Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Introducing Shawn (Royal Falcon Football player) and Queen Elsa. No theme this year, as GK was all about being Elsa. I tried to get Tyler to be Olaf, but it did not work. But, I can't blame when he got to go to Royal's field house and get his own helmet and shoulder pads to wear. Tyler thought that was really exciting. Mr. Big Time. Thank you Coach Robinson for making Tyler's day. 
Matching or not they still melt my heart all dressed up. 
We had a fun and full week leading up to Halloween. It also happened to be Red Ribbon week at Tyler's school, so lots of fun theme days.
However, some days don't go as planned and you just have to go with the flow...... especially when someone becomes sick. Our football player woke up at midnight and I just knew something was wrong. Thankful he got some rest. We were hoping that he could make it to school for his costume parade. However, a trip to the doctor before 8 am is how our Halloween started. Instead of treats this year we got Strep Throat. 
Georgia Kate even missed a fun Halloween party, but some days you just have to take sick days. Thankfully, through the day Tyler improved little by little. He even asked me at one point if he could go back to school.  
We were hoping to spend our night under the Friday night lights, but instead Ryan had to cheer them on alone. I decided to share the kids candy loot and let GK pass out candy to trick or treaters. The lights were on and we waited and waited. The wait worked.... we had 4 visitors! :) 
Well, this is not the Halloween we had visioned, but sometimes Plan B can be just as sweet. 

Fall Festival

Last Sunday we were invited to fun fall festival and trunk or treat with our new Athletic Director/Head football coach and his family. They joined our district over the summer, and we have had the best time getting to know this family. Their family also grew a few weeks when they welcomed another little girl. Our kids have had the best time together. We have gotten to spend a lot of special time with Kayden and Cooper, and we have enjoyed every minute. It has definitely taken time to form sweet friendships, so this year and school year has been all about new friends. It feels so good. 
 There were lots of fun festival games and we ended our evening with trunk or treat. My goodness the kids bags were full of candy goodness. Such a great time to gear up for a fun and festive week.

Monday, October 27, 2014

I Hope You Dance

Georgia Kate has been taking ballet/dance lessons for over a month now, and it has been the sweetest thing to watch her grow and explore this form of art. Of course there are some days that she does not feel like being  pretty dancer and good listener, but then again she is three. Who knows if this will be her focus area, but for now I am so thankful for this opportunity to watch our little girl dance. I will never take for granted this time I have with her, and will always cherish the days that she will be our tiny ballerina.   

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Falcon Pride

Football has been our theme for this fall. We are loving our Friday Night Lights with fun friends in our district, and have only missed one game. We have been so thankful for all the fun friendships that are being formed this school year. Tyler and Georgia Kate also love all the fun perks of having a Dad that works in the district. Tyler is probably our most loyal fan and you will know what I mean when you see his Halloween costume. He admires all of the players and is always there to high five and encourage them at the end of every game. Gk even gets in on the action. It has been so fun to watch these players interact with our kids this year. Sweet memories are being formed under the stadium lights every Friday night. So fun to be apart of all the games this year. Win or Loose we are proud to be a Falcon.

 We end every game with high fives and Tyler got his picture with his favorite player. Notice the number on his jersey is the same number as his favorite Falcon football player. Such sweet memories.
We've got spirit yes we do, We've got spirit how about you?

Flag Football

Since my blogging hiatus, Tyler has added another sport to his repertoire. Flag Football! The best part is it is the first sport being played in  Brookshire. That means no traveling to Sealy or Katy for practices and games. Well, we are still traveling for Soccer, but at least just the one. We are all so thrilled about all the possibilities and opportunities our community will have with the Boys and Girls club being apart of our schools. It has been so wonderful to see growth in our schools this year. 
Ryan is able to Coach Tyler's team, so I know they are both enjoying that time together. They also gave me a job, as well. I am in charge of the scoreboard. Thankfully, there is no starting and stopping of the clock.... I would be fired if that was the case. My little side kick is enjoying being the announcer. Don't worry the microphone is not on, because I am the crowd will not want to hear Let It Go- over and over! 
So proud of our biggest and his determination to play and try any sport he can. Falcon Pride!  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm Back

I feel like I should pause to allow time for my family to pick themselves off the floor over utter happiness that there is a new post. I know, I know it has been over a month. Embarrassing! I don't know know how many times I have heard over the weeks: when are you going to blog, again. Therefore, I am once again carving some time to sit down and blog. In all honesty I have missed it. 
The theme for the Steele family this fall is fast and furious. I blinked and it is already October, and the first of November is next weekend...  say what?!!?! Oh, and to top it off.... we have a 3 year old, now. Even though fast and furious it has been fun with a lot of fun family memories along the way. So, bare with me as I play catch up and try to recap our family happenings. The dog hair may pile up on the floor and the pile of clothes may build up, but I have missed this time.  Sometimes, it is important to sit down and just breath.... and my sitting and breathing with include typing! 
Here we go..... This picture is from Royal Homecoming week back in September. :) But, here we are and still look about the same. The only thing that is different is Georgia Kate is now three!