Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Loyal Friend

Our sweet Black Lab, Cooper is so sweet with Georgia Kate and Tyler. GK adores him, and she has her own version of Cooper, but a lot times she calls him Buba. I walk in the other day from putting something away and GK is sitting on Cooper... such a patient dog. Well, I can tell he is getting older because Cooper never would have allowed this a year or so ago. So thankful for a precious dog that our kids adore.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Today was a Bad Weather day for Ryan's district, so we had a extra long weekend with Daddy! TY loved that his Daddy was able to take him to school this morning and that also meant that GK could have a fun morning with Daddy while I went and worked out. I think we all "bonus" Daddy days.
First thing after nap time was to get out and vote for Mayor and City Council Rep. I think it is so important to take Ty and GK with us when we vote, and I don't think they have missed a single election that we can vote on. We want to instill the importance of voting in them at a young age. This is the first Mayoral Election in 11 years for Temple, so it is pretty big.
Tyler is excited for Mayor/ Mr. Dunn for Mayor of Temple. He just happens to live across the street from us and he is a friend of mine from High School. Therefore, I thought it was pretty special to cast my vote for Danny Dunn. I love that our whole street is lined with Dunn for Mayor signs.
After voting we made a trip to the library and then it was time to gear up for a tball game. I will write a post on the other 2 events because they were both very special. 2 more tball games this week... whew, that is a lot. Thank goodness Soccer is wrapping up on Saturday that we we can focus on one sport. We have survived both at the same time. Go us!! :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013


On Friday afternoon after a few rain showers we were ready to get of out the house. Tyler felt like loading up some toys and a soccer ball in to the wagon as we made our way to the park. Of course, Georgia Kate took over the bucket of toys.... we are working on sharing but we still have some work to do. ;)
I will just say that GK was mesmerized by the bucket, dump truck, and rocks. She sat there for 15 -20 minutes, pouring and dumping. I was thinking don't you want a baby to hold and go down the slide with? I was also thinking that I am glad that Ty had a Soccer Ball so he could play Soccer in the soccer field, because GK was not giving up her new found toys.
So thankful for our children and how unique they are. They are special in their own way, and I love watching their budding personalities.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Simple Saturday

Ty and Georgia Kate are always on the go so we try to think of fun things to do. Well, this morning we took a fun family bike ride/stroller ride to a Elementary School by our house. The school is under major construction right now but they have a duck, bunny, and some roosters. GK loved looking at them through the fence. We then headed to the the playground to pay tag, swing on the money bars, and a little jumping to Daddy. Georgia Kate loves being around her Daddy. She is always walking up to him and saying " Hi Dada". GK is exploding with new words everyday. I  love nice and simple Saturday outings as a family. Truly my favorite times.

Picture Day

Today was Soccer picture day for Tyler. We were missing a few players but picture day is always fun. Hard to believe our last game is next Saturday. What a fast season. Ghee and Poppy were there to cheer on Ty, and we ended with lunch at 5 Guys. One of our favorite spots. Such a fun Saturday.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Karaoke Fun

Last Saturday evening, Ryan and I attended a 10 year Anniversary Celebration, Karaoke style. If you know me I love to sing and perform, and so does Ryan.... he may not admit it, but he does.  Seriously, we had a long play list in our head and I think both of us were at the mic almost all night long. ;) We had such a great time with some of our favorite friends.
This night was also a big step for us, as we left the kids with a "real" babysitter.... not Ghee and Poppy. My parents were out of town for a funeral so I immediately thought of our sweet Middle School age girl that lives across the street. She and her family were so excited so it worked out perfect. We put GK to bed and Ty and Kendall had popcorn and watched a movie. Ty loves our neighbors so he was so excited to have her come over and watch him while we were gone. So thankful to have a back up if we ever need one.
Thank goodness the weekend is upon us and all we have planned is a Soccer game. Sometimes we need a slow weekend to re group and re energize. Especially, since May is jam packed. Hard to believe it is almost May. This year is flying by.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


The "original" Hope Mommies group at our first retreat in 2011.
Below is the from the retreat this past February. We were missing a few faces this year. I adore this picture of us loving on Mary Beth. Yesterday, she welcomed her beautiful Rainbow, Sydnee Rainn. 

Last night was such a remarkable evening for me and several of my favorite Hope Mommies. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I thought back to when I first met these incredible and inspiring women, in February of 2011. All of our wounds were still very fresh and raw, but I had hope that God was going to do amazing things in our lives through our precious babies in Heaven. 
Well, last night, the last one from our original group gave birth to her Rainbow Baby. All of us have had beautiful babies (and one adoption from Rwanda). Beauty from Ashes. It has been amazing to see how God has worked and is continuing to work in our lives after complete devastation  I will be forever grateful for these beautiful women. God is so Good.      

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

18 Months, 2 Days Late

How could I have missed 18 months of this precious and full of energy blessing. Time flies when you are having fun and busy.

A League Of Our Own

Last night marked our last Project S.M.I.L.E. event of this League year. What a great year of monthly (sometimes twice) projects. Still hard to believe that they over and last night marked my last Community Project event as President. It still all seems so very bittersweet to me. I know the excitement will kick in soon, but I am not there just yet.
I will say last night was a great way to end. The theme for this moth was "A League of our Own". I am sure you can guess, but baseball was the theme and the patients and their families played fun filled games with baseballs, decorated baseball hats, and pennants. Plus, there were tons of baseball goodies to collect and popcorn to munch on.
 Also, we chose this theme and event to highlight and honor our past. In the lobby we had refreshments and pictures highlighting JLBC through the years. We had a wonderful turn out and we were so thankful to our wonderful Sustainers that came out and shared their league memories with us. I mean check out this awesome group of past and present league volunteers. I am so thankful to be apart of this amazing legacy and even more thankful to have had the privilege of serving as President. I truly hope and pray that one day Georgia Kate finds a place for Junior League in her heart. Beyond thankful and blessed to be apart of such a powerful and inspirational organization.
Well, my final role of President is really dwindling because I just wrote my end of the year letter to Membership, which I sent to Ryan to review and read. Such a wonderful "First" Husband. I know he is ready to celebrate the end of this year and journey. One step closer.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wrapping Up

Right before my last meeting as JLBC President. Tyler and GK are two of my favorite supporters.

Such amazing women. I am blessed and thankful.

Last Tuesday marked my last JLBC General Membership Meeting, as President. It has taken me a while to soak all that in, and that every week I am one step closer to the passing of the gavel. It was such a wonderful meeting that wrapped up all of the wonderful volunteering that has taken place this year. We had a busy year, but we made a impact and I loved hearing "stories" of how we made a difference in Bell County. I encouraged members from the beginning to find a story, and we did it.
After the meeting a few of us headed to a new Wine Bar in town to debrief and celebrate, that has become a favorite thing to do after meetings this year. Beyond thankful for all of the amazing women that I had the privilege of serving with this year, even more thankful to call them my friends.
Tonight we wrap up our last Project S.M.I.L.E. event and that will mark our last Volunteer opportunity of the year. Kind of sad..... like I said, every week I am one step closer. Thank goodness there is still some more celebrating left, but May 7th is the passing of the gavel. I think I can, I think I can.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday At The Gym

Just doing a little coloring this morning at the gym, while Mommy worked out. Getting to be so big.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Training

This is what you get when you take Georgia Kate to tball practice. Thankfully, there is a park attached because we are usually banished to the park for some play time. Hey, Coach we are are just starting her out early with some Spring training! But,  I promise by the time she plays tball she will not be sitting in the bucket of balls. ;) Then again, with GK.... you never know.

Change Of Plans

Well, we thought we had a baseball game tonight, but instead we got some heavy rain this morning so all games were canceled. Late this afternoon the sun started shinning and we were all getting a little stir crazy so we headed to one of our favorite parks. Tyler and Georgia had a great time and I think GK is starting to develop a liking for Choo Choo trains. She loved looking and pointing at all the trains... her favorite is making the sound of a train.
So thankful for a free afternoon and evening. I kind of liked having a change of plans and not having to rush to be anywhere this evening.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Here is a team picture of the Temple Rangers. They are so cute and having a great time. You gotta love the sport, because it is never ending and will become a main priority to your weekly agenda. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday and Saturday are soccer. We are busy and always on the run. Gotta love this season.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Thanks to the Disney Channel we had 3 family movie nights over the weekend, as they played all 3 Toy Story Movies, all which are Ty's favorite.
Georgia Kate always love to cuddle and especially sit in Ryan's Lap. Although, I think someone has seen Toy Story too many times that it puts him to sleep. ;) Or, he is resting up for our crazy week: Four games, General Membership Meeting, Board Meeting, and probably a practice thrown in there. I should be resting, too. Ready or not......

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Movie Night

Nothing like a little popcorn and Toy Story 2 to wrap up a fun Saturday. I always love a fun family movie night, at home in pj's of course.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Second Generation

 The weather was absolutely beautiful this afternoon and we were in need of some new scenery so we headed to Lions Park for some park fun. The best part of a park is when special friends that just happen to be there at the same time. We loved our impromptu play date with the Frazier's. Me and Laura along with our Moms were inseparable growing up, and Lions Park was always a favorite park to play at. I think it is safe to say that our kids love Lions Park just as much as we did.
Such precious memories and so many more to come. I mean look at the big "CHEESE" on GK's face, she adores this precious family and Ty had fun being the only boy, too. ;)  Second generation of Lion's Park friends! So fun!

Grandparents Day

This Morning was Grandparents Day at Tyler's school. It is always such a fun event and I can't believe it is our last one at CCS. I might have had a few tears in my eye during their performance or play as Ty calls it Georgia Loved it, too. She actually sat on my lap and bounced and clapped to the music the whole time.
The play was so precious and after it was over we walked over to Ty's room where the Grandparents and Great Grandparents got a special treat. Ty loved having Poppy, Ghee, and he was so excited that Amma was there. We missed you Nana and Papa.
After all the fun at School Ty convinced Ghee to take us to lunch at Chick Fil A.... not hard to do. We had such a fun lunch together. What a great way to start our weekend, and we actually don't have any games this weekend. Not sure how that happened, but we will take a free weekend.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kindergarten Round Up

 This evening was Kindergarten Round Up for Westphalia ISD. Where have the years gone, and is Ty really old enough to do this? I am so thankful he will be in Westphalia with Ryan and one of his good friends, Madison is in his class, and her Daddy ( Coach Vaught) will be their PE teacher. I know Tyler is in good hands all around.
Tyler has grown up in that school so he is already so comfortable there, and he and Madison could probably take the new kindergartners on the tour themselves..... the trouble is they might actually try to do it, and tell everyone where everything is. ;) I can't wait for all the stories and all that Tyler will be able to learn and explore next year. I have a feeling it will be a great year.
There were so many precious kids that showed up tonight, but of course they were all being so shy so several of them did not talk to one another, and Tyler just wanted to play in the gym with his Daddy... of course. Although, that will all change very soon and new friendships will be formed. Georgia Kate is already very comfortable at Daddy's school, as well. She was everywhere and loving all the kids and attention.
All I can think when I look at this picture is I have a few more months to fully prepare myself for this next step, but I know it will be here before I know it.

Last One

Last night marked my official last board meeting as the 2012-2013 Junior League of Bell County President. It was very bittersweet for me and felt on the verge of tears during the welcome and closing, and I still feel on the verge of tears as I type this. This journey has been amazing and serving as President was such a privilege and honor, no I am not officially done but the year is wrapping up... fast.

I began this journey 7 years ago this January, and I served on the board during 4 of those years.
 It seemed just like yesterday when I walked in to the Second Hand Rose for my first Potential Member meeting, not knowing anyone or what to expect, and last night as I was locking up the doors to the SHR the tears finally fell. I can honestly say that JLBC helped transform in to a leader, and to give all that you can because the impact that we make on our community and those around us will inspire and encourage you to want to do and give more. The friends I have made through JLBC hold such a special place in my heart and I love and care for them deeply. They all have the biggest hearts, and we really love to have fun together, doing non Junior League stuff. I am also thankful for all my West Texas Junior League President's who have shared this journey with me. We always kept in touch to make sure we we were surviving, we are almost there and I can't wait to see them in Washington DC!!

When I walked in the door last night, Ryan asked me how it went and I said, "It was my last board meeting" His response "YAY". Well, at least one of us is excited right now. ;) He kept repeating it, too!  I know it has been tough for my family, so I truly appreciate all their support. Ryan and my parents have been so supportive and have encouraged every step of the way. No, my JLBC journey is not over, but my journey on the road to my presidency and my presidency are coming to close. I can't wait to see what the next chapter holds.   
I made these for my board members last night, I love doing little things to encourage them. I bought a variety of candy to choose from. Thank you Pinterest!

Monday, April 8, 2013


 Saturday was a back to back game day. Tball game at 11 and Soccer game at 12!!!! And Ryan is the coach for both teams... It was a mad dash and changing in the car as fast you can after our first game to get to the second game kind of morning. Phew that makes me tired all over again, and thankfully that does not happen again this season, I don't think....
I thought Tyler would be tired from just playing in another game, but not Tyler. Ryan would agree with me, he hardly gets tired. I mean after both games we were sitting at lunch and he asked if we could go to the basketball park and play basketball... really, how about a nap? ;) Of course, Ryan took him while I got ready to head out, again and GK was napping. After all that he went to a friends house to play. Oh, how I wish I had Tyler's energy. So thankful for every moment with this precious and energetic boy, man I am going to miss him like crazy next year.

  Priceless. Victory moment after scoring a goal. Just had to make XL!


Strike Out

Obviously I was more tired than I thought when I did my last post, because Ryan had to correct me on several items that I messed up on, or spelled wrong. ;) Well, at least I know he reads this.
First up- Tyler is wearing a Tball uniform, we do not call them outfits. Well, at least I did not say costume.
Second up- Tyler is the Catcher, not the Pitcher. I really do know the difference just got them mixed up. ;) I am sure some of you were looking at the pictures thinking.... since when do the pitchers where a catcher's mask and stand behind the tee by the umpire. Sorry to confuse.
These were pictures Ghee took from her phone. Such a big boy and look at that hit! Next game is up tonight and Thursday. We also throw Soccer in to that sport mix, as well.
Sorry for any confusion from the last post. I got some much needed rest last night and had a great work out this morning, so feeling refreshed and energized.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Of The Season

 Tyler had his first Tball game of the season yesterday and I will admit I got a little weepy seeing him all dressed in the Tball outfit. Our precious biggest is growing up right before eyes, and the fact that he has Kindergarten Round Up on Wednesday is really not helping, plus my last board meeting of the League year on Tuesday night. I might need to stock up on tissue before Tuesday... because I'm going to be a crying mess all week. ;)
There is something about Tyler in a baseball uniform, he looks so precious. Ghee agreed with me as, well. ;) Tyler did well and loved that his Daddy put him as the pitcher, and when it was his tun to hit he made a huge hit. He loved every minute of it and can't wait for another game, tomorrow. Yes, our weeks are now officially FULL with Soccer and Tball. But, Tyler is loving both still, so we will love them right along with him. So proud of our biggest! Way to go Tyler and Temple Rangers, like I said before... perfect name for our family.
As I am sitting here blogging this afternoon and enjoying my second cup of coffee.... yes, the end of the week about wore me out. Thursday started a busy couple of days for us, and it ended with 4 different activities for me, yesterday alone. Tball, Soccer, Project Prom, and Girls Night. Therefore I feel like I am finally able to sit and catch up on things. This week is full, as well. I don't see things slowing down until May... gotta love Spring. Most importantly we are trying to enjoy every moment during this Season of our life and make precious memories as a family.