Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank goodness for playgroups.

Ty with his two best friends!
Tyler gets to play with his friends Jack and Kiefer today. They are a year older than him, but I hope they will get along great, and share all their toys.

I am meeting with Christina and Pam to start planning perspective member meetings for the Junior League. We have a lot that we need to get done before this summer. It is great that I have two wonderful girls to work with. We have a lot of changes we would like to make, but before we do that we need to find a few good women! So we thought we would get together for a planning playgroup!

We just got home from eating lunch at Ghee's house. Ty had a great time playing with all of the toys at Ghee's house. We also got to visit with a long time family friend of ours Beverly who is in town visiting for a couple of days. We hope Ryan will be home early today, he had a meeting last night so he was not able to see Ty at all yesterday. I hate when that happens, but the end of the year is so crazy for Ryan.

Monday, April 28, 2008

9 month Doctor visit

We had a great visit with Dr. Santema!

Tyler weighs 21 lbs 3 oz! He is 29 inches tall. I am thrilled that his weight is finally starting to slow down, which it should be doing at his age. The Doctor was impressed with Tyler and how strong he his. Tyler loved chewing on the instruments and he talked and squealed the whole time once he found out there were no shots at this visit! That made us all very happy. We also had a nice treat when Ghee decided to come with us the the Doctor.

TAKS Testing

I just wanted to wish Westphalia ISD the best of luck on their TAKS test this week. The big day starts tomorrow and lasts all week. This test is a very important test, that students start preparing for at the beginning of the school year.
I know that Ryan and all of his great staff have worked hard to prepare all of the students for these tests. However, this is also a very stressful time for Ryan. Please keep him, the teachers, and students in your thoughts and prayers this week. I know that there scores will show of how great Westphalia ISD is!
We Love you Ryan and are very proud of all that you have accomplished at Westphalia. All of your hard work and dedication shows!
Tyler goes to the Doctor at 3:45pm today, so I will post about Ty's big day later.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mommy's little helper

Sunday and Monday are big laundry day's at the Steele household. Well, a little more often with Tyler's clothes. I do Tyler loads every other day. Yes I am a little laundry obsessed. Ty decided to help me out with folding the clothes. However, I think I did more of the folding than he did. One day he will be able to help me.
What are these?????????

Tyler had a great time at Ghee's house last night. Ghee said he did wonderful. I am so thankful that he is comfortable around his Ghee and Poppy. He started crying when I left the room to leave last night, but as soon as I opened the door I could here his little chuckle. Thank you Ghee for watching him last night. Ryan and I had a great date night. Of couse I went over to my Mom's at 7:30am to see my boy. He was just waking up when I arrived. I picked him up from is crib and loved on him for the longest time. I missed my little monkey!
Friday on the other was a little strange. A tornado touched down in Belton. Most of you know that is very close to us. We did have sirens going off, but all we got was a lot of rain and hail. Thank goodness our cars were not damaged. The crazy thing is My Mom and I were shopping at the mall. Yes, we are both suckers for a sale! JC Penny's was having a HUGE sale on baby clothes. It was not bad when we left, but when we left check out all of the employees were telling us all to follow them to the back of the store where their offices were. They were concerned the tornado was coming are way, but luckily it did not! So, we were in a safe place for about 30minutes. It felt longer, because I could not get any phone service to check on my boys. I was so thankful that Ty was with Ryan. However, I think all the sirens and weather scared Ty. He was crying so hard when I got home at 7pm. Bless his heart. Needless to say he was worn out and ready for bed. Strange weather! Saturday was beautiful, but today it is really cold. You never know about the weather in Texas.
Well, tomorrow is Ty's 9 month check up! Oh Boy!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Past Wildcat and maybe a future Wildcat

Thank you Nana for the Daddy and Me matching ACU baseball hats! We just got the package in the mail, and Mommy made us put them on so we could take some pictures together. Mommy said that we looked so CUTE in our matching hats.

Happy 9 Months!

It's been nine months since we first locked eyes. Yet it truly seems like yesterday that we were bringing you home. I fall in love with you more and more everyday. and I look forward to each new day with you. Watching you discover new things. listening to you sing and talk. The snuggles, the cuddles and the giggles. Just breathing you in and enjoying every ounce of the moment. I love you Tyler Justin.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I caught you!

As you can see Tyler loves to make a mess these days. Most of you know I hate a mess, so I am always right behind cleaning up. I need help! At least the one making the mess is cute.

My Boy's

I love my boy's so much. I took this picture yesterday when Ryan got home. You can see how excited Ty was to see his Daddy at last. Ryan had a Cheerleading meeting on Wednesday night, so he was not able to see Ty all day long. With the end of school getting close Ryan has a lot of school functions. Plus Ryan went over to help my Mom set up her TV and do some electronic work for her when he got home yesterday. Ryan has been a huge help to my parents. That means so much to me. My Mom baby sat yesterday afternoon so I could attend a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon hosted by the Children's Advocacy Center. It was very hard knowing we will not be partnering with them next year.
When I got back to my Mom's house Ty started crying when he saw me. He must have been tired. I guess Ty's two favorite people are Daddy and Ghee. Ty does smile every time he sees his Ghee.
Later yesterday afternoon we went shopping. You can tell my Mom is enjoying her new role as full time Ghee, because she wants to have a a lot of things for Ty at Ghee and Poppy's house. She just bought a car seat for her car. She already has a high chair and bed and tons of new toys and books. Ty is one spoiled boy. I think the main purpose of going shopping was to get stuff for the house, and it ended with a lot of things for Ty.
Ty is having his very first slumber party tomorrow night. Ghee offered to keep Ty on Saturday night so Ryan and I could have a date night. WOW! What a treat. Ryan and I will be going on a double date with our friends Jerrod and Kristy Barton. Ryan and I have not had a night out since Divine Desserts. I think we will all have a great night, especially Ty.
Tyler turns 9 months old tomorrow! Ty is growing up so fast. What a joy he is to all of us.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grey's Anatomy is back!

McDreamy is back tonight! How I have missed him. My Thursday nights will be complete again!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lots of new things.

My Mom unpacked some toys that she bought for Tyler before he was born. Ty loved the wagon with all the Lego blocks in them. Of course he had to taste them all. Everything goes in the mouth.
My Dad had to fly back to Florida today. He will stay for a few days and drive back their last car with a u-haul attached to it with the rest of their stuff. I am sure he is not looking forward to doing that drive again. Tyler and I went and had lunch with Ghee at her house and did some more unpacking. My mom is doing a great job getting everything put in its place.
Ryan got to watch Ty last night so I could go to my Junior League meeting. We had a huge vote that would decide our new Signature Project (Divine Desserts). I wanted to continue the partnership with the Children's Advocacy Center, but we decided to go with Families In Crisis. It will be some sort of Wine and Cheese event. FIC is a wonderful organization, too. I guess we left the CACCT with a wonderful last year. We went out with a bang! I just hope they will be able to continue the event with out the help of the Junior League. I started crying last night when I speaking for staying with the CACCT. I grew very attached to the center and the people there.
Therefore, a big group of us went out after the meeting so we could vent! I did not get home until 10pm! Thanks Ryan.
However, next week I am meeting with Christina so we can start planning on how we are going to find new members. Ryan has a meeting tonight, so it is just me and Ty. I am sure we will see Ghee again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out with the OLD in with the New

Since my parent's house is a lot smaller that their house in Florida they are having to down size some.
Therefore we got some new Furniture! Our office that had Ryan's futon in it for our guest to sleep on was replaced by a a leather pull out bed. Now we are ready for guests! So please come visit us. Our kitchen bar stools were replaced, too.
They still have a lot of furniture that they have not found a spot for, so we might get more!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Boxes Boxes and more Boxes!

This is how Ty spent his afternoon. Ty loved playing in his box with all his toys. Ty and I spent the afternoon at my parents house trying to help them unpack. My Mom's best friend Judy came over to join in on the fun.
Ryan called me this afternoon and asked me what I was doing and I told him I was at my parents house, and he said " I guess I know where you will be from now on." I think he is right. I praise God daily for bringing my parents back to Temple. My dad always introduces Ty as the reason they came back to Texas. Thank you Ty. You are a blessing and we love you so very much.

Cute Story

My Dad came over around mid morning, and as soon as I opened the door he started looking around. I wonder who he was looking for? He then asked, "Where is Ty?" I told him he was napping. " Oh, I thought that since I did not get to see him that much yesterday I would come over and play with him for a bit." My Sweet Dad. He loves Ty so much.

My Dad did get to see Ty yesterday, but I guess not as much as we would have liked to. We LOVE our new neighbors. It is very nice just to walk Ty up to see his Ghee and Poppy. As soon as Ty wakes up from his morning nap we will be heading over there. I think we will be spending a lot of time over there this week. It is fun getting to help my Mom unpack and move furniture.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cousin's Callie and Caleb Came to visit us.

We had a wonderful weekend with Shana, Callie, and Caleb. They arrived on Saturday and stayed the night with us. Shana and I enjoyed catching up. The kids had a wonderful time playing together and also with Abbie and Cooper. Caleb also showed me everything I need to do and put away to baby proof our house. Thanks! We did take the kids to the Whistle Stop Playground, and Callie and Caleb had a great time running around while Ty got to swing. Plus Caleb got to see several trains go by and he loves trains. After we ate some pizza we took the kids for a walk and we saw a bunny. That was a nice surprise. After we bathed all the kids and put them down, Shana and I were able to relax and enjoy some girl talk.
The best surprise is the travelers (Ghee, Poppy, and Ryan) got here on Saturday night. That was wonderful. They got a lot further on Friday than they expected to get. Of course the first thing my parents did was go peek in on Ty. They did come over first thing this morning for breakfast so they could see him. We had a great visit with my parents, before they headed to their new house. They brought their bed in the first load, so I went over yesterday and made their bed for them, and turned the air on. The best treat of all was Shana got to see her baby brother. We stayed up late chatting. I loved hearing all their stories from childhood.
How blessed I am to have a wonderful family. I love them all very much. Callie, Ty, and Caleb
Sweet Cousin's

Callie loved holding baby Ty


I have been trying to get Ryan my Tech guy to figure out how to post a video for me for the longest time, and look he did it! From now on you will get to see how cute Ty is in action. Enjoy!

We will post pictures from this weekend with Callie and Caleb later on! Oh, Ghee, Poppy and Ryan made it to Temple last night. Yea.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A boy and his dog's

We are so blessed to have two dogs that think the world of Ty and let him do what ever he wants to them. At times I think Ty thinks they are two BIG chew toys. Tyler was having fun with them today. Cooper and Tyler! Cooper is a cute and playful lab. Cooper loves licking Ty all over.
Abbie and Tyler. Abbie is the sweetest most gentle dog ever.

Ryan is in Florida and is already on the road back to Temple. We had to leave our house at 3:45am to take Ryan to the airport! That is so early. Tyler was a little confused, but he slept in the car and then came home and slept in bed with me. I never do this, but since Ryan was gone I thought we could cuddle. We can't wait to see Ryan and my parents on Sunday.
Tomorrow Ty gets to play with his cousins Callie and Caleb. It will be great to see my Sister in Law and the kids. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

One tooth,Two teeth,Three teeth, MORE!

Tyler has two teeth trying to make their debut in to his mouth. It looks like Ty will finally have some teeth on the top of his mouth. Ty's top two front teeth are ready to join his other three bottom teeth.
Ty was a little fussy yesterday afternoon, so I started thinking. He napped well, and I think he feels OK? I decided to look in his mouth and that is when I saw what caused the fever over the weekend and fussiness. Thank goodness. Thank you Rachel for reassuring me that his teeth coming in were probably the cause of the fever. Ty's favorite things to chew on today are his cold teething rings that I keep in the freezer for him. This will pass and Ty will have a BIG smile on his face very soon.
I had a wonderful night out with the girls. I am very blessed to have some wonderful friends. It is always nice to go out with the girls. Tyler was so happy to have Ryan home yesterday. He was laughing and squealing as I was walking out of the house. It is always good to have some boy time. Ryan took Ty out to his swing last night and Ty had a blast having his Daddy push him high in the air. That always makes me so nervous.
Ryan is flying to Florida tomorrow morning to start the long drive back to Texas with my parents. Thank goodness Ryan has a day off tomorrow from school so he could help my parents. Thanks Ryan, you are the best! Please keep Ryan and my parents in your thoughts and prayers this weekend for a safe travel back home! At last I have my parents back where they belong!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What will Ty think of next?

Ty had a great time pulling out most of his diapers in the basket that is on his changing table. Next he went for some lotion. Ty pulled out most of the things in the basket while I was trying to change him this morning. Curious Ty!
Next Ty got to play in the kitchen with some bowls and a spatula. I wanted to clean up his bottle and bowls from lunch and he did not want to sit in his bouncy. He tried everything he could to inch his way out of there. My boy is outgrowing a lot of his baby toys, that he used to love. The play mat is another item that he is not a fan of anymore. I guess it means that my sweet baby is growing up. Ty loved being in the kitchen with me.
In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle.
As you can see Ty is in to a lot of things these days. I think it is time to start rearranging some of the things in our house. Ty is so curious about everything these days. Especially things that are not his toys. I have to keep my eyes on him all the time because there is no telling what he will find next.
We are having a great Wednesday. Ty will be very excited to know that he gets to have a boys night tonight with his Daddy. I am meeting some friends for dinner tonight. I am excited about having some girl time. Ryan was at a meeting last night and he has his School Board meeting tomorrow tonight, so Ryan mentioned to me last night that I should do a girls night. Well, I am going to do just that! Thanks Ryan. (Actully I have had this dinner planned) Ryan just forgot.
Tyler is officially a aqua baby. We got him all signed up for swim lessons yesterday afternoon. Ty's first class is on June 2. I told my Mom about it yesterday, and she said "sign me up." I think Ghee will be joining me for Ty's lessons. How much fun. Ty already has two bathing suits. I think he is prepared.
Oh, Ty and I might have some company this weekend while Ryan is gone. I believe that my Sister in Law, Shana is going to come to Temple on Saturday with Ty's cousins, Callie and Caleb. Shana and I are not sure how fun a girls weekend will be with 3 kids but I am sure that we will have a great time. I would love to take Callie, Caleb, and Ty to the park.
Since I might be having house guests I better start cleaning. That is one thing I should have added to my Tag List. I like to have a clean house.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Catching Up

With Ty being under the weather I forgot to mention some other things that have been going on in the Steele Household.
Well, Ryan is officially registered and ready to begin his doctoral program this summer. He registered yesterday and his first class starts on June 6. Classes are every Friday and Saturday. All day! Ryan is booked all summer long. He will also take two classes this Fall. What a busy year we will have. This program is very intense and time consuming, but I know that Ryan can handle the challenge.
Tyler will begin swim lessons on June 2. Tyler will be in the aqua-baby class. We are going to register him today. The lessons are with the City of Temple. I can't wait to get in the water with him. Ty is going to have a very big summer.
Ryan is heading to Florida on Friday morning. My parents will pick him up at the airport and they will start heading to Texas. My Dad and Ryan will be driving U-haul trucks and my Mom will be in her car. Sunday they will be here for good! Ryan is so excited about the road trip. He went to the library yesterday and got 6 books on tape. It is just going to be me and Ty this weekend. We are going to be so lonely. We will have to find some fun things to do together.
There is always something going on in the Steele Household.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Play Date at Whistle Stop Park

Tyler and I had a great afternoon. We met one of my good friends since High School and a roommate while in College. Heather has two little kids Connor (4) and Kendall (10months). It was so wonderful seeing Heather and her precious kids. We had just a great time catching up and watching the kids play at the park that we decided we need to do it more often. Ty and Kendall were so precious. What a beautiful day to be outside at the park. Thanks Heather for a wonderful day. Hey Kendall, do see what I see? A train is coming.
Having fun swinging outside.

Sleep At Last!

He looked so cute this morning! I love seeing that smile.

Ty had a much better night last night! He still woke up two times early on due to needing to get some big and loud burps out, but at least we are making progress. I don't know what it is with him and burping? Sometimes they bother him sometimes they don't. We are still hoping for not waking up at all like before.

Ty even napped for 2 hours this morning! He must be catching up on his sleep. It was very nice to get a lot of chores done early.

I should mention that I really hate germs now that I have a baby. I spent yesterday putting clean sheets on Ty's bed, washing and soaking everything that had touched him. Oxi Clean Baby is the best, and sanitizing all of his toys. Thank you Clorox. Crazy I know, but it is good to disinfect every once in a while.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today is a new day!

New swing for Ty!
We also got him a play cell phone. Ty loves mine so much we decided to get him his very own flip phone.
Hello? I am having a better day today!
Tyler is doing so much better today. He seems more like himself and has been laughing and smiling. Tyler does not feel warm today. I have not taken his temperature today, that is a first. I think I checked his temperature like 30 times yesterday. Ty went down great last night. He was so ready, but he did not sleep through the night. He was up most of the night it seemed. I still am not sure what that was all about? When Ty does things that I am not used to him doing it just reminds me of how clueless I am as a mother. I hate that feeling. Therefore we missed church today. I hate to miss but I was so tired, and wanted to make sure that Ty was doing better. I slept this morning when Ty slept. I don't ever do that.

Yesterday Ryan and I felt so bad that Ty was not feeling well that we decided to buy him a swing. He was not to sure about it yesterday. Plus I think it messed up his tummy. He did not want to eat his dinner last night. He cried the whole time, so he did not finish his meal, and continued to cry for about another 45 minutes until he threw it up. My sweet Ty. We cleaned him up and got him ready for bed. Ryan was so wonderful with with him last night. I was uncertain about giving Ty is bedtime bottle, but he reached for it and put it in his mouth! Thank you Ty for telling me you wanted it.

Needless to say he kept that down, and was ready for his breakfast this morning. Breakfast and lunch went well! Thank goodness. Tummy bugs are no fun! Ty's precious girlfriend Madison has been having some tummy problems. We are praying for Madison's Tummy.

Our prayers for today are that Ty continues to feel better and sleeps better tonight. Sleep is so precious, and I am so used to Ty doing a great job at night. I must remember to be patient. Thank you all for your continued prayers and love for our precious Tyler Justin.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's back!

This picture was taken today. He seems OK.
After 2 1/2 weeks I finally got my var back late yesterday afternoon. We are free to roam around the town at last! I drove it home yesterday and it drove great.
However, I am not sure if we will be roaming anywhere today. Tyler went down great last night like he normally does, but he was really restless while he was sleeping. Finally around 10pm he starts crying, so I go in to check on him and he was burning up. We took his temperature and he low grade fever, so I gave him some baby Tylenol and rocked him for a little bit. He went down until 4:45am and woke up again. He did not feel that hot to me anymore, so I checked his diaper and rocked a little bit more. Then he started grunting and pulling up his legs! Gas. Ty has gas problems occasionally, so I am always giving him Mylicon gas drops. I give him some every night. That stuff is like liquid gold at our house. Ty went back down until a little after 7am. This is his normal wake up time. Ryan was about to leave to go to work, so I took Ty in our bedroom to see him, Ryan mentioned he still felt hot. I took his temperature again and he did not have one. However, he felt warm to me too, I have the ear thermometer and one that I put under the arm they both give me different readings. Very frustrating. However, they were both close to the 98.6 range, so that is not too bad. So I gave him more Baby Tylenol and he slept for 2 1/2 hours this morning. Ty does that occasionally. Actually he has done that twice this week. He woke up up happy and ready to eat. He started getting a little fussy after a while but nothing unusual. He has been sucking on his fingers a lot, but he always does that. Maybe there is another tooth coming in. I heard today from a good friend of mine that teething can cause a low grade fever.
When I went to put him down for his afternoon he cried for 10 minutes. He has not done that in a very long, so I checked to see if he had to burp, and nothing. I laid him back down and he started screaming when he saw me walk away. Needless to say I rocked him for a while, and put him back down. The screaming started again. What? Well, then I started crying, because I did not know what was wrong. He finally went down after I rocked him. That is just strange because I don't ever have to do that. I wonder if he misses Ryan? He really has not seen much of him in the past 2 days. Well, keep Mr. Ty in your thoughts and prayers. I have been praying over him all day. I am worn out.