Friday, May 31, 2013


Summer is off to a a good start so far, well minus the fleas! This afternoon we made our first trip of the summer to a local splash pad with some of our favorite friends.
 It is fun being on Summer Break so we get to see Madison and Wyatt a lot more. It is really hard to believe that Ty and Madison are starting Kindergarten. These two have been friends since they were born.... time flies.
Georgia Kate and Wyatt were still a little cautious and trying to soak it all in. I thought GK would love it this year, but maybe after a couple of more times she will be a pro. So very thankful for special friends we can spend our afternoons with.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day Of School

The Four Amigos. These boys have been in the same class since they were three and this year they formed a special bond and loved being around each other, well most days.  
Tyler received the Happy Helper award in class today.

Well, I would like to blame my absence on Memorial Day Weekend, Fleas, Stomach Bug, Fleas, End of School Activities, and did I mention FLEAS! Fleas, have struck our house and poor Dog for the second time since we have lived in our current house. Our house and Cooper were both treated yesterday, but I can still feel and see them everywhere. Washing and Vacuuming daily some times twice. I just want them gone.
Today was Tyler's last day of school and we ended with a fun Party. This was the first party that GK did not destroy anything. Maybe it was because she got to sit with some of her favorite big girls and have pizza and a pink cupcake.
It is hard to believe another year is over and that this was Ty's last day at Christ Church School. We have been there for 3 year and I have been so thankful for such a wonderful and nurturing environment and most importantly that Ty loved it and it was a positive experience for him. Now he is off to bigger and better things in Kindergarten. Well, I still need to prepare my heart for that one. ;) I might have shed a few tears today..... and I might be crying now. What better way to kick start Ty's summer than a fun afternoon of swimming. Ryan still has another week, so we will celebrate his last day soon... well, last day with students and teachers. He still works almost all summer.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Annual Dinner

On May 7th, JLBC held our Annual Dinner/last event of the year at The Oscar Store. It was such a wonderful and fun location to celebrate a great year. My awesome Arrangements Committee went above and beyond this year to make all of our meetings one of a kind, and Annual Dinner was no exception. I appreciated all of their special touches. Annual Dinner is always a time to reflect on our hear and honor some outstanding members and Community Members that helped make our year possible. So thankful to have had the opportunity to serve this great league this year.
My favorite touches were the cupcakes they formed into a bouquet of balloons. I love how my league knows the importance of balloons to me and my family. Blessed. They also did a "giving tree" and have members write down their favorite memory/experience from this year. I will cherish these special cards and they will also hold a special place in my heart.  

This year our Kids In The Kitchen Program recieved a $3.000 grant from Scott & White. Were were so thankful for this huge gift

My Amazing Board. So thankful for each of them. I love them so much.

Receiving the Presidents Award from Amber Houmes. 2013-2014 President. There might have been a few tears that night. ;)

Love and cherish the friendships that were formed all because of JLBC.
Annual Dinner is also passing of the gavel. I attached my final speech as President. Some days were really hard and I felt like like throwing in the towel but I am so thankful I stuck it, because what a reward it is at Annual Dinner to see and hear all of the amazing Volunteers and Opportunities that arose this year. It is all worth it.

The end of a league year brings the expected joy of finishing another successful year, and perhaps some sadness leaving behind a year filled with great volunteer experiences and amazing women to volunteer with. I think I can honestly say wrapping up this year is a bittersweet time for me. What a rewarding and challenging journey it has been, but one that I am so thankful and blessed that I was able to travel on. I still remember the day back in October of 2010 when Nominating and Placement asked me to serve as President for the 2012-2013 year. Our family had just been through a devastating heartbreak a few months before but the absolute joy that those words filled me with gave me hope that good is coming. And, it has. My family has been abundantly blessed by the hearts and actions of our amazing volunteers, I am beyond thankful that I was able to give back to this amazing league this year and years to come.  

At the beginning of the year I challenged each of you to Rise UP. That challenged was accepted and you and our amazing In League and Community Projects soared to new heights just like the balloons that we released last May, at Annual Dinner to represent how you were going to Rise Up this year. Thank you, Thank you. I hope that your heart has been changed for the better just as mine has been by you and the amazing community members that I had the opportunity to meet through all of our rewarding Community Projects.  

We embarked on our 2nd year with Project S.M.I.L.E. and held monthly events at the McLane Children’s Hospital, hosted our 2nd annual Cowboys and Caviar In League Fundraiser event at Cathedral Oaks, the Second Hand Rose Celebrated 25 years of service, Project Prom impacted and reached 25 deserving young ladies form area High Schools, we hosted our 5th annual Kids In The Kitchen in partnership with the Scott & White St. Paddy’s Day race , and we welcomed 12 new members to the JLBC this 2012-2013 league year. Whew…. No wonder fatigue and exhaustion has set in for me. JLBC truly has Volunteers with huge hearts that love making an impact in our community and the lives of those we serve. But we are not done making a difference, because there are still amazing opportunities ahead for us next year and several years to come, so I encourage each of you to continue to serve and give of your hearts and time to JLBC, we truly are doing the most good.  


I believe that we rise by lifting others. Each of your hearts have brought me great joy this year. As I look back upon this journey there will be so many moments that stand out, moments made possible by each of your giving hearts and open arms. Life is precious so Rise Up and through your actions leave a legacy on the lives of others



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wrapping Up A Year

9 more days.... but who is counting. It still seems a little surreal that I don't have any planning to do or Calenders to make for next year. No one to contact, No meetings. No Agendas. My, I like this feeling. It feels really good. I was able to take Georgia Kate to open gym today with friends for the first time this year.... JLBC consumed me and my family this year, that it feels really good to just be able to focus on my family and do fun things in the morning with special friends that I don't get to see that often and Georgia Kate LOVED Open Gym. Please know that I loved this year and I am still remaining a Active member but being able to have a little more flexibility and free time is what I am ready for. I might actually get to blog a lot more again.
May in our league is all about celebrating on a great year. We started May 3 with our end of the year Board Retreat/Celebration. It was held at a beautiful Lake House over looking Lake Belton. Of course I had to end with a balloon release since that is how I started my year. I gave my board members really pretty Key Chains and attached a little note and balloons to them. I am so thankful for my Board Members this year. We really bonded and formed a special connection and each of them will always hold a special place in my heart. I am so happy that said yes, and agreed to serve along side me this year. I could not have done it with out them.     


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Doctor, Doctor

The Building where Ryan's  Doctorate Journey began. This building will always hold a special place in Ryan's heart.

Ryan's Defense Room.


The first official picture: Introducing Dr. Ryan Steele. Ryan kept saying no to this but I had to have a "first" picture for the blog.

He did it, He did it!!! Yesterday afternoon Ryan passed is Doctorate Dissertation. There are still a few revisions to be made, but that is typical. That just means we still have a few more late nights, but I know he his ready to get them knocked out. I am just so proud of Ryan and this huge accomplishment, and I can't begin to tell you just how great it was being there and being the first to hear this amazing news.
Ryan took the whole day off of work, which was nice so we did not have to rush and he was able to take Tyler to school. We left a little before 10 and made it to College Station around 11. It gave Ryan plenty of time to get the room and his power point all set.
 Ryan asked me to do one favor him.... go and get him a water from the vending machine. Well, I press the button and out comes a Diet Mountain Dew. What?!?! He does not even like that stuff... I guess you can see who the nervous one was. ;)
 Shortly after 12:30 I left the room. I walked around the campus and found several nice benches to sit on. Time really went fast. Around 2:30 I get a text from Ryan asking me where I am ( I was on bench right outside the building he was in) and to come up. They had sent Ryan outside after he presented to discuss rather they would pass him, or not. When I saw Ryan he looked very calm and greeted me with a smile. It did not take long to call him back in, but the waiting to hear the door open again, took forever... ok, it was 5-10 minutes but to me it seemed like hours. ;)
Finally, Ryan called for me to come to the room after his Professor Panel left. Two in person and 2 via Conference Call. This is what Ryan first said when I walked in "They shook my hand and said congrats Dr."
I love you, Ryan. I am still beaming with pride for you and this amazing accomplishment. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this journey and experience with you. Some of it was tough and long, but you handled it all with so much grace and strength. You are simply the best at all you do.   

Monday, May 20, 2013


On June 13, 2008 Ryan embarked on a journey of obtaining a Doctorate of Education Administration from Texas A&M. I look at this picture and can't believe all of the changes our family has gone through since this day, but Ryan remained determined to finish his doctoral course work. He was extremely; faithful, focused, and obedient to the hard and long task of writing his dissertation. 
Tomorrow afternoon, Ryan is set to defend his Dissertation at Texas A&M. That is such a big moment and opportunity for him, I am so proud and happy for him. I am actually going to go with him tomorrow for support and encouragement, but will not be sitting in the room during his defense. I will be pacing the campus, or maybe I will bring my tennis shoes and go for run. ;)
 As one of my close Aggie friends told me today, Wonderful things happen in Aggieland. I love you, Ryan. WHOOP!!

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, May 13, 2013


On Saturday we headed to Fort Worth to celebrate a 6th Birthday and Mother's Day. Tyler and Gk's cousin, Jake had a fun party and Ty and GK loved being apart of it.
 It was a full day of non stop fun. Tball, Swimming Party, Soccer, and more Swimming. Tyler loved all the swimming and Georgia Kate, well once she warmed up to it she loved it. I am actually doing Mommy and Me swim lessons with her this year, so I have a feeling she will be a fearless fish very soon. Tyler will be taking them at the same time, so it works out great with our schedule.
We always love getting to spend some fun quality time with Ryan's family. Both of the kids crashed on the way home and went right back to sleep when we got home, and Tyler slept in his clothes. You know he had fun.  Nana and Papa are actually coming to watch Tyler play Tball on Thursday so we will get another visit with them very soon.
Big week for me as I will be heading to Washington DC for the AJLI Annual Conference. It is my last trip with AJLI and JLBC. I have been so thankful for all of the wonderful experiences and people I have met through these conferences. A little bittersweet but at the same time I can't wait to CELEBRATE!! Now, I guess this means I better get packing. So thankful for Ryan, Ghee, and Poppy for all of their help and support while I am away. I never have to worry about Tyler or GK. Thanks!

Mother's Day

Yesterday was such a special treat for me. It started bright and early as I made my way to get my sweet, Amma to take her to church. My parents had been out of town last week, and my Mom takes Amma to church every Sunday.
 We did not want her to be by herself on Mother's Day so we took Amma to her church, which is where Ty goes to School. Ty sat with us in church, which is where they have Chapel on Wednesday Morning. After Church we took her to Jack N The Box for Breakfast. I know you are all shaking your head but my Mom takes her there every Sunday so that is where she likes to go and it is routine for her. She did forget what she usually orders, but thankfully my Mom was just a phone call away.
I am so thankful for that special time we were able to spend with Amma. She is truly one of a kind and a very special Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother. I did miss not being able to celebrate with my Mom, but as always I am so thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful Mom and Ghee. We all love and adore her so very much.
So thankful for a sweet and fun Mother's day. I was able to get out and go for a walk/run by myself.... starting the training process, again. I am running a 5K at the end of June so it is time to get busy. I exercise 3-4 times a week, but running is a whole different story. I downloaded the Couch to 5K to help me train. ;)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blessed and Thankful

I am beyond humbled that God chose me to be a Mommy to Tyler, Landry, and Georgia Kate. I can't imagine my life with out them.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Storms and Muffins

What a crazy and eventful past two days. Yesterday afternoon we had a a really bad storm hit our area. High winds and Hail. Ty thought it was snowing, or had snowed because our yard was covered. We lost all power around 2:30 pm and it finally came back on at 7:00 this morning. We are very thankful that we did not have any major damage with our trees, or have any fall. Still in shock over that..... I guess that spring clean up a couple of months ago helped.
I ended up taking the kids to my parents last night when we heard it was going to be a while with out power. Today was Muffins for Moms at Ty's School so I figured I needed to try and look nice and not like I just rolled out of bed and can't see anything. Ty's class put on a cute little performance and we had muffins together. Short and Sweet.
 I came back home to clean up and clean out our fridge and freezer. A good reason to clean out and get rid of stuff. It is has been rainy off and on all day and I can hear the rain as I type, just hoping it is not as bad as yesterday and the power stays on. Nothing like a perfect storm to throw you off balance, just a little.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Snow Cones

You can tell that Summer is right around the corner because Snow Cone stands are opening back up. These are Tyler's absolute favorite, well I mean who does not love a snow cone?!?!. We were at the park yesterday afternoon and since there is a snow cone stand right across the street I decided to treat the kids to their first snow cone of the season, actually GK's first ever snow cone. I think she will be a fan, as well. I simply adore being able to capture silly moments with Tyler and GK. Those two are still best friends and love each other so much.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Soccer Season

Saturday marked our last Soccer game of the Season. We had such a fun Spring playing soccer  and as always it is fun to see the growth that occurs during the Season.
Of course the best part of playing a sport is a fun party and a trophy. We had our end of the year party right after Ty's game on Saturday at CiCi's pizza. It was actually nice doing it that way since our week has been a little full. Tyler was so excited when Ryan handed him his trophy, and you should see his collection. ;)  He is very proud of all of his trophy's.
Slowly wrapping things up for the year. We still have a few baseball games left but it will be over very soon, as well. It is nice just having to focus on one sport right now, instead of two. I will blink and school will be out. May is already flying by and it is a full month for us. I am kind of getting excited about Summer.

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, May 4, 2013


This weekend is all about Celebrating. It started last night with the Junior League Board Celebration/End of the year Retreat and it continued today with Tyler's last Soccer Game and Party. It will continue tomorrow with a Cinco De Mayo Swim Party. That is a lot of celebrating. After Ty's party and a little rest time we hit the the parks (2 to be exact) for some fun and family time.
Each celebration was so special and unique and I can't wait to share more, but of course I stayed up way too last night talking and of course laughing with some very dear friends.... so sleep is sounding good.
Tuesday is the JLBC Annual Dinner so between now and then I have an agenda to make, a speech to write, and a slide show presentation. Well, the agenda is pretty much done but everything else... Yikes. So if you don't see anything on here until after Tuesday you will know why.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Won

I know that winning and losing should not  matter, but sometimes winning just feels so good. I believe you play the best you can, but most importantly have fun. Especially, at Tyler's age. In soccer we don't keep score, so when we started playing tball and they DO keep score and record of everything it became a whole new world and the game takes on a whole new meaning to some.
We finally won our first game on Monday and it felt so good that I just had to take a picture of our final score. I was just so thrilled for the kids and coaches. The taste of victory is so sweet.
Wednesday's game was a different story and who knows what tomorrow and the rest of our season will hold, but you win some and you lose some.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

School Lunch

I always love days when our routine changes, a little. Well, today was one of those days for us and it started when Ryan forgot something that he needed before the end of the school day. Ryan suggested that we come for one of the lunch periods at 11:05. Therefore, I packed a lunch for the kids and I got to pick up Tyler a hour early and he and Georgia Kate were thrilled about seeing their Daddy during the middle of the day. He worked late last night, so both kids were asleep when he got home. This was for sure a special and needed treat.
Tyler and Georgia loved eating lunch in Daddy's cafeteria and it got Tyler excited about next year. After lunch that got to go and join the kids on the playground for recess. The best part is we were on the road home by 12, just in time for GK's nap. I guess I should have rephrased, I  love routine changes that don't mess up our nap time routine. ;)