Friday, February 29, 2008

Ghee Is Here!

Hey Everybody! Ghee is here and she brought presents. Life is Good!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Divine Dessert Invitation

I thought you would like to see the Divine Dessert invitation! We are also having a dinner (Divine Dinner) this year before the Dessert party. The band Sprung is very popular. I booked them. Everyone is very excited about this band.
Ryan is going to be waiter with some other husbands for the first 30 minutes of the event. Passing around wine. He will do great. This project is my baby. I am very proud of it and I hope we raise a lot of money. The Children's advocacy center does some good things in our community. I love how they are dedicated to the the development and well being of children in our community. That is actually the Junior League's main focus, too. I will be using this tomorrow in my interview. That is why we have partnered with them for 6 years. Because their project meets the league's focus area.
More details later.......

Ghee is coming!!!!!!!

That is right! Ty's Ghee will be here tomorrow at 12:15pm. We can't wait to see here. We have not seen her since January. That is just way to long! Poppy arrives next Thursday. We have some exciting weeks ahead.

Well, my TV debut is tomorrow morning. I stood in my closet this morning looking at all my clothes. I still have no clue what to wear? Ryan is going to DVR it for me. I might also do another news spot next week for another station. We will see? The publicity is great. I am a little nervous, but I will but my communication skills to work and hopefully do OK. We met last night and there is still so much to do. I will be running around like crazy next week. Thank goodness for a baby-sitter.

Tomorrow night Westphalia is having a school dance. The first one at the school! Ryan is pumped about being the DJ. I am sure the kids will love him. Fun times ahead for the Steele family. Well, I have actually gotten a lot done around the house but there is still more to do. I better get to it while little man is napping. He has been such a trooper this week. I will say it again. We are blessed with a good baby.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Worn Out

I feel the same way. Nap Please!
Are you almost done?

I have to keep reminding myself that I am almost to the finish line! All of this running around is wearing me out! I keep reminding myself that help will be here on Friday. I think I am wearing Ty out, too. The top picture was of him this morning while I was in the study trying to total ticket sales that were purchased last night at the Junior League meeting. I did not get home until 9:30pm and tonight I have a Divine Desserts committee meeting. Ryan has been a big help, too! Trying to take care of all the last minute details. I was excited because this morning I saw the commercial that we created on TV! It looked great.
So, I have spent the morning counting money and filling out response cards, and making last minute phone calls to finalize donations. We just got back from a nice lunch with the President of Junior League, Jessica. We discussed Friday's Morning Buzz spot with out local news station. She gave me some wonderful suggestions on how to answer some of the questions regarding our relationship with the Children's Advocacy Center. I feel a little better about Friday! I want to be prepared. At least I know what will be asked and now how to answer it! I was thrilled when Ryan told me this morning he would wait till I got home to leave for work on Friday. At first I thought I would have to take Ty because I wont be home until 7am and Ryan leaves at 6:45am most mornings! Thank you Ryan. All in all this has been my favorite year in Junior League. I was telling Jessica that Chairing this committee has helped me come out of my comfort zone.
Today is Wednesday and my house is not done. With Divine Desserts and Sara's shower my plate is full. Mom, I will try to have the house clean for you:) However, I know my Mom and I will have to run all over town when she gets here. She will sit in the back seat the whole time with Ty, so she will be fine. OK! Better get some chores done while little man is sleeping. I think Ty must know that Mommy is crazy right now, because he has been taking really long naps this week. Thank you Ty! I love you! Only 2 more days until Ghee! I think we can make it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

7 months Old!

One day old
2 months old
Today at 7 months!
It is hard to imagine that Ty is another month older today. As I looked back at Ty's birth pictures this morning I had tears in my eyes, because my sweet Tyler Justin is no longer a baby. Ty is turning in to a little boy. I was thinking today while I was getting ready what some of my favorite things were about Tyler.

I love his blue eyes and long eyelashes ( He is a Steele)
I love his middle name. I know that Justin is looking down on him, and that makes me happy!
I love his two bottom teeth.
When he wakes up in the morning or from a nap he loves to talk to himself.
When I go into his room after he wakes up he smiles so big and starts kicking his legs!
I love how he loves playing peek a boo!
His laugh is priceless
He smiles so big when Ryan comes home from work. Tyler giggles so much when Ryan gets home!
How fast and high he jumps in his jumperoo. He always stops to make sure we are watching, smile, and then go right back to jumping.
Loves to watch Abbie and Cooper. The smile on his face when they lick him. Pulling the dogs hair.
I love his little hands when he touches my face.
When he is outside he is very still and watches everything.
Bath time! I love when he splashes the water so high he soaks my shirt.
Exploring new things around him everyday.
Loves sleeping on his tummy.

I could go on for days! I adore everything about my little boy. I will say that being a Mom to a little boy is such a blessing. God created this special little boy just for me. WOW! As a woman and a Mom I am so lucky! I can't wait for the months ahead! He has a lot of milestones still to come.

You don't raise heroes; you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it is just in your own eyes.

Walter Schirra Sr.

Always know how much your Daddy and Mommy love you. We are so proud of you! May The Lord bless you and keep and make His face to shine upon you!

Monday, February 25, 2008

First Swing Ride

He looks so big in this picture!
This little girl was not in the play group that I was with, but she loved swinging Ty.
He liked sitting up in the swing
I know you are probably thinking that he has had this outfit on in the past couple of pictures! Yes, he wore it on Sayurday. No, he does not wear it everyday. Today it was the only thing that matched his blue sandals!

Ty loved the park. He really liked swinging as long as he could still put his hands in his mouth. He smiled and made little noises. I think he likes to look at everything around him. There were tons of people out today. After the swings we were sitting on a bench with KC and Hudson( he is 2 weeks older than Ty, they like to look at one another a lot) and a train went right by us. Ty was so still and stared at the train the whole time. His first train! Many firsts today! It felt good to get out and see my Mommy friends and their little boys! Yes, all boys in this group. My friend Christina is pregnant with her second so we are hoping she is having a little girl, so we can get a little girl in our group! We will see? I can't wait to take him to the park again with Ryan and Ty's grandparents. They will love seeing him swing!

Well, I must go make dinner and get ready for Ty's bath and bed time. Tomorrow is a boys night, because I have a Junior Leauge meeting. Oh, Ryan said that track practice went well this afternoon. He said the girls ran and ran some more!


Tyler will be taking his first trip to the park this afternoon. We will be going to the Whistlestop playground in Downtown Temple for a mini playgroup. It is 85 degrees outside, so today is the perfect day for going to the park with some friends. I thought about not going because I have too much to do around the house, but I decided it is just to nice of a day to stay inside all day! I know that everything will get done. I did clean out the closet in the study. Now I am working on dusting the study.
Ryan starts coaching Track today! He seems very excited about coaching. The first track meet is on March 7. The only thing about track meets is they are so long. When he was in Belton he would not get home until midnight or later! I will have to miss the first track meet, because I will be decorating for Divine Desserts considering it is the next day.
Well, I post pictures of Tyler's first trip to the park! I hope he likes it!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I love my Socks!

This is how I always find Ty. He never keeps his socks on his feet anymore. He loves to find his feet and pull his socks off right away. He did it this afternoon while were walking. We were blessed with a beautiful day outside.

We went to Home Depot and bought flowers for our front porch. Ty almost pulled up the flowers before we made it home. I put a potted flower next to him in the car and I looked away to get the other flowers and when I turned back around Ty had a hand full of pink petals in his hand! At least I noticed before they went in his mouth, because I know thats where they were headed. They are so bright and beautiful. I love flowers. Now I just have to remember to water them. Our day has consisted of yard work, taking down the Easter decorations, laundry, Ryan grading papers, and going to the grocery store. I always go to the store when Ty is napping and Ryan will stay home and watch him.

Well, we have a very exciting and busy week. We will be preparing for Ghee to arrive and doing PLENTY of Divine Desserts preperation! Tonight is my favorite night on TV. The Oscars.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Look at me I'm flying

I always try and steal a kiss from my boy.
Here we go!
Look at me!
Way up high!

Ty loves doing (the airplane) with me. That is what I call it. His eyes get so big. It is always a fun game to play on a Saturday afternoon. Plus it is good excercise for me. Tyler is so much FUN. I really can't picture what our life was like before him? We must have been bored. This little boy brings a smile to my face even when I am not looking at him. Parenthood is wonderful gift and a special blessing. I can't wait to watch our little boy grow to be a man. We truly have some exciting years ahead.
Ok, Ryan is out working on the yard, Ty is napping, and I am on the computer! There is something I am putting off. That would be cleaning!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Jeep Stroller

It is hard to tell what he thinks about this?
Ryan finally put together Ty's new Jeep umbrella stroller that was given to us by Ty's Great Aunt Chris whom lives in San Diego. It has been sitting in our garage since June. It is so light and easy to put away. I think he likes it? We have not been able to walk since Wednesday, but it is supposed to be nice this weekend. Ty loves taking walks. He is very still and just stares at everything around him.

Well, Ty went and voted with me for the first time yesterday. He was a little too young, but he sat in his car seat while I voted. Everyone in there thought he was so cute and they just loved those blue eyes and long eyelashes. He is a cutie. I always feel so much better after I vote. Early voting is the way to go!

Only one more week until my Mom/Ghee arrives. We are very excited. My Mom keeps telling me she can't wait to see Tyler. Kids take the back seat when a Grandchild is born. I don't mind. That means this weekend we need to get our house and yard in order. It is a good thing that Sara's shower is not at our house next weekend. We reserved our Club House for Sara's baby shower. And we are getting Stephen and Whitney King to cater. However, I think all the guys will be at our house playing Horse Shoes. We are going to go to Lowes or Home Depot sometime this weekend and get some flowers to put on the porch. I have a Junior League Wine and Cheese social tomorrow with all the new members of the league. So, I will get out of cleaning for a little while.

I had something really exciting happen to me today. The President of Junior League asked me to attend a AJLI conference in Fort Worth March 28-30. The conference is called: Organizational Development Institutes (ODIs). ODIs are a series of educational training meetings held over the course of AJLI's trainings and meetings calendar year. Over the years, ODIs have demonstrated their effectiveness as informative, inspiring and innovative three-day weekend training programs. It is really a big honor to be invited to the conference. Only 4 girls from the Bell County division get invited to go each year! WOW! The league pays for everthing. I am very excited about this opportunity. Pam and Stacie are also going. They are two of my close friends. This came at a perfect time, because I am looking to run for a VP position next year. Divine Desserts has really opened a lot of doors for me and made me comfortable with being in charge of something. I will be posting the invitation that we created as soon as I can get it scanned. Invitations have been out for a while. We had a huge invitation work shop the first weekend in February.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Picture Day

I love picture day!
Please stop! I have had enough flashes in my face today!

I remember picture day when I was growing up just like it was yesterday. Everything had to be perfect. Hair, outfit, and shoes. My Mom would spend hours making sure I had the best outfit on and my hair was just right. I felt like my Mom today with Ty. I wanted to make sure that he had the perfect outfit, too! I did not have to worry about his hair as much, because there is not alot there. I did bring his brush with me just in case there was a hair out of place. He looked so cute in his overalls and white turtle neck. I thought he looked perfect.

Of course I had him covered fom head to toe while he was eating lunch. I did not want him to get food on his outfit before we left. We had to leave right after he ate so we could make our 12 pm photo shoot. Yes, I scheduled it then because of nap time. I am a little nazi when it comes to keeping him on his schedule these days. It took Ty a little while to warm up, but I think we got a couple of smiles out of him. We did a picture of him in a red wagon. He was holding on to the little handle, however most of the time the handle was in his mouth. I really wanted Ryan there, because he can always get a smile or a laugh out of him. Ryan can throw something down and Ty will just laugh at him. However, today did not work with Ryan's schedule. Maybe for the 9 month photo shoot! We have gone every 3 months since Tyler was born. It is amazing to see all the changes in his pictures.

Well, we must have worn Ty out with all of the silly faces and flashes, because he crashed when we got home. Poor baby was rubbing his eyes like crazy. We have to wait 2 weeks to view the pictures. The photographer said she took over 100 of him! How will we ever make up our mind? Ghee will be in town to look, too! Oh, I got the BEST news last night. My Dad/Poppy is coming to Temple, too! He will arrive after my mom and stay until March 12. That is when my Mom leaves too! I am so excited. I knew he would not be able to go with out seeing Ty. Tonight is Board meeting night in Westphalia, so it will just be me and Ty today and tonight!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I just always like to post pictures of Ty! So enjoy looking at him while you are getting your update on Ryan.

Ryan feels that his interview went really well. He was a little late due to parking but they were fine with that because they had just finished with the other applicant, which was Ryan's friend Jerrod Barton! Small world! However, Ryan knew he was before him. They went to lunch after Ryan's interview. Ryan's presentation went well and he knew how to answer the questions they asked. That is good! My favorite part is one of the interviewers asked for his business card, because she would like him to come talk to her class! I love it! There are around 19 applicants interviewing for the doctoral program and they will pick between 10-15 students. We hope to find something out right before Spring Break, which is about 4 weeks away. I think? Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers today. I felt this wonderful sense of closness today at 10am. I started crying. Tyler was taking his morning nap and I stood in our room and prayed out loud! Sometimes you just have to be still and listen to what God is saying and doing in your life. It felt good to be still this morning. I really need to remember to do that more often.

The book club was great last night. We got in to some wonderful discussions about the book and our own families. Very neat group of girls! It is a must read. My Mom is going to read it when she is here and then I will probably pass on to Linda after that. Next months book is Atonement. I have heard wonderful things about this book and movie. However, I will have to read the book before I see the movie. So, Ryan ordered it for me last night.

Well, Ty's pictures are tomorrow. Still thinking about what to put him in, but I think I will go with his overalls! He looks too cute in them! He was great at the meeting today. He started laughing during the middle of it. He wanted to play! What a trooper. Well, I will post Divine Dessert details later. I did get us all set up with our local news station to be on there morning show next Friday! I am the spokes person for the Junior Leauge. What am I going to wear? It should be fun and great publicity! Well, my little man should be waking up from his afternoon nap any time now so I better go! Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers and for always reading my blog! I love this!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Follow your dreams

I love you Daddy. You are my Hero!
What? I am not doing anything wrong.

Oh, you caught me!
Ryan's big day is tomorrow morning. We are so proud of him and we know he will do a great job! It took a while to get a picture of Ty with the sign,because as soon as I put it by him he would grab it and put it in his mouth! Everything goes in the mouth these days! I was so happy when I got one good one. I wanted a smile, but I will take what I can get. The interview starts at 10 am tomorrow. So, why don't we all say a big prayer for Ryan at 10am Texas time! I know this is early for my California family, but I am counting on you Gramma. She is our prayer warrior.
Tonight is my book club. I can't wait to find out what book we are reading next. I loved The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. I finished it last week so I have been anxious to get started on the next pick. I thought I was supposed to pick the next one, but I pick the one for April. I still have no clue. Any Suggestions? My sister in law gave me two names. I have really enjoyed reading again.
Ty is having his six month pictures taken on Thursday afternoon! I can't wait. He will be able to sit up in their red wagon! I really want a picture like that. We got in fast which is good because he will be 7 months next week! Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow Ty will be heading to a lunch Divine Desserts meeting with me. Jack and Sadie will be there too, so they can all play while we plan. Great ideas are in the works. I will share later. I have been so busy with this project but have loved every minute of it!
Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers for Ryan tomorrow! We are very excited about this opportunity. I will keep you posted.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents Day

Tyler! Still Cute.
Ryan's cartoon for his A&M research topic.
Well, we have had a very productive Monday. I know for a fact that Ty and I have have enjoyed having Ryan home. Ryan spent most of his morning working on his research topic for his A&M Doctoral interview on Wednesday morning. So, he thought it would be funny if I added a picture of one of the cartoons he is using. Ryan has to give a formal presentation of approximately 8-10 minutes. He had a couple of topics to choose from. He was going to do the pros and cons of educational testing but the two other Principals that are interviewing the same day and Ryan knows are doing that one too, so Ryan decided to pick the management of technology in an educational setting. My Brainy husband! I am so proud of him. This truly is a very exciting time for him. We might all be calling him Dr. Steele very soon. Please keep him in your prayers on Wednesday for safe travels and a wonderful interview.
I got to sneak away this morning and see Stephen and Whitney king's new baby girl. Sadie was born on January 21. She was 3 weeks early. However, she is a beautiful and healthy girl. There is a picture of me holding her. I grew up with Stephen and his wife Whitney is in Junior League with me and we have become close friends. She is one of my Committee members for Divine Desserts. Stephen is a wonderful chef and does a lot of catering now so he is going to do some wonderful desserts/pastries for the event! They are a wonderful couple and I have enjoyed getting to see Stephen again. When I came home both Ty and Ryan were asleep on the sofa. It was so cute. I took a picture but Ryan erased it! Oh, I was so mad!
Ryan is now playing frisbee golf before he has to go up to Westphalia later on this afternoon for a parent information meeting about the new Westphalia ISD first ever track team. As if Ryan does not do enough already he has decided to take on the role as Track Coach! They will practice everyday after school at Rosebud Lott. There first track meet is March 7! My husband the man with many hats. I can't complain because he loves what he does and the students and the school are a better place because of him. As if you can't tell I am very proud of Ryan.
Well, my boy is fighting his afternoon nap! He was doing so well with both naps there for a while and today he is testing me. I have learned that you can't become too comfortable because they will change! I will get him back on! I am a little stressed about it right now, but writing is helping me to relax. He did it! He finally put himself to sleep. Maybe it is Ryan being home??!? Tyler was eating his oatmel this morning and Ryan walked out of the room and Tyler stared smiling so big. Oh boy my Daddy is still here! YES!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Laundry Day!

How did I get in here?
I am covered by Daddy's jeans!
Are we almost done with the Laundry? I am worn out!

As you can see Sunday is laundry day in the Steele household. Ty wanted to help Mommy out today. I almost put him in the washer. We had had a nice relaxing Sunday. We went to Church and Ty of course took his morning nap in my arms! My favorite time. Ryan did mention something about taking him to the 6 month old nursery class this morning and my stomach started to hurt just at the thought of him in there with out me. I just don't think I am ready for that. I know I need to let go, but not just yet. I think it will take baby steps for me to let him go to the church nursery. Maybe I am really scared that as soon as we put him in there he will get sick? Who knows, for now I like having him with me. He is always a good boy during church most of the time.
We also went over and looked at Mrs. Cook's house (Ryan's old Principal at LBMS) on the north side. They are talking about putting it on the market. I loved it. Of course there are things that we would like to fix but it had hardwood floors and a pool in the backyard. I am sure it will be out of our price range but still fun to look and see Mrs. Cook again. I love the north side. It brings back so many wonderful memories. No. Are house is not on the market yet! Still thinking and talking about it. After that we headed to the grocery store. I shopped while the Steele men stayed in the car and napped! Very cute! Yes, Ty was off on his naps today. I was calm about, too! I usually freak out. Baby steps! The weather was nice again outside so we took a walk with Ty and the dogs. Now it is time to unwind and get the little one fed and off to bed.
We also had a great night last night with Jerrod and Kristy. We just talked and laughed. Kristy is in Junior League with me. So we gossiped about the leauge. Ryan and Jerrod talked about Schools and education. Jerrod is an Asst. Principal.
Well, I better go feed my little one some mixed veggis! He likes the 2nd foods. Ryan is home tomorrow!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


It is a rainy yucky Saturday, but I still have a cute boy inside with me! Two cute boys inside with me. I am one lucky girl.
Okay I need to vaccum. We are having our friends Jerrod and Kristy Barton over for dinner tonight. That means I have to keep cleaning. We decided to make my Mother in Law's yummy Tortilla Soup instead of grilling steaks since it turned cold again.
Ty is starting on 2nd foods tonight. The Doctor said he was ready for them. We will see how it goes. I think we will try some turkey and rice tonight! Oh Boy!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I think he likes it.

Mmmmm............... This tastes good.
Oh Boy! This is what I have been wanting.
Ty watching Baby Bach this afternoon.

As you can tell Ty had a great first Valentine's day. I know something is a hit when it goes straight for his mouth. I love how he just stares at the TV when Baby Einstein is on. I think he will enjoy having these videos. He is doing a great job with sitting up. He reaches for things now while sitting. Tyler also got me and Ryan and Valentine's card. He also sent one to his Grandparents and his Girlfriend Madison in New Mexico. He really is a sweet boy! Such a gentleman. Ryan brought me some beautiful flowers home yesterday. They smell so good!

Today is Friday and I am sure this is a good thing for Ryan because he has Monday off. It will be nice to have him at home on Monday. Ty will love it! More time with his Daddy. I might get some errands done for Divine Desserts while he is home. We should have a good weekend. We are having some friends over for Dinner on Saturday night. I think Ryan is going to grill some steaks. Plus, Ryan will be getting ready for his doctoral interview at Texas A&M on Wednesday morning. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. This is a very exciting time for him. I am sure that he will do just great. I will keep you all posted.

Well, my good news is my Mom will be here in two weeks! I am very excited about her coming to visit. I know Ty will be so happy to see her. We have some busy and exciting weeks ahead. With a baby shower for Sara and Divine Desserts.

Have a great weekend!

Tyler and Cooper

I finally got Cooper in a picture with Ty. For those of you who know Cooper he loves to give big wet kisses! Ty loves them. He gets so excited when Abbie and Cooper are around. When I bring Ty out in the living room in the morning he always has a big smile for them.
I am so thrilled that Ty and the dogs are getting along I was really concerned about that before Ty was born. But, Ty fits in great! I think Abbie and Cooper like all the attention he gives them.
I will post pictures of Ty and his Valentine's present later. I think he liked them!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

My first Valentine's day!
Watch out! I am a cutie!
Ty's cards and present for Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from our little Heartbreaker!

Today should be a fun day with little Ty. When Daddy gets home Ty will get to open up some cards and a present from us! We got Ty a 25 disc collection of Baby Einstein DVD's! I am very excited about this purchase. I found them on Ebay! My Father in Law would be very proud. He got me hooked while we were looking for a high chair for Ty. Needless to say I am very proud of my first ebay experience and purchase. I think I might do some more shopping on ebay in the future. Ty loves these vidoes! So tomorrow we will start watching them.

Ryan and I are going to have a nice dinner at home after we put Ty to bed. I got Ryan's favorite Oreo cookie dessert. It should be a nice relaxing night at home with Survivor and Lost!

May you all have a Happy Heart Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mohawk Boy!

My Daddy did this to me. I think I might like my new hair style.
I would like to brush my own hair today, but I can't seem to find my head. So I will just eat the brush instead.

Ryan had some fun with Ty in the tub last night. I know we take a lot of tub pictures, but Ty really is so funny during bath time. We just never know what he will do next. What I have learned about him is if he finds something it will always end up in his mouth. He loves taking the socks off his feet and chewing on his socks or toes. Everything is so yummy.

Well, Ryan's car is still in the shop. We think it is a transmission problem. Hopefully we will get it back soon. However, being home all day is kind of fun. I can always find something to do or clean. Today I did some dusting and washed our sheets. Ty has been playing and now he is down for his afternoon nap. After Ty's nap my friend is going to bring her little girl over for a mini play date. Tonight is my wine tasting night with my JL friends that came over last Monday night. Thank goodness for a girls night out. Ryan told Ty last night that they were going to have a Ty and Daddy night. Oh my boys!

We have a created a night time system. I give Ty his bath and get him ready and then Ryan gives him his night time bottle and puts him to bed. However, I was missing feeding him last night, because we always say our prayers together at night. That is a very special time for me. So I put him to bed last night. However, Ty loves having Ryan put him to bed. He loves him to do whatever. Ryan got home late last night, but Ty was ready to smile and laugh with Daddy.

Tomorrow is Ty's first Valentine's Day! I will be posting pictures of Ty in his Valentine's day outfit tomorrow. He has to have outfits for all the Holidays. I am searching for a St Patrick's day outfit right now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Home Bound!

All ready to go for a little stroll.
Well, the cold weather is back so it looks like we might have to say good-bye to our walks for a little while. I know Ty will miss them. On Sunday he relized he could sit up in the stroller and hold on to the bar in front of him. That is how he wanted to ride the whole time! He would start fussing if I tried to sit him back.

Well, Ty is doing much better today. He woke up cooing and smiling this morning. I think he was fine las night. Because he sure was full of giggles when Ryan came home. Ryan loved the bandage on his arm where they took his blood. He told Ty they could start giving plasma together. I think not!

Ty really is a strong boy. I found myself holding on to the monitor and looking at him on the screen last night before I fell asleep(I love our video monitor). I was in complete awe of this precious creature that belongs to me. His strength amazes me. I fell asleep with it next to me. I relized it when Ryan came to bed. I finally let it go and put it back on my night stand. He didn't make a sound all night.

Well, Ryans car is in the shop again! So, Ryan had to take my car to work today. We were supposed to go to a Valentine's Day play group but it looks like we will have to miss, we can't seem to find anyone that could come and get us, or has room for us. So, it looks like Ryan will be enjoying the Valentine cookies that I made for the party! We will just stay warm playing inside today. Oh, Ty is starting to push his legs up when he is on his tummy. He does not really go forward, but he can move in a circle. Oh, my gosh I guess this means he is going to be mobile sometime soon!