Monday, August 31, 2009

Give A Boy

A truck bed, sand, and tools.........They will be happy for a while.

Pool Party

Saturday night we headed over to the Lanham's house for an adult only pool party. We had a great time and most of us got in the pool. Tyler and Sadie had a mini sleep over and had so much fun playing together until bed time. We LOVE our new babysitter. It is so nice to have a back up when Ghee and Poppy have plans or out of town. The first two pictures our of the kids playing outside. Ty immediately grabbed Tabitha and took her outside. We did not even get a good-bye. I took the picture inside since Ty was so happy and content with Tabitha and Sadie. I love leaving knowing that he his having a good time. This makes a Mom feel good. Ty really loves Sadie.

Stacie and Me
Stacie, Me, Pam, Lindsey, and Lacy
Me, Lindsay, and Pam (hostess)
Me with Whitney (Sadie's Mom)

Yesterday we had a nice relaxing day at home. We fixed Chicken Fried Steak for dinner and after that we went for a nice walk with the Dogs around the neighborhood. The weather felt so nice outside.
This Morning we went to the gym and ran some errands and ended our errands with lunch at Ghee and Poppy's house. They just got back in to town and were so ready to see Ty.
Tomorrow is Ty's first day of MDO! I am excited and anxious but I know it will be a good experience for him. I have so much that I want to tackle tomorrow morning. Have a great week.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good Hygiene

I have started working with Ty on having good hygiene. Especially washing our hands before and after we eat. I am a huge germ freak these days and with Ty starting MDO I want to make sure we have some good hygiene skills.
We are having a nice weekend so far. This Morning Ty went to Westphalia with Ryan and helped work on the football field. Ryan said he had a great time. Ty loves going to Daddy's school. I spent the Morning trying to secure Auction Items for the JLBC Buck Shot Blast. It was a great morning and we live in such a great community that is always willing to give something. The rest of the day we are just getting things done around the house before Ryan and I have a night out. Ty is going to have a mini slumber party with Sadie. Too bad they have to go to bed at 7:30pm. Our sitter is so great. We are so lucky to have her and it is perfect that she is willing to watch Ty's friend, too! I know they will have so much playing until bed time.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mark Your Calendars

Ryan just bought a gun so he is all set to participate in the Skeet Shoot. He has already been out on the field and practiced! It will be a great night that you will not want to miss!


Today we headed to the Splash Pad for some fun in the water and then had a nice picnic. All of the kids had a great time and lasted a long time. Ty was ready to crash when we got home. I always love fun outings with friends.
We are ready for the weekend and for Ryan being home this weekend! We have a few more weeks until his Weekend class starts. Thank goodness.
Tomorrow Morning I have a Junior League function and then tomorrow night Ryan and I are going to a pool party! Adults Only. I know we will have a great time. I am ready for a night out.
We actually met some new friends today that are going to be are neighbors very soon. Michelle and her little girl, Amelia. It was great meeting them and I can't wait until they move down the street from us.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Day

Today we went to Splash Pad and the Park and then this evening we went to Ty's new school to meet his Mother's Day Out Teacher. We are very excited about this new adventure for Ty. I have heard wonderful things about this program and there is always a waiting list just to get in to this program so we feel very fortunate that Ty will be attending this school on Tuesday-Thursday. This Church holds a special place in my heart because it was my childhood church. Ty's class is in one of my old class rooms. Ty has numerous friends that will be in school with him and I know we will meet new friends.
Tomorrow we are heading to the Splash Pad for a picnic and then Saturday evening we are going out with some friends. We have a full weekend filled with fun outings. These pictures were taken last night.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I want to be like my Daddy

This Morning I am rushing to get us both ready and out the door for Bible Study and I find this when I walk back in our room from talking on the phone. I just had to post this one....... look at that innocent face.
After Ty had Ryan's jeans around his neck he put on one of Ryan's old shirts on. He kept saying "DADA". I think Ty is missing Ryan. Ryan walked in last night from work right before bedtime. At least Ty was able to get some hugs and kisses in. Thank goodness Ryan will be home on time the next few days.
Bible Study was great this Morning. We started our new Study and welcomed a new face and also welcomed someone back (It was great seeing you Kristy). I cherish every Wednesday Morning with this amazing group of Women. Tomorrow evening we meet Ty's Mother's Day Out Teacher. I am excited and nervous but I know this will be good for Ty and me. We start next Tuesday. Not much else planned for the week. Just enjoying some down time for a little bit. September is going to be busy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Fun Day

Sunday afternoon we headed to the splash pad for a family outing. I am going to try and make Sunday a family day now that School has started and Ryan's schedule is going to get a little more hectic. Ty had a great time showing Ryan around an soaking up all the water that he could.
After the Splash pad we hit Sonic (Happy Hour) and then headed to my parents for some more fun in the Sun.

Yesterday was the start of the school for Westphalia and the majority of schools in our area. Ryan had a great day and was excited to have the Students back. I hope that Ryan has a great year!! Tyler starts his first day of School (Mothers Day Out) a week from Today. We have Parent/Teacher Orientation on Thursday night. We are looking forward to this new adventure. I hope that you all have a great rest of your week.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Saturday was a very full day for me. I spent the majority of my Morning and Afternoon at the Second Hand welcoming the new Provisional Members to the Junior League. 13 young and all amazing women attend our Provisional Orientation. I love this day because you really get to know a lot about the newest members and learn about all their talents.
The Provisional Chairs are doing a great job and I am loving my new position. However, some days seem very overwhelming. I have a feeling we are going to have a great year!
Saturday evening Ty spent the evening with our new baby sitter, Tabitha so we could go to Supper Club. This was Tabitha's second time to watch Ty and he really loves her. It so nice to have a back up when my parents can't watch Ty.
We had a great time catching up and of course enjoying some wonderful dishes. I actually put Ryan in charge of the appetizer for Supper Club since I was gone all day Saturday. Ryan made some awesome nachos. Ryan called them Macho Nachos. They were a big hit. I might put him in charge more often. We are still waiting on baby Sydney to arrive. It should not be long.
Sunday we headed to church and then spent the day doing fun things as a family. Trying to enjoy all the time we can with Ryan before he get really busy with work and school.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back To School Round Up

Friday night we hosted a Back To School Party for all of Ryan's staff at Westphalia. We had a great night toasting to the start of a new year. Tomorrow morning kicks off the start of the 2009-2010 School year.
Our meal was catered by our dear friends Stephen and Whitney. They were so great to help us set up, serve, and clean up. We are so lucky to have such talented friends who make such amazing dishes. I guess the one good thing about our new home is it is a great place to throw parties and you know I love throwing parties.

The rest of our weekend was busy. I am so worn out today from all the going this past week and yesterday. I have more pictures to post so stay tuned.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fresh Air

Tonight after dinner I decided to take Ty to the park since Ryan had to work late. We have been home all day trying to prepare the house for the big Back to School party at our house tomorrow. It felt great to get out. Thank goodness my Mom came over and helped. I was able to get out and buy last minute party supplies while Ty slept this afternoon,too.
We some minor set backs this Morning but Thanks to my Dad everything is working again. The Garbage Disposal and Dish Washer went out. Thank goodness it was just a reset button. We are still learning about everything in the house. We have just had so many minor set backs but we are still enjoying it. We did have the Tile Contractor over this afternoon to look at our shower. We had a huge leak in our bedroom last week so I have had to stop using that shower until we get it fixed. Thank goodness there is a back up shower and tub.
Tomorrow and Saturday are full days!!!! Westphalia Party tomorrow night, Provisional Orientation all day Saturday, and Supper Club Saturday Night! WOW........

Project Runway

I have never seen this show but I have a few friends that have seen it and love it. The reason why I am doing this post and have it set to record the start of the new season tonight, is one of the contestants on the show was a Class of 95 Temple High Graduate. That is the year I graduated. Louise Black his her name on the show but I remember her as Carrie Harrell. Below is a picture of her from the PR website. Just thought I would share that piece of information. I am excited about watching. I am sure it will become a favorite.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friends Forever

This afternoon after nap time I helped out my good friend Whitney and watched her little girl, Sadie for an hour. Ty had so much fun playing with her in the backyard. They played and then had Popsicles. Whitney has two catering jobs this week (one which is for us) so I thought she might need some time to get stuff done. Plus they live right down the street. Ty loved having Sadie over this afternoon.
After Sadie left we loaded up and went to the Wildflower pool for some swimming with Ghee and Poppy. We sure did have a full day. We also had Bible Study this Morning. No wonder I feel so exhausted right now!
I love that Ty has some wonderful friends that he enjoys being around. Friends are a true blessing from God.

Gathering Of Friends

Last night I hosted a Binder and Invitation Party at my house. The League year is quickly approaching so I had around 12 wonderful and dedicated women over last night to stuff envelopes and put binders together for Orientation. (The picture below was taken after the majority of the group left).
We had a fun night and enjoyed catching up. I have still been very busy over the summer with my new position but I am loving every minute of it. I will say it can be very challenging at times, but well worth it.


Ty gets so excited when Ryan comes home. Ryan called me on his way home from work yesterday, and after I got off the phone with him I told Ty that Daddy was on his way home. He took off in to the living room and when I walked in there a few minutes later I found Ty looking out the window. It was so precious. We both get excited when we see Daddy's truck.