So, I am going to pull out our old camera and see if it still works, or I will find pictures from the Internet to post. I want to keep my blog exciting.

I still need to get a video of our little walker. Ty is still a little wobbly, and sometimes he just goes ways too fast like he is ready to start running, so he has some minor bumps and bruises on his head, but thank goodness for our Thomas the Train Bye Bye Boo Boo Ice pack the pain is not that bad.

We have had another busy week. It started yesterday with a fun morning play date with Lindsay and Hudson. I love watching those two boys play together. Lindsay even brought over some donut holes so the boys ate their donuts while watching Elmo's World "Happy Holiday". I got the video for Ty last week and I love it. It truly puts you in the Christmas spirit. That is why Christmas decorations are going up next week and Christmas Card pictures will be taken next week (I hope). I am ordering Ty's out fit on line today. It will be adorable.

This morning we headed to Target to get some diapers because Huggies were on sale and I ran in to my sweet friend Kassie. So we did a little shopping together and then we sat with a nice cup Starbucks coffee and had a wonderful conversation. That was a very nice surprise. Tonight is our last Junior League meeting until next year. This fall has flown by. Tonight is our last meeting with our Fall Provisional Class. We are doing a small presentation for them. Plus we nominate members to sit on the board for the 2009-2010 year! This is my goal for next year, so I hope it works out. The best part about tonight's meeting is it is in Salado so I get to carpool with Pam and Christina!

Well, that is what we have been up to so far, and the next few days are filled with numerous activities. Bible Study and then Open Gym on Thursday and on Friday Ryan's family will be in town to watch his nephew play in a football play of game at Wildcat Stadium. What a great location. I am still deciding if I will let Ty go to the game for a little bit. I am afraid it is going to be too cold. However, we are having a cook out at our house before the game. With all of that my house is a mess and it needs to be cleaned. I guess I will focus on that soon. Too much to do!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

2 more weeks

We took our camera to Best Buy today and they are sending are camera back to Kodak to get it fixed. The worst part is we have to wait two weeks to get it back. What am I going to do? I will try to keep our posts fun, but I know you are going to miss seeing Ty. That stinker walked all over Best Buy today, and even knocked down a display. I am not sure if Ty and I will be invited back. I might have to send Ryan to get the camera. It is going to be a rough two weeks but I think I can handle it.

We have had a wonderful weekend. Couples Night out was a blast and Ty loved sleeping over at his Ghee and Poppy's house. He even slept past 8am. Ty never does that at home. We ended our day will grilling some yummy hamburgers. Ty loved it. He loved standing next to Ryan while he was at the grill. A little Grill Master in training.
Next week is another fun week. It starts off with a fun play date. Have a good week.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Tyler opened up the fridge and found some cheese and proceeded to make a mess. Since there was cheese on the floor Ty decided to have a little snack. Yummy. My last picture of Ty before my camera died!

More 80's and Other things

My sweet friend, Lindsay! We have known each other since the 80's. I loved her burp cloth shoulder pads. I used a whole of nursing pads. My hair did not get as BIG as it did when I was in Middle School. Lindsay had to make it bigger and added a lot more hairspray when we arrived that night.
I found my charm bracelet and bought jelly bracelets for all the girls.

DJ and Ryan are Twinkies. Lindsay and I planned that!

We had a wonderful night. After a wonderful meal that KC and Price prepared we broke out Cranium. Rob and Ryan dominated. Christina and I were on there team but we we no help to them.

I am sorry for being absent for a while, but I have just been going crazy.
Thursday morning I took Ty to The Heart of Texas Gymnasium for "Open Gym" and Ty had a great time. This is the fist time I have taken him but now that he is walking we thought we would try it out. Thanks for inviting us Lindsay. We can't wait for next Thursday. Ty loved all the mats, slides, balls, and a big trampoline. Thursday night Christina and I hosted a Potential New Member meeting for the Junior League. We had a great night.
Friday morning Ty had his One year photo shoot. Ty looked adorable in both outfits. Yes, I took two outfits for him to wear. However, we had a hard time keeping Ty in one place. That stinker was walking all over the place. Your world does change once your child starts walking. I spend my time chasing Ty around. I love every minute of it. We will get it on video very soon. After Ty's photo shoot we met Laura and Madelyn for lunch at Mcallister's Tyler and I enjoyed splitting a sandwich and fruit. Last night was the Second Hand Rose Birthday, so I was gone for that. The best part is I got to model some beautiful clothes. I found one dress that I would love to have.
Today Toys R Us was having a huge sale so I took Ty to do some Christmas shopping. I made sure Ty was not peaking since the shopping was for him. Ryan is in class today. However, we get to go out together tonight for a couples night with Lindsay and DJ and Steve and Kassie. I can't wait to see my girls. I think Ty is going to stay with his Ghee and Poppy. My poor Mom is doing well but having a really hard time not being able to get up and go. and do things like she used to. I know she is going stir crazy. Tyler and I went over there yesterday to help her with some chores.
Well, the worst news of all is our camera is broken. We are going to take it back to Best Buy tomorrow and see what we can do about it. So, I will not have random pictures of Ty until I get my camera back. I am dying with out!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Love The 80's

Here is a sneak peak at our 80's style Supper Club that was last night. I have tons of pictures but I am a little swamped with preparing for the Junior League meeting tonight. We had a great time! Wait until you hear what our December theme is.
I will get back to 80's style Supper Club and Ty's fun morning. We tried something new today, and Ty loved it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Computer Boy

I caught Ty looking on the Computer the other day. I guess he was chatting with his peeps. A boy has to keep in touch with his buddies. With Ty's new found walking legs brings climbing up on things. Ty got up in chair all by himself. Sorry for the mess, but I am currently planning several Junior League events, so binders and to do lists are all over the place.

This Morning Ty and I went to Bible Study and had a great morning. Ty was wonderful in the nursery playing will all of his friends. Later this afternoon I will be cooking two appetizers for Supper Club tonight. The theme is awesome (think BIG hair). I got Ryan's outfit yesterday plus some extra items to go with my outfit. It should be a fun night. Tomorrow is another crazy day. Tomorrow night Christina and I are hosting a Junior League New Member Meeting. So much to do and so little time. It is a good thing I like a full schedule.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just One Of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wish you could just go back to bed and start the day all over again? Well, that is how are morning was today. Ty was supposed to have his one year pictures today but we had to reschedule for Friday Morning. It was a good thing because we had a really rainy morning and we were running late. Therefore, I decided to go to Salado to try on some clothes for a fashion show I am in on Friday night at the Second Hand Rose. I told Stacie we would be there at 10:30 am. So, I rush to get us ready and pack a lunch a several toys to keep Ty occupied while I was trying on clothes. We were just about to head out the door and I could not find my cell phone any where. It looks like some little hands found it and walked off with it, because I found it in Ty's School Bus. Well, we are really behind at this point. As we are driving out of the neighborhood I call to check on my Mom, and she sounded great. I told here where I was headed and she said to drop Ty off and my Dad would play with him, so I turned around and unloaded Ty. I was late to my apt in Salado, but I was in and out in 30 minutes. I did get to chat with Stacie for bit before she left. I loved everything that I tried on and found 3 great out fits to model on Friday.
My Mom is doing really well. When I got there this morning she was up and walking around with her walker. She still can't do a lot but it was good to see her up. My Aunt is coming in today to spend a few days with my Mom to help her out. I am so thankful that she is doing well. I know she hates not being able to chase Ty around the house. Tomorrow night is Supper Club. We have a theme but I will wait to tell you with all the wonderful pictures. I will give you hint: We are dressing up!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Surprise Sunday

My Sweet Grandmother (Ma) celebrated her 80th Birthday this weekend. Yesterday she had a huge Surprise Party hosted by her Children. Tyler and I went to Rockwall yesterday morning with my parents to help set up for the big party. Ma looked so beautiful and boy was she surprised to see us all. I had a great time visiting with all of my Cousins and trying to keep us with Ty. There were two dogs at the party so Tyler wanted to go where ever the dogs were going and as you can see from the pictures he did! What a very special day with Family.
Ty also wanted to wear the crown.

Looking at the Balloons on Ma's throne. Ty also LOVES balloons.

Check out our little walker!

Well, My Mom went in this Morning for her foot surgery and I have not heard anything yet. I pray that all goes well. It will be hard having my Mom out of commission for while. I know Ty will miss not having his Ghee chase after him. We love you Mom!!
Tyler and I spent the Morning with Lindsay, Hudson, Whitney, and Sadie. It was fun chatting and watching the kids play when I was not following Ty around Lindsay's house. He is so fast! It helped keep my mind off my Mom and her surgery. Thanks for hosting Lindsay. The rest of our week is filled with fun activities and Ty's one year photo shoot! I am already planning our Christmas cards....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tagged Again!

My Sweet friend Lauren Tagged me again!


1. Where is your cell phone? Purse
2. Your significant other? Home:)
3. Your hair? Down
4. Your mother? Friend
5. Your father? Strong
6. Your favorite thing? Family
7. Your dream last night? Strange
8. Your favorite drink? Water
9. Your dream/goal? Children
10. The room you're in? Den
11. Your fear? Death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Temple
13. Where were you last night? Home
14. What you're not? Hungry
15. Muffins/donuts? Muffins
16. One of your wish list items? Clothes
17. Where you grew up? Temple
18. The last thing you did? bath
19. What are you wearing? PJ's
20. Your TV? On
21. Your pet? Dogs
22. Your computer? On
23. Your life? Blessed
24. Your mood? Content
25. Missing someone? Always
26. Favorite pastime? Friends
27. Something you're not wearing? Contacts
28. Favorite Store? Target
29. Your summer? Special
30. Your favorite color? Red
31. When is the last time you laughed? Today
32. Last time you cried? Sunday
33. Who will/would re-post this? Laura
34. Four places I go over: Playgroups, Parents, HEB, Church/Bible Study
35. Four people who e-mail me? JL, Pam, Christina, and Kassie
36. Four of my favorite foods? Mexican, Chicken Salad, Fish, and Cheese and Crackers
37. Four places I would like to be right now: Beach, Bosten, Paris, New Orleans
38. Four people I tag? Laura, Kristen, Sally, Heather

Special Saturday

Ty had a very special Saturday with Ghee at the Park! Notice he has on a UMHB Jersey! Go CRU!! That is where I graduated from, my Mom too!

We had another beautiful day so I thought I would take Ty to one of our favorite places in Temple, Whistle Stop Playground. Ghee even came with us. Since my Mom is having foot surgery on Monday Morning she decided she wanted to go play with Ty, because she does not know when she will be able to go out their with him. It might be a while. We had a great morning playing at the park and then we stopped at Chik-Fil A to pick up some lunch.
Ryan got home from class right before Ty was heading to bed so that put a big smile on Ty's face. Tyler and I are heading to Rockwall tomorrow morning to surprise my Grandmother for her 80th Birthday! We can't wait.


I was Tagged by my sweet friend Lauren. I miss you Lauren. I wish you were still in Temple.

*Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
*Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself
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*Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

1. I was asked to be the Secretary for the Westphalia PTO and I went to one meeting and decided that it was way too much to take on right now with all the other things I am involved in. So I am a PTO drop-out! However, when Ty is in school I would love to be the PTO President.

2. I love things to match. Last Christmas I ordered new Christmas Stockings from Pottery Barn Kids for the three of us, and I bought extras for when we have more kids, so they will all match. All I have to do is get their name monogrammed on it.

3. One place I want to go is New York during Christmas. It seems strange that I lived their and I was even in Times Square on New Years Eve to watch the ball drop but I have never seen it all decorated for Christmas.

4. I can't wait for Ty to be old enough to help out with all the chores around the house.

5. I LOVE living in Temple. I used to want to get out of here but not anymore. I love the friends I have, Junior League, Bible Study, Our Church, Supper Club, my parents living next door. You name it I love it. I know Ryan's job could take us out of here on day but I hope it is not for a long time!! Plus I love the friends that TY has here, too.

6. I love a quiet house. I used to leave to TV on during Ty's nap time but not any more. Sometimes I even turn my phone off! With Ty only taking on nap a day I need some peace and quiet. I love listening to Ty but every Stay at Home Mom needs some time to herself.

7. I wish Ryan was home more often. I know he is working so hard and getting his Doctorate to better himself and be able to provide a great life for Ty and I. We just miss him around the house at times and Ty adores his Daddy. However, we get him the whole week of Thanksgiving. School is out the week of Thanksgiving and he wont have to go to College Station for class! Whoop:) We love you Ryan!!

I will tag: Heather, Sally, Rachel, Laura, Sara, Melissa, and Mary Beth. Please try and do it. It did not take long at all.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Side Walk Chalk 101

Yesterday afternoon we decided to pick side walk chalk for our craft! I will say it was not as messy as finger painting. Of course Ty tried to eat it. Everything still goes in the mouth. It is hard to believe that Ty has 16 teeth in that mouth of his and I think we are working on more.
The side walk activity was cut short once Ty found the water hose and got soaked. All good things must come to an end!