Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Past and Present

Happy Halloween. We hope that you all have a great night Trick or Treating.

Well, I just got a call from Ryan and he class until 6pm tonight! I guess that means he will miss Trick or Treating with us. I am so furious but then again there is not much I can do. Thank goodness for good friends and family. We are heading first to take pictures at a Pumpkin Patch and then out for some trick or treating. After all that is done it will be time for me to put on my costume on (we will see if I can get Ryan to dress up). And head to a "Boo Bash". Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Ty used to never want to wear hats but all of the sudden he loves to wear hats backwards. What will Ty think of next. We are ready for a fun Halloween. It should be a great day with good friends. Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out With The Old In With The New

My Birthday present was delivered today and I already love it!! I just the fact that I have a microwave again. No more heating stuff on the stove or in the oven. The kitchen already looks better. Of course there is still a wish list of things I want to do in the kitchen, but for now I am happy with my new appliances.
I must admit I have already had a great day. Ty had MDO this Morning so I had friends come over bearing breakfast taco's, Starbucks, presents, flowers, and balloons! It was a great Morning. I am one blessed girl! Maybe tonight I will break in our new stove...... NO! I think I will go out dinner with my family and then home to watch the Temple-Belton Game on ESPNU!! Let's GO Wildcats Let's GO!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Carnival

Sunday afternoon we headed to Westphalia for their Fall Carnival. I have been putting off this post because I did not want to ruin what Ty is for Halloween but I decided that I should go ahead and share with you what Ty is dressing up as on Saturday night.
Tyler is................................................................................... Thomas the Train!! Ty picked out this costume himself and I think he is one cute train!
Sunday afternoon was a lot of fun and Ty enjoyed playing games and going on a Hay Ride ( we went twice). Sunday sure was fun filled day and I hope Ty enjoys trick or treating this year. Happy Halloween!

Field Trip

Ty's class went on a little field Trip to their school's Pumpkin Patch yesterday. When I dropped Ty off yesterday I handed his Teacher $1.00 for the Field Trip and she told me they were going at 10:30 am and if I wanted to come I could. I was shocked because of course I wanted to take pictures but I did not know if it was a good idea for parents to go. All I said was "really" and she just got this smile on her face and said "You just look like one of those parents". I started laughing because it is so true and even Ryan said it was true. As you can see I went on Ty's field trip to the Pumpkin Patch and took pictures. However, I was not the only parent there so that made me feel a little better.
I must admit that Ty did really well when he saw me. He did come over one time but I told him to go back with his class and he did. I loved watching Ty interact with his class mates. Ty really does love it and he just runs and smiles with his friends. As a Mom that makes me feel so good! When they first got out there they sat and listened to a story about Pumpkins. They all looked so cute sitting there.

After the story they got to go and pick out their very own Pumpkin from the red wagon.

And of course the best way to end a fun outing is play a fun game of chase around the pumpkins. All of the kids participated and had a great time.

I may be "One of those Parents" but I did have fun Morning watching Ty. Hopefully I will get invited to the next outing!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Painting

Yesterday it rained all day so that meant we were stuck inside all day! Therefore, I found a pumpkin and some paint and let Ty design a pumpkin. Well, he did not have as much fun as I thought he would because he kept trying to put the paint brush in his mouth and then he wanted to eat the pumpkin. Well, it is the shape of an apple! Maybe we will try again later. No rain for today so I hope to let Ty run around outside.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend in Keller was spent watching Ty's cousin, Callie play soccer and then we went to her school carnival for a little bit. After lunch and naps (well one of the boys napped and no it was not Ty) we headed to a really big and fun Pumpkin Patch. In the evening we had pizza and enjoyed watching all the kids play in Nana and Papa's backyard. Ty did so great all weekend considering he did not nap and went to bed later than normal. I tried to capture a lot of pictures from our busy weekend. The School Carnival had a lot of activities for smaller kids. Ty enjoyed playing on some drums, the bean bag toss, and trying to blow the pumpkins candle out with a water gun.

Check out that throw.

We tried to get a good picture of some of the Cousins but had a very hard time getting the smaller ones to look at the camera.
The best part about this Pumpkin Patch is we got to take a train ride out to the pumpkins. All of the boys loved this part. Ty just stared at everything the whole time and did not make a sound.

Ty and Caleb standing beside the train.

Ty loved the big jump house

Oh, and there was a another maze that Ty enjoyed running around in.

Nana with Ty (her youngest grandchild).

We tried for another picture of the younger boys but it did not work.

Overall we had a wonderful weekend visiting Ryan's family. We are already looking forward to Thanksgiving! Yesterday we had a fun day at Westphalia's carnival. However, we missed our 2ND party because Ty was all partied out. Today it has not stopped raining so we are both going crazy in the house. I need to find something fun for us to do because Ryan has to work late tonight.....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Past Few Days

We have been surrounded by Family since Wednesday. My Aunt Christine (My Moms Sister) came in to town from San Diego. We had the best time visiting with her and of course my Gramma. Our days were filled were filled and of course Ty was loving all the attention. My Mom and Aunt Christine. I love these two women very much!
On Thursday afternoon we headed to Westphalia to show off Ryan's school. How precious are these two boys in there blue button down shirts. Ty was all dressed from picture day at school. I heard Ty did really well. Of course when I asked Ty how his picture went all he said was "sit down". I guess the photographer had to tell him to sit down.

Ty new favorite ride!

On Wednesday night we had a mini Birthday Celebration for me and my Gramma. We had a great dinner and of course the Ice Cream Cake was so yummy! The best part of the evening was my early Birthday present from Ryan. If you can't tell it is a new stove/oven and microwave combo. If you have seen the stove and microwave we currently have then you will know that this is the GREATEST gift ever!!! It is being installed on Thursday (my real Birthday).
Check out Ty! You would think I never feed him.

What a wonderful time we had with my Moms Family. We are sad that they had to go back to San Diego yesterday. One post down and two more to go!

What A Weekend

Ryan did not have class on Saturday so we decided that we would go to Keller for the weekend to spend time with Ryan's family. We had a wonderful time and did a lot of fun activities. I have so much more to post about our weekend and the past few days, but I have to get us ready for two Halloween Carnivals. However, this weekend wore Ty out so we may only make it to one. Be on the look out for what Ty is for Halloween. All I can say is he looks adorable!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Is In The Air

Tuesday night at our monthly JL meeting we decided to have a Halloween themed meeting! However, you can't throw a Halloween meeting and not dress up! Tuesday night was a blast and so many people dressed up so that was even better. Therefore, let introduce you to the Seniors from the movie Dazed and Confused! Ryan let me borrow his paddle from work. Being married to a Superintendent has its perks!

I just had to get a picture with my little monkey.

Lacy and Whitney the amazing Arrangement Chairs. These two women work so hard at every meeting and I am blessed to have them as Committee Chairs on my Council!! I am even more blessed to have them as friends.

I thought the cheese tray was adorable and very creative. They all had spooky names like "Brie Afraid" and we even had a "Black Widow Punch" with a kick!

The Seniors: Anna, Lacy, Christina, Whitney, and, Me. I love these girls!!!

2009-2010 Board Members. What an amazing group of women. I truly appreciate them more than they will ever know.