Monday, March 31, 2008

Fruit Puff

I have the puff in my hand, now what? Ty has made a big mess in his high chair. He starting to be a little bit neater when it comes to eating.
Where did it go? I dropped one Mommy.
I am not sure about this.
You can kind of see his third tooth coming in.

So I tried to see if Ty was ready for finger foods today. We stared with fruit Puffs. They are small little puffs that melt in the mouth. I put them on the tray of his high chair to see what he would do. He picked them up, and put his hand towards his mouth, but they did not make it into his mouth. So we will continue to work on that. I gave him some and he seemed to like them.

We got the news this morning that my car needs a new transmission. That is not great news, but it will all work in the end for the best. So, I am with out a car for 3-4 more days. Which is OK, because my parents will be here on Friday. Therefore, we must clean the house for their arrival.

That is right. My parents are starting their BIG move to Texas. They will be coming in with a load of stuff for storage and their new house. If you know my parents they have a lot of "crap" as Ryan likes to call it. Did I share the even bigger news about my parents move to Texas? My Mom called me last week and told me they found a place. I asked her where and she said "right next door to you and Ryan!" That is right. My parents are going to be our neighbors. The woman that lives next to us is moving, so my parents are moving in! It is also a Jim Vaughn Home. I am so excited about having them next door to us. I can just put Ty in the stroller to go visit his Ghee and Poppy! God is truly amazing. Not only is He bringing my parents back to Texas He brought them right next door to us! We have some wonderful times ahead of us.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Junior League Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. I learned so much information that I can't wait to share with other members. Plus I had a great time with all the girls. It was really fun to get to know some of them better. We had a great time hanging out after our sessions
My room-mate for the Weekend. Stacie is a wonderful friend. We were in the same provisional class. We all wore jean jackets this weekend.
Stacie, Pam, Melissa, Shala, Amy, and Me.
We went out to dinner on Friday and walked around Down Town Fort Worth. What a fun time.
A whole bunch of Junior League members came to Fort Worth on Saturday night to see how everything was going with us. So we had a huge GIRLS night! They all said when they met us in the hotel lobby that we had a Junior League glow about us.
The Four Amigo's! We drove up together on Friday and loved hanging out with one another. Pam and Amy would always come to our room at night after we were all ready for bed and we would stay up and chat until 1 in the morning. What wonderful friends to have.
I did it! I spent my first weekend away from Ty and we both survived. Ryan did a great job watching him this weekend at his Nana and Papa's house. Thank you so much Roy and Linda for taking such good care of him this weekend. Every time I called, Ty seemed to be doing well. I actually did not call as much as I thought, but we had full days. Ty's new BEST FRIEND is his Aunt Shana, she came and picked him up on Friday morning and I heard that when ever she left the room he was always looking for her. I think Friday was a little hard for him, because I heard he was kind of fussy. But I think it was because he was in a new place and he needed to adjust to his surroundings and his Nana and Papa. I was so EXCITED to see him today. Ryan came and picked me up at the Hotel where the convention was held, so the first thing I did was peek in the window at him. He saw me and started smiling so big! That makes a Mommy feel good. I opened up the back door and kissed him all over. As soon as we got home today I took him out of his car seat and never let him go. I missed my boys! I loved bath and bed time tonight. He crashed tonight. I think this weekend must have worn him out. I am sorry I don't have any pictures of Ty with the Steele family. I had the camera all weekend. Ryan said he got to see a lot of his nieces and nephews.
The AJLI training was wonderful. I spent my days in Membership sessions. I now found a new love. I felt like I was church camp. I would come out of all my session inspired and energized. I have so many new ideas that I hope to put in to action during the fall. This weekend was a truly wonderful weekend for me. I learned a lot about JL, that it is OK to leave my son for a weekend, and I had a great time with some truly wonderful girls. Pam has already called me three times tonight. I think she is missing me.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Going to Nana and Papa's House!

All my bags are packed and I am ready to go!

A BIG thanks to my friend Lauren for giving my blog a new face lift! It looks great!

Have a great weekend

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Mommy

My Mommy just got a call tonight to be the Co-Chair for the Provisional Committee next year with the Junior League. Keifer's Mommy, Christina is the other Co-Chair with her. They have been talking about wanting to do this together for a long time. I have been asleep since this all came about this evening, but I told my Mommy to be sure to post the news as soon as she found out.
I am so thrilled with this news. We will be in charge of all the new girls that join the league. Christina is a very good friend of mine. I know we will have a great time working together. Christina is expecting her second baby. Lily will be born in August. I might have to do a lot by myself at the beginning but it will all work out! So all the Temple girls that read my blog please consider joining the Junior League. It is a wonderful organization to be apart of.

Third tooth!

I just noticed tonight while I was feeding Ty that he has his third tooth coming in. It is at the bottom next to the two others that he already has! Just thought I would share.

When it Rains it Pours!

I get in my car late yesterday afternoon to go run some errands and I put my car in reverse to back out of the garage and it would not back up. Lovely. Thank goodness Ryan got home early yesterday to help me out. Ryan has to push my car out of the garage. My car stills drives, so we immediately took it to the shop. They were not able to look at it last night, so they called this morning and said it was my transmission, and they can't fix that. WOW! That is really not good, plus that can be really expensive to fix. Needles to say we will probably go and pick up the car in the morning. Ryan has a board meeting tonight, so it is a long day for him. He usually does not get home until after 9pm. Ryan and I will have to discuss what to do with my car this weekend. Please pray that something will work out for us. This could be a huge expense for us. Therefore, me and Ty are going to be spending the day at home. It is a good thing, because I need to get us packed. It always takes me so long to pack. The dress is business casual. It has been so long since I have had to dress business casual. So, this morning I spent an hour and a half trying on my old work clothes. I am a mess! Thank goodness for nap time:) It is a nice day, so I am sure we will hit the walking trail after Ty's nap.
Well, we are heading off tomorrow morning. I will be sure to post pictures when I return. I am trying to be strong about leaving Ty. I think it helps to know that he will be in Fort Worth, too. If he needs me I can go see him.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dr. Ryan Steele

How many things can I put in my mouth at one time?
I hope to follow in your foot steps one day Daddy. I know I have some big "socks" to fill.

Today we got the official word that Ryan has been accepted in to the Doctoral program at Texas A&M!!! We could not be more proud of him. Ryan will be getting his doctorate in Education.
Way to go Ryan! Ty is hoping you will take him to a football game next year! I believe that Ryan will start his classes this summer. Ryan is about to embark on a wonderful adventure.
It is hard to go on with such good news like that, but this weekend is my BIG weekend away from Tyler. I will be heading to Fort Worth to attend The National Junior League conference. I will be traveling with 5 other girls from the bell county league. Actually Ty will be in Fort Worth, too. However, he will be staying with his Nana and Papa. Lucky boy. Ryan will drive in on Friday night and stay the weekend with his family. All of Ty's Aunts, Uncles, and cousins are there so I know he will have a wonderful time seeing them all. I will be staying in the Sundance Square area with the other girls. That is where Ryan and I got married. I love that area so much. I am a little nervous about leaving Ty for a weekend. This is the longest I have been away from him. My friend Pam that is going told me she is going to have to sedate me.
Ty is in wonderful hands. I will try not to call every hour Linda!! :) I am really good friends with the other girls going, so it should be a fun girls weekend. Plus I am anxious to hear what other leagues do. I know I will have pictures to share.
Last night we had a Junior League meeting and I received the award for Active of the month with my Divine Desserts Co-chair Pam. What a wonderful honor. We had some wonderful things said about us and all the hard work we put in to Divine Desserts. I got the final number from the Children's Advocacy Center on how much we raised, and it came to.................... $35,000! That is the most money raised in the 6 years we have been partnering with them. I was thrilled to announce that.
Ryan you are awesome! I know you will achieve so many wonderful things in life! We can't wait to see you walk across that stage.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

8 months old!

Maybe if I flap my arms and legs I will be able to get somewhere?
I think I will read from now on.
Ty was trying to take the camera from me. Tyler wants anything that I have in my hand. He loves the camera, my cell phone, and the remote control. These are his new favorite chew toys.
What a big boy. Tyler really is growing up to be such a handsome little boy.

Ty is another month older today. It is hard to believe that he is only 4 months away from turning 1 years old! Slow down. These pictures were taken today.

Ty is learning and exploring new things everyday. He can finally roll from his back to his tummy. He finally started doing that on Saturday. He has always been able to go from his tummy to his back. So, basically he rolls everywhere. He is so proud of himself when he does it, too. He is not crawling, but he likes to flap his arms and legs and he will scoot around the floor. Ty loves to turn in circles on his play mat. Ty also loves his voice. You can't understand anything he says, but he loves to squeal and scream anyway. We are working on Momma and Dada with him all the time. He can say Ghee.

I am thinking Ty might be going through a little bit of separation anxiety at times. Sometimes he will just scream when I leave the room, but as soon as I cam back he is just fine. This morning I tested him. I put him on his play mat and then I got up to walk away. Tyler started crying, so I thought I am not going to go right to him, because he needs to learn that I will come back. He cried for about 2 minutes, and then it was quite. After that he stared squealing. Mommy who? We will continue to work on that.

Tyler also objects and throws a little fit when you take something away from him. This is a new thing, too. It does not take him long to calm down. I usually just try to give him something else to do. There for a while I would give him back the object that I took away, but Ryan told me I am giving in to him by doing that. I guess the hard part about parenting is about to start.

We love Tyler so much. He is such a delightful little boy. Tyler has blessed our life in so many wonderful ways. We can't wait to watch him grow and learn new things everyday. We truly have some wonderful times ahead.

Monday, March 24, 2008

"Praise God from who all blessings flow."

I have been praying ever since my parents moved to Florida that they would somehow find their way back to Texas. My prayers were answered, because it looks like my parents are moving back to Temple. This truly is wonderful news and a HUGE blessing. I have missed them so very much. However, I think Ty had a lot to do with it. Who can stay away from a face like that? Thank you Ty! There are still a lot of things that need to be worked out, but we hope to have them here by the end of April. As you can see Ty is really excited about helping Poppy look for a place to live. He kept wanting to put the plans in his mouth. I am just so happy that Ty will get to grow up with his Grandparents close by. That really means a lot to me. Ryan and I are truly blessed to have a beautiful son and wonderful Family and Friends.

Well, on the the Steele home front we are getting settled in again after being gone. It was nice to have some time away, but it feels good to be home and get Ty back going on his routine. Ty was a little off while we were gone, but he is back on track! Thank Goodness:) I think he missed his bed. We have Ryan home with us today (Bad Weather Day), so that is a nice little treat. However, he has a meeting at school to go to later this evening. We will miss him when he goes back to work tomorrow. We are getting a lot of stuff around the house done. We are going to tackle the attic right now since Ty is napping. Fun!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from the Steele's

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Happy Easter!

Is it really Easter?
Are all these eggs for me?
Mommy was trying to get me to sit next to the basket, but you know I can't keep my hands to myself these days!
This is so fun!
What do you think about all my Easter eggs, Daddy? Ty in his Easter outfit. He has a matching bib and burp cloth with his name on it.
What a sweet face.
Can I please eat these eggs.
Look at my Easter basket. My Ghee and Poppy gave it to me. Thank you very much.
Green or yellow? So many choices.....
We had a wonderful first Easter with Ty. It was so fun to watch him explore and eat his Easter basket and all the eggs. He looked so handsome in his white sweater suit from his cousin's Lauren and Megan. We went to church this morning at the Expo Center. TBC does a huge Easter service. Ty is now taking his afternoon nap. I guess all of those Easter eggs wore him out. Ryan had to go to work this afternoon, so I will be washing clothes and doing the dishes.
May you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

New Outfit!

My very own patio with my own set of table and chairs.
Look at my boots
I love you my beautiful boy.
I love the back of the outfit!
Tyler's Great Uncle Phil sent him a new outfit all the way from San Fransico. What a wonderful Easter gift. I washed it yesterday so Ty could put it on. He looks so precious! As always.

Thank you Uncle Phil for the wonderful gift.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sonora, Texas

Whitney and Rowdy.
Ray with Ty and RowdyTy looks so small compared to Rowdy. What cute little boys.
I can't believe you are only two days older than me. I am sure Ty was telling Rowdy to stop taking his toys. This picture makes me laugh. JP with Rowdy.
The first stop on our way to New Mexico was to Sonora. Ryan's college buddy lives there. We got their on Sunday afternoon and stayed the night with JP and Whitney. Ryan's friend Ray Redd was also in town. Ray and JP were both in our wedding. Ryan enjoyed hanging out them and catching up. I enjoyed talking with JP's wife, Whitney. They have a little boy Rowdy that was born two days before Ty. They were so funny together. Rowdy is a lot bigger than Ty and enjoyed taking all of Ty's toys, especially while he was playing with them. Ty did not mind at all. Ryan kept telling Ty to take it back, but Ty was just too sweet.

New Mexico

Steele/Vaught House. Ryan and Mark coined that term in college. They both made the comment on how much their lives have changed. Lauren shouted out for the BEST!
What a wonderful trip to New Mexico. We really had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful the whole time we were there.
Yesterday on the way home we stopped in Abilene (Ryan's old stomping ground) and went to Abilene Christian University. This picture was taken in front of Jacob's ladder. We went for a little walk around the campus. Ryan really wanted to go check out the bookstore, but they were closed due to Sping Break. He looks very proud to show Ty ACU!
What a great afternoon stroll. I made sure to bundle Tyler up. If you look closely he only has one shoe one. The other was in my hand. It fell off right before the the picture.
Tyler loved picking up the weeds. What a beautiful view. This was taken close to Mark and Lauren's home.
I will protect you Madison.
Ty and Madison really did have a great time playing together. They are so precious. Lauren and I took so many pictures of them together. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, Lauren. We miss you all so much.
I was trying to take a picture of Ty and right when I snapped it, he found his pacifier and put it in his mouth. I think he looks very thrilled about shopping with the girls.
I got to eat my lunch outside today. It was like a picnic. On Wednesday we headed to Ruidosa for lunch and some shopping while Ryan and Mark went the Billy The Kid museum. We went to a wonderful pizza place that must be very popular because we had to wait a while to be seated. So, Ty got to eat his peas and applesauce outside on the bench.
Lauren and Madison.
Look who I get to sit next to in the car. Lucky me
Thanks Mark, Lauren, and Madison for being such great hosts. We had a wonderful time.

She has the same ears as me
Wait a minute. I think I want Madison's ears, too.
I really like being here with you, Madison. You are so pretty!
Happy Saint Patrick's day a little late. My Mom made me wear green on Monday.

We arrived in New Mexico last Monday afternoon. It was great to see Mark, Lauren, and Madison. Madison has gotten so big. She is 3 months old. Ty and Madison had a great time playing together. Lauren and I enjoyed watching them play together. Plus we loved our shopping trip to Ruidoso. We went in every children store we could find. Ty got a cute little short outfit for this summer. We really enjoyed talking every night after the kids went to bed.
Mark and Lauren live in beautiful log home. They always have racoon's, turkey's, and deer. Ty loved looking out the window at the deer.
Ryan and Mark went fishing, grocery shopping, Frisbee golfing, played plenty of video games, and Ryan even got to help Mark stack a log home.
We lift yesterday morning around 9am Teas time and made it home at 7pm! It took a longer, because we stopped in Abilene. Which was a wonderful time to let Ty get out of his car seat and stretch his legs. I am sure Ty is not ready to see his car seat any time soon. He really did a great job. I sat in the back the majority of the time and sang and played silly games with Ty.
Enjoy the pictures! I tried posting in order, but it messed up! We enjoyed creating new memories with Tyler on his first Spring Break trip!