Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crossfit Kids

Today was the last day of Cross Fit Kids. We have been so thankful and blessed by Crossfit DSP this year. Ryan and Tyler have loved being apart of their work out family and then they blessed our family with a generous donation to Landry's Legacy. They have the most generous and giving heart and it was even hard for me to walk away from their this morning and I never joined the Crossfit band wagon. I can only imagine how hard it was for Ryan to say his goodbyes.
Tyler has loved his 3 days a week of Crossfit Kids, and I loved seeing his growth and most importantly his strength and confidence. I am just so proud of him for working hard and he always had a smile on his face. So proud of our biggest.
Today was the beginning of goodbyes for me and I am not sure I am ready for the others that will follow next week. We have been so blessed to live in Temple and be apart of such a wonderful community that deeply cares for others.  

Check out our biggest in action. I loved being able to watch him in action this summer. Well, when ever Georgia Kate let me.
Tyler and with Coach Sally. Tyler adores her and Coach Damon. We are beyond thankful for her giving up part of her mornings just to work with Tyler. She is a blessing.

Pool Side Fashions

Soaking up the last final days of summer in Temple. Packing has been in force all week and today it was time to take a mini break and head to the Summit for which possibly could be our last swim at that pool before the big move. Don't get me wrong the kids have swam a lot this week, but at Poppy and Ghee's pool. We have two fish that love swimming.
Georgia Kate loves assecoring and her sunglasses and stylish hat have become her favorites. Got to look good pool side.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

Style Shoppers

Grocery Shopping is much more enjoyable when you do it in style. This is about the only way Ty and GK can handle shopping.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Tyler got to have a very special outing on Friday afternoon with Poppy and Ghee. Tyler has been so excited to see the movie, Planes since he saw the preview for the first time. Therefore, on Friday Ty got to Planes in 2D! Such a special treat for Ty as we prepare for the big move. After the movie he played in the Arcade and came home with prizes for Georgia Kate. After all that Poppy and Ghee   treated Ty to lunch at Sonic.
I am so thankful for the special one on time that Ty was able to have with Poppy and Ghee. We are really going to miss them. We have been so blessed and thankful to have them so close, for so long. Man, this move is getting hard. However, I am beyond thankful for this amazing opportunity for Ryan and our family.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Another big event in our house was Tyler turning 6 (double did-gets) on July 26th. Still hard to believe our biggest is 6 and starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. 
We didn't do a big party this year which I think worked out for the best since we were in the decision process of our move and making trips to Brookshire two weekends in a row. Tyler got to do a lot of special outings the week of his Birthday. However, one thing Tyler asked for was to have a picnic lunch at the pool followed by swimming with one of his favorite friends, Hudson (I also happen to adore Hudson's Mom and his family). Such a fun filled day of Chik-fil- A and swimming at the Summit. We topped it off with a trip to Sonic for a famous fruit slush. On Ty's Birthday we were heading to Brookshire to look at houses and get to know the area a little bit more. I woke up extra early to get donuts for our biggest. He requested chocolate donuts with sprinkles and of course a 6 candle on top. After we sang Happy Birthday we loaded up with Ghee and Poppy and headed to Brookshire for a short weekend visit. We stayed at the La Quinta, which if you know Tyler he loves that Hotel, well I think he would love any hotel. We checked out the area and got to the Hotel for check in and a fun swim in the pool . After swimming it was time for dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe, Ty's pick. First stop was to Toys R Us to pick out a special gift. Guess what he got? Lego's. Tyler got 3 Lego City boxes for his Birthday and the rule was you can't open them until we move... he is being so patient. :)
At the end of our dinner Ty received a huge volcano cake with sparklers and a big group of wait staff singing to him. Ty kept repeating over and over that night that this was his BEST Birthday Ever. Guess what he did after... night swimming at the hotel. I would have to agree with him, Best Birthday ever. We love you Tyler and are so proud of you and all that you do. You are the best biggest, around.   

Kids Not Included

I do think that their cuteness might help sell the house. I tried so hard to get Georgia Kate to stand over by it, but it did not happen (not sure about the rain goat in 100 degree weather but she wanted to put it on for a little bit)
I think I'm still in a little shock that this is happening, but Ryan's last day in Westphalia is tomorrow. Yup, this real. I guess that is also sign that I better start packing. When we were getting our house ready to go on the market I packed up a lot of items in closets, threw out, and donated several items. I better get motivated again, and fast. If only moving did not involve packing.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Moving On Up

I have officially learned when I take a short hiatus from blogging it means that BIG things are happening in our life. Boy Oh Boy are there ever big things happening.

God has really been working in our lives a lot over the past couple of weeks and he is about to start a new chapter in our life full of big moves and amazing opportunities. Ryan has accepted the position of Deputy Superintendent for Royal Independent School District. Royal is a 3 A District located in Brookshire, Texas. Brookshire is located 8 miles from Katy, and most importantly 8 miles from the Katy Mills Mall. That might have been a big selling point for me. All joking aside I am so proud of Ryan and this opportunity to grow and become even better in his field. We also feel that this is really the right time for a move as Ryan just completed his Doctorate, I wrapped up my Junior League Presidency, and Tyler is starting Kindergarten. Tyler will be a Royal Falcon.

Of course this move is bittersweet for us all as we will be leaving so much behind. We have been so blessed to live in this amazing community for as long as we have and it truly provided our family with wonderful memories that will last with us a lifetime. Thank you all for being a part of our memories. I am positive that many more wonderful memories will be created during this new chapter in our lives.   

There is still a lot of unknown on this new journey we are traveling; as to getting our house sold and finding a new home. As for now we have decided to rent a house until or home sales and we learn about the area and have time to really look for a new home.

Of course with trying to sale a house there is a lot that goes in to getting it show ready. My parents, especially my Dad have been working so hard to make our house stand out, and my goodness it looks amazing.... inside and out. Why is that you always get your house the way you always wanted or dreamed it would look and then you sale it. ;) We have already had two individuals look at it and my Dad hosted a Realtor open house today. We are truly praying that it sales fast, that would be a huge blessing and allow to feel comfortable with such a big move. I want to be able to capture this new journey so I will do my best to make time to blog. 
Thank you all for loving us and supporting us in all that we do. We will keep you posted along the way. It will be exciting to see what the next chapters hold on this new journey.