Monday, September 30, 2013

Soaking It All In

It was just us girls this evening so we headed outside to explore and soak in a beautiful Sunset. GK decided to be a kitty this afternoon and wear one of Tyler's shirts. Go Rangers!! I never know how Georgia will accessorize but I love her sweet imagination and her love for dress up.
 I absolutely adore the views we have obtained. I often stand in awe of God and his beautiful and perfect creation. So thankful for peaceful evenings with my precious girl and sweet dog.  

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Making Memories

     Tyler and Georgia Kate loved petting Charlie and Daisey.

If I have learned one thing about this move and Ryan's new position as Deputy Superintendent of a larger District, and also having a child that goes to school in the district is that you are at School or School events a lot... almost every night. Between Volleyball, Football, and PTO activities our weeknights are becoming full.

On Thursday before we headed to the JV Football game we noticed that the Agriculture building that is attached to the High School had some students and staff shaving goats. Therefore, we made a stop in to the building and they were all so sweet to Tyler and Georgia Kate and let them pet the goats. They are gearing up for a huge County Fair, so soon the whole building will be full of animals. I think we will be making another trip there during the week to explore and pet all the animals.
The District is gearing up for a huge Fall Festival at the end of October so planning is in full force, and that means extra weeknight meetings at the school. This is the first year for this type of festival so it will be neat to see the growth through the years. On Friday the Varsity played in Sealy so we made the trip to cheer on the Falcons.

Also I should state for the record that I think I have been to more football games this year than I have been to since my Sophomore year in High School and I was required to attend those games. ;) Granted I know that I don't have to go to all these events with Ryan, but I feel that it is way for us to be able to spend more time as a family. I also want to support Ryan and this District, because I feel it shows in the community that we are invested to this area and the School District. Sure it may still not feel like home to me, but I'm determined to grow together as a family on this new journey we are on,  and do all we can to make an impact in this area and most importantly Royal ISD.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bedtime Stories

Tyler has really become interested in reading this year and I'm so thankful for that. We became so relaxed with our bedtime stories last year due to our hectic schedules and the fact that one of us was almost gone every night during the week. This year it has become a top priority again, and I love that Ty has a reading log in his take home folder that really holds us accountable for reading with Tyler and Georgia Kate. Usually we snuggle up in Ty's bed while I read but ever since Tuesday, Ty has wanted to read to us. We have a few of those step into reading books (I am about to invest in a couple of more) which are great because they are short and have a lot of the basic sight words that Tyler is learning and already knows.
 It has giving me great joy to see Tyler doing so well with all the changes this year. Honestly,  I think back to all the changes that have occurred the past 3 years in our live and Tyler has handled everything so gracefully. I am so proud and in awe of our biggest.
Tyler loves school and so far this year has been such a positive experience for him. It has been so fun to see him so eager about learning and wanting to try and explore new things everyday. For instance Tyler wants to buy his lunch tomorrow... what? The worlds most picky eater wants to eat cafeteria food. This I have got to see.         

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

23 Months

How in the world can this precious girl be turning TWO next month?!?! What a fast year. Georgia Kate is so much fun but she keeps us on our toes. She is fearless, but boy is she cute. We can't wait to celebrate her next month.

We had a fun surprise visit, yesterday from Ghee and Poppy. The were heading back in from a fabulous long road trip and decided to make an over night pit stop before driving back to Temple this morning. They arrived just as we were getting home from Bible Study and in plenty time to pick up Tyler, which boy oh boy did he ever love that surprise. Tyler even asked Ghee and Poppy if they would drive him to school this morning, what a treat. We loved having them and we will see them very soon. October is full of lots of fun family visits.
This week has really been a good, so far. I think I'm finally adjusting and feeling ok about everything.   

Monday, September 23, 2013

My Hardest Goodbye

This beautiful and peaceful spot was by far my hardest goodbye during our move. I never even imagined moving and not being close to Landry's grave site.  I know that he is not there, and I'm beyond thankful for that. However, there is just something about this spot that I find peaceful and I loved knowing that I could drive by and stop anytime. Which I would do as much as I could. The cemetery was really close to our house in Temple. I drove past it several times a day, so that made it easy to stop.
The last time I went before the move brought me to tears. I sat on Landry's rock and wept. So hard to walk away that day.
This move has been very bittersweet, but I can tell that God is slowly working on my heart. This is where God has us right now and I need to be thankful and enjoy this time. Adjusting is happening slowly, but like all things it is a process and one that takes time.    

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rained Out

Mesmerized by the band and all the big kids performing.

We're Number 1

Friday was another home game so we got in to the team spirit early by attending the Pep Rally at the High School. It starts right after Tyler gets out of school so it is perfect timing for us and both Tyler and Georgia Kate love it.
The rain came in Thursday evening and it rained off and on all day and Friday. However, it cleared up late afternoon, so we thought we were in the clear for the football game. Well, the dark clouds came rolling in just as the game was apart to kick off. With only minutes in to the game the rain started falling and lightning filled the sky, which forced a rain delay. They asked all the fans to go wait in their cars, which was a good cue for me to take the kids home. The rain, lightning, and thunder lasted well in to the night which caused the game to be canceled and Ryan to come home a lot earlier.
The rain did bring some cooler temps which has been nice for the weekend. We have enjoyed a lot of time outside and I am currently listening to the sounds of Ryan mowing the yard/acre of land that we gained in our rent house. Thank goodness a riding lawn mower came with the rental. He seems like a pro at it already. Over all a good weekend. Now time to prepare for another week ahead.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Yesterday evening we had some down time so we thought we would check to see if any fish were biting in the pond behind our house. We were not successful but it was a nice way to unwind and get ready for a new day. So thankful for a nice evening at home as a family. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bon Voyage

My precious friend, Lacy put together such a special " See You Later" party. We decided it was not a Good-Bye Party. I really don't like good-byes, so see you later works just fine. It was such a wonderful evening spent with some of my favorite ladies in the world. I was so thankful for all of the special friends who came and I wish I could have gotten pictures with everyone that night.
I have been so very thankful for all the many special friendships that were formed through my years in Temple. Some were formed through Childhood, Junior League, and Bible Studies. I miss them all so much and can't wait to see them again. Our family was so blessed and thankful for a wonderful support system of amazing friends.      

Being the new girl on the block is tough and I have had a couple of rough weeks. Our first week here was spent in a hotel so the move did not seem official, yet. The second week my mom stayed the whole week and helped me unpack and decorate. The third week (last week) was my hardest and I have had my moments of loneliness this week but I am working hard to get connected.
I contacted a MOPS group that I found in Katy but they were overflowing and I could probably not join until the spring. I have never done MOPS before, but I thought this would be a great way to meet other women, especially moms. I was told by one of the MOP directors that one of the women in MOPS was starting a bible study at First Baptist Katy where MOPS is held, and she gave me her contact info. Yesterday with the help of my little side kick, GK we went to our first Bible Study in our new area. Georgia Kate LOVED the play area and did not even cry when I dropped her off. I think she was needing a break from me. I sat with a group of nice ladies, and we will go back next Tuesday. Baby steps. Last night Tyler's school had their first PTO meeting, and I'm still shaking my head as to how I got roped in to being President of the PTO. Didn't I just finish a Presidency last year? Well, I was looking for a way to get involved... I think I found it. Thank goodness I have connections with the Deputy Superintendent.
This is the first Sunday that we will be able to start visiting Churches in the area, so I know once we get connected to a good church home it will help us feel connected to the area and others. 
I also miss my JLBC family so much. Last night was our first General Membership Meeting of the year and it was so hard not to be able to be there. I have gone back and fourth about transferring my membership to the Houston league, but I am really struggling with that decision. I know it would help me to get connected to other women in the area plus learn more about the Houston area and our community. I know they make a huge impact here and my heart still hold a very big spot for volunteering and making a difference in the lives of others. However, it is very difficult for me to leave JLBC after all they have done for me and family over the years. I'm in tears thinking about it. I know JLBC will always have my heart no matter where I go, but I'm still torn. The next transfer class starts in January, so I still have some time.
Baby steps. Baby steps.   

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Favorite Views

I have not posted any pictures of our temporary house but I have learned to love our new views and surroundings. The home is on 2 acres of land, so we have a lot space. The front yard provides the most beautiful sunrise every morning. I sneak out there every morning when I send Ryan and Tyler off to have a few moments of quiet time and stand in awe of Gods beautiful creation.
We also gained a pond in the back, which has amazing sunsets and Ty and Gk think it fun, and they love running around all the space we gained from this rental. It is not the cleanest or clear looking pond but it is still something that we have never had before. We found a duck family swimming in there but we have not seen them in a few days. Ty and GK must have scared them off, or Cooper. Our dog loves all the space we have and loves to go for a swim from time to time.  We have heard there are in fish in there but we have not had the opportunity to grab a fishing pole and find out.
We still have a lot to learn about the area but we are thankful and blessed to have found a temporary place with lots of room outside to roam and explore. I will say, I always watch where I walk because you never know what you might find in lurking around. I have found a dead mouse and have seen two small snakes, small or big a snake is a snake and I'm not a fan. Of all the views my favorite is watching my favorite people playing and exploring all that the outdoors have to offer.       

Monday, September 16, 2013


Last Wednesday we decided to do something fun after school and work. We loaded up and went to The Main Event in Katy for bowling and some video games. Tyler really wanted to play laser tag and have dinner there, but we told him as soon as he knows all of his sight words we will take him. He is getting very close. 
This was Gk's first time and it had been a while for me, too. We all had so much fun and I love bowling with bumpers. ;) This lighting was not the best for my phone pictures but here are some action shots. 
We have decided that on the nights that Ryan does not have something going on we will try and take advantage of the time together and do something fun. It is always nice to have a break in the normal week night routine.   

Friday Night Lights

Friday evening we spent our evening cheering on the Royal Falcons. It was a full Friday of gearing up for the big game. We started with a fun Pep Rally at the High School after. We even had Poppy and Ghee with us. Tyler loved having 2 extra carpool guests in the car with us. They drove in on Friday morning and stayed the night with us. We loved having them with us.
 It was a fun game even though I was running up and down the bleachers with Georgia Kate the whole time. I think we spent the majority of the first half playing and running underneath the bleachers. I think I finally got GK to stand/dance in place when the bands started. After half time I felt it was a good time take GK home and Tyler stayed with Ryan. I realized on Friday I thankful I am to be apart of of a bigger school district. This opportunity is providing some wonderful and fun memories. I also like that Royal's colors are my favorite colors, and Ryan treated me and GK to matching red TOMS to wear to football and Royal events.
On Saturday we drove back to Temple to do some minor touch ups and load up some more of our items that were in our storage shed. I think we have almost everything out of our old house... thank goodness because we are running out of room in our rent house and garage. We still have not sold our house, but we continue to pray for the right buyer at the right time. It will all work out. We made it back to Brookshire, yesterday afternoon.
We are ready to start a new week here and and continue to explore our new surroundings.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Go Falcons

Georgia Kate cheered on the Royal Falcons 7th grade football team with her Daddy tonight.  We had a great evening accompanying Daddy, and teaching GK to hold up her hand and say, We are number #1!! And of course you must wear a purple crown to football games. Just like a real princess. That's our girl.
 Tomorrow evening we will attend our first Varsity football game. I have our red all ready.

Grandparent's Day

Last Friday Tyler's school hosted Grandparent's Day. Grandparents and parents were invited to come and eat lunch with their grandchild/child. This was very early for Grandparent's Day and I did not hear about until last Monday when I was checking Ty's take home folder. Therefore, Nana and Papa were not able to make it. We sure did miss them. Thankfully, Ghee and Poppy were able to be there.
One of Tyler's favorite places to eat since moving here is Subway, so that is what he requested.
We were all so excited to be able to join Tyler at his school for lunch, and he loved taking us on a tour of the cafeteria.
 Georgia Kate thought lunch at a big table with big kids was super fun. However, her favorite big kid is her bubby, Tyler. GK misses Ty during the day be she is adjusting well to him being gone, but her favorite part of the day, just as mine is the carpool line after school.
Thank you Ghee and Poppy for being apart of Ty's first Grandparent's Day at Royal ECC. We love you both so much and miss you a lot.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day Of Kindergarten

 Tyler's first day of Kindergarten was August 26th. I feel like this is one of those days and moments that I have been preparing myself for. However, now matter how prepared I felt I still had tears the night before when I tucked Tyler in to bed and lots of tears when we walked him in to his classroom and walked away with out trying to look back and run back in for one last hug and a reminder to make good choices. Tyler was so excited and he would have been fine if there was car drop off that morning, so confident and excited to see what his day would hold for him.
Poppy and Ghee even came to be apart of Tyler's first day of school, which he loved. We are so thankful for all the many trips they have made with us to Brookshire as we prepared for the big move.
The first day and week of school was a little different than how I pictured, especially our first day of school of pictures. We could not get into our rent house until Labor Day weekend, so our first official week in Brookshire was spent at The La Quinta. If you know our kids that was a dream come true, who am I kidding it was dream come true for me, too. Free continental Breakfast (Ryan is probably missing their scrambled eggs and waffle bar), maid service (no making the bed), pool, and fitness center. I think I might have shed a tear, or two when we drove away from the La Quinta for the last time. ;) I will always look back at Ty's first day of school and smile, it is all apart of the memories and journey.
Thankfully, the first day went fast and Ty got in the car with a huge smile and stories. His favorite part of the day was PE and Lunch. I think those are probably still his favorite. Of course we ended Ty and Ryan's first day of the school year with a cookie cake. I started that last year and I think it will be a annual tradition.


  Ryan even had tears in his eyes when we walked out of Tyler's classroom. My favorite memory is we were all standing outside the school talking, and I finally said we better leave or I will have to walk back in and check on Ty. Well, Ryan did walk back in to check on Ty and he also showed back up for pick up 2 days in a row. I guess that is the perk of being a Deputy Superintendent, but all I see is a sweet Daddy that loves our biggest.  

I will say one of my favorite parts of this move and job opportunity is having the Administration building and schools so close to our house. We see Ryan a lot more during the week than we have in a long time. He still has a lot of evening commitments but he usually can run home and at least have a early dinner with us, which we all love. Another favorite, especially for Tyler is Ryan takes Tyler to school every morning. Ryan never had the opportunity to do that in the 3 years that Ty was at Christ Church so the special morning time they get to share is priceless.
 When days are hard and lonely for me, and I miss the familiarities of home, my family, and friends it is all the special opportunities we have to be together as a family that makes me thankful for this opportunity. Especially after the crazy and busy year our family had last year. This time is needed and cherished.    

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meet The Teacher

It is hard to believe that Tyler has been in Kindergarten since August 26!! Yes, this post is titled Meet The Teacher but this is what happens with a new job, first day of school, and moving. I will do a recap of the past few weeks to get you all caught up with the happenings of our family.
Ryan's fist day of work with Royal ISD was August 12. Since we did not have a place to live, Ryan was there for 2 weeks in a Hotel while I stayed behind in Temple with the kids. We did A LOT of swimming and packing. It was a long two weeks with out Ryan, but we all survived and it is wonderful to all be under one roof again.
On August 20 Ty's new school, Royal Early Childhood Center. It is a Pre-K - Kindergarten Campus. It is a beautiful campus and Tyler was so excited to start and he loved meeting his teacher, Mrs. Divin for the first time. Tyler has been so excited about this move and everything about it. He has truly jumped right in and has adapted beautifully. I could learn a lot these days from our biggest.  Georgia Kate has also adapted well with the move and she can't wait to start school, too. She fit right in at the Meet The Teacher, barefoot and all. 
I'm just thankful for this school district and the wonderful challenge and opportunity it will allow Ryan with. I am just so proud of him and I know he will do great things. It was extremely hard for Ryan to leave his Westphalia family, and it was even hard for me. That district and community was a absolute blessing to our family, and we will miss them dearly. I know that God is going to do wonderful things for our family here and I can't wait to see what is in store for us over the following weeks and months.