Monday, October 29, 2012

My Little Leaguers

Tyler, Georgia Kate, and even our precious Landry play a huge role in my involvement with the Junior League. There are few times that I have to bring Ty and GK with me to JL , and I was reminded last Tuesday when I had to be at our Project S.M.I.L.E. event ( Community project with our local Children's Hospital) early for set up.
Ty was really excited about being able to go to the Children's Hospital with me, he always asks when he can come with me. Although, I think he thought I was a nurse or doctor when I do my volunteer work there, because he asked me why I was not going to the rooms to check their heart beat and make them feel better. :) I had to explain that there are other ways to help others feels better.
As I looked back on these moments where Ty and even GK are assisting me and HEB get everything ready for some very special patients I realized why I assist our Community, because I believe that I am making a deep impact on my family by leading them to love and care for others. I believe that my precious children are already following in my footsteps as they participate in league activities, and reflect my heart in their smiles.  

See Ryan, the craziness of this year and the occasional tears are totally worth it!! :)  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just A Reminder

2nd time is a charm when it came to early voting this year. We had a fun birthday lunch on Monday with some of our favorite friends, Luke and Avery. They were unable to come to Georgia Kate's party, so we celebrated with them at Chick Fil A on her real Birthday.
Jen mentioned she wanted to vote so we decided to go together, well the line was really long and we figured with the kids it would be a way too much for us all to handle. Therefore, I thought going first thing in the Morning would be the best time. Tuesday after I dropped of Tyler at School we went and cast our vote! No line. Ryan went yesterday afternoon, so we are all set. I always try to early vote when I can, it is just nice and easy and I don't have to think about it anymore.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Smash Cake

The pictures with Georgia Kate and Tyler are my favorite, because it captures the pure sweetness of their relationship. They really do adore one another.

As I have mentioned before I have an amazing friend that has just started a photography business. Well, the rest of her family could not make the party sense she had photo shoot that was during the same time as GK's party. The best part is the the session was with our next door neighbors, so she came a little a early to capture some of the most amazing pictures of Georgia Kate experiencing her 1st Birthday cake.
I don't think GK knew what to do with the cake, she put her hands in it and then immediately took them out to show me. :)  I think she tried a little just because I gave her a taste. Well, we still made a mess and there was icing all over her and me. We did a quick sponge bath and came back to enjoy the rest of the party.
I am so thankful for these precious memories that were captured.

Monday, October 22, 2012

GK's Party

 I was very pleased with how cute the cup cakes turned out. I got them from Wal Mart, and all I did was tell them how many of each color, and then we arranged ourselves.
 Precious Smash Cake
 Fruit and vegetables in the shape of a rainbow. Also skittles and rainbow colored goldfish were perfect rainbow themed snacks.
 My favorite. It did take several trips to Target and Wal Mart for copies, but so worth it!

On Saturday afternoon we celebrated Georgia Kate with a Rainbow 1st Birthday party! Coming up with the theme was very easy and fitting for our precious girl. You see, the babies born after a sibling has gone to Heaven is called a "Rainbow Baby".
I was pleased with how simple it was to put together a rainbow party, you can turn almost anything in to a rainbow. I even found a rainbow pinata at our local Party store, it was used as a wreath for the door and then the pinata for the older kids.  But, I think I really need to thanking Pinterest for all of the creative ideas and my Mom for helping all this ideas become a reality. I have so many pictures, so I will have to break up the posts.
Saturday was perfect. I am beyond thankful for all of our amazing family and friends that came to help us celebrate our little Rainbow.

Canterbury Fair

On Friday, Ty's school held their fall Carnival. It is always a fun morning with costumes and fun games and prizes. Tyler is so excited about his costume this year, and of course we did the count down every day last week as to when Ty could wear his costume to school. Tyler also got to go to lunch group on Friday, and that made his day!! He might have enjoyed that more than the carnival. ;)
Georgia Kate loved being apart of the fun this year, as well. Her costume arrived over the weekend so we are all set, I am going to keep GK's a surprise.... it is really cute.
This week it is off the Pumpkin Patch with Ty's class. Oh, how I love this time of year.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Birthday Eve

I am sitting here on the eve of Georgia Kate's first Birthday trying to put in to words how I feel and how absolutely amazing it feels to be able to celebrate and throw a real first birthday, again. Every plan and detail that went in to GK's Birthday party was filled with so much excitement.
Yesterday, was filled with so much joy as we celebrated, Georgia Kate. I can't wait to share her special Birthday party with you all.
However, today as I have been watching our precious girl explore and play with all of her new toys I have been reflecting on how much healing has taken place this year. I find it amazing how one little girl could bring so much hope and joy back to our lives. I remember being absolutely terrified when I found out I was pregnant with Georgia Kate, but she was worth it all.
 Every moment since Georgia Kate's birth has been cherished and never taken for granted. I can't imagine our lives with out Georgia Kate, and for that I am thankful for Landry and his precious life. The love that I have for both Tyler and Georgia Kate is so amazing, I feel that I love "better" and "stronger" because of Landry and his legacy.
Georgia Kate as you are about to turn one I want to thank you for the smile that you bring to my face, I think we all smile a little bigger because of you. Your laugh is contagious and the love you have for your big Brother, Tyler is priceless. I love how you blow kisses, please don't ever stop doing that. I just love you so much, and I am thankful that God chose me to be your Mommy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Field Trip

One thing that I love about my "job" is being able to go on field trips with Tyler, and Georgia Kate. Today Ty's class went to our Cultural Activities Center to watch The 3 Little Pigs, put on by the University of Mary Hardin Baylor Opera Students. It was really cute and Ty had a blast with his Friends. Georgia Kate sat in my my lap the whole time and never moved. I think she liked it, too! It was fun being able to drive with Ty and two girls from his class, Ty loved showing them our car and our video screen.
Such a fun day after two crazy days. I am mentally exhausted after last nights meeting, but 2 down!! :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Team Picture Saturday

Tyler had team pictures on Saturday before their game. I still can't believe I did not get his hair cut, but these pictures snuck up on me, and I am not sure if I received the reminder, thanks Coach! ;) Such a fun team this year. It is hard to believe the Fall Season is almost over.
Well, as I mentioned the 2nd and 3rd week of every month are just crazy. Week 3, mmonthly Junior League meeting tomorrow. It is the second one of the year, One already down!!
The funny thing, is I am actually more nervous about this meeting than our first one. We really have so many amazing projects and events going on right now, which is so exciting. I pray daily for strength, courage, and guidance. I have felt really run down the past couple of weeks, but I know it is all apart of this journey.
This week is also all about GK!! Our sweet girl is turning ONE a week from today. What??!  Saturday, is monthly S.M.I.L.E. event, Soccer, and GK's Birthday party! Not sure what I was thinking throwing a party on top of all this, let the fun and craziness begin.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Bee Sting


 Tyler got his first bee sting tonight, poor baby. The good news is Westphalia won their football game. Tyler got to ride on the school bus, and go to a out of town game with Daddy tonight. Ty had Daddy time and I had one on girl time with Georgia Kate. Tyler was all smiles when he came home, brave sweet boy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I have come to the conclusion that the 2nd and 3rd weeks of every month are just BUSY! I could hardly catch my breath yesterday and today. Season of life.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fire Day

Saturday was Fire Prevention/Safety Day in Temple and boy oh boy did we ever see everything that relates to the world of fire fighters. The Train Depot transformed in to one big fire station. There were fire trucks and fire fighters everywhere.
Ty got to get in a fire truck and we event went for a ride in a fire truck. Tyler participated in some fun Fire drills, and when down a huge slide that looked like a fire truck. We did all of this after his morning Soccer game, which he scored a goal! He loved the way we celebrated. :) Tyler was so mesmerized the whole time we were there, and just could not get enough. It was such a fun morning, and the best part is Ty's school has a fire safety day this week that he is excited about, as well.
We had such a fun and busy weekend. We had friends over on Saturday evening to watch football, well the guys watched football while the kids played and the Mom's got to visit. There were two screens playing football. Ryan brought a projector home, and made a screen on our wall. Ryan adores this time of year. Ryan played 2 softball games yesterday, as well. Me and and the kids stayed home, it was a little too cold yesterday for softball, if you ask me. We enjoyed playing in Ty's room, instead.
 Football and Fire fighters were a perfect weekend combo for my boys.   

Friday, October 5, 2012


I recorded this video of Georgia Kate after her Morning nap, and I just have to share because it is really cute!! She also showed off how she roars like a Lion. GK is really mesmerized by the Halloween Kitty's on her shirt. :)

Thursday Night Lights

Georgia Kate LOVES Madison and her Daddy.

The Coaches with their biggest fans! We were missing sweet Wyatt in the picture, but I am sure he will make plenty of fun football pictures in the future.

Last night we headed to Westphalia to Cheer Westphalia on to VICTORY!! I hate that I have had to miss so many games this year, but I do what I can. Tyler and Georgia Kate had so much fun. We also brought along, Madison so she could cheer on her Daddy. We loved spending some extra special time with sweet, Madison. I was so happy that we could take her so Lauren could rest, and enjoy some time with Wyatt.
We picked up Chick Fil A for Dinner and enjoyed a nice little picnic outside by the playground during the game. Of course I did not get to watch any of the game. I had to ask Ryan when he got home last night, who won the game? :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blessing Of The Pets

Today, Ty's school hosted a blessing of the pets. Ty has been looking forward to this day since last week. Every day this week we did a countdown, counting down until Cooper could come to school with him. Although, Ty kept wanting to call it a dog show. :) This morning was such a beautiful morning to bless your special pets, and Cooper got a very special blessing. We saw lots of dogs, cats, and even a snake (not my favorite). We love CCS and all the fun activities Ty is blessed to be apart of. I think even Cooper enjoyed a fun morning outing, as well.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good Witch, Bad Witch

I think I will go with good Witch! Just so you know that is not her halloween costume. So excited about the Halloween this year. I do love this time of year.

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend Ryan was a Groomsmen in a Wedding for on of his College Roommates. The Wedding was in the Marble Falls/Horseshoe Bay area. Therefore, just the two of us snuck away on Friday afternoon for the Rehearsal Dinner. I can't think of the last time we were able to get away just the two of us, so it really was a special treat. Thanks, Ghee and Poppy! The kids adore you and always love when they get to spend the night, especially Tyler.
It rained on and off all day Saturday, even in Temple. Which was kind of a blessing because that meant we did not have to head back home Saturday Morning for Soccer pictures and a game, and then after that drive back to Marble Falls for the wedding.... that was our plan, but thanks to the rain we were able to enjoy a rainy Saturday away. Ryan told me that morning over breakfast to find something for us to day, and I did. We went to Vineyard and did some wine tasting. :) Ryan is such a good sport, and we had a fun adventure. We actually brought 3 bottles home with us. Were were also done before any of the football games Ryan wanted to watch, so it was a good day for both of us... wine and football.
The wedding was supposed to be outside, but was moved inside because of the rain. I will say that the bride was really organized and prepared with a plan a and plan b. They practiced both scenarios at the rehearsal on friday evening, prepared! It was a gorgeous and fun wedding. I think I got Ryan to dance with me once. He told me he was saving up all of his dance moves for November, JL In League Fundraiser. HA!
Ryan's friend graduated from Tech, so the colors were red and black. I laughed so hard when I first saw Ryan's tux, but I think red and black look good on Ryan. I just had to post a picture of the Groomsmen cake. I stared at it for the longest time, and I will admit I touched it to see it it was real. :) Very creative. I still can't believe they cut in to that masterpiece.
Such a wonderful weekend to sneak away, but it felt so good to get home to our kiddos on Sunday Morning.