Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tent Buddies

You will now find Tyler sleeping in a tent.... still in his little sisters room. :) During the day you will find both of them playing in there together. Love!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday was the first day of Soccer Practice for the fall. Tyler is playing U6 this fall which means only boys, no more co-ed... to me that just means he is growing up too fast.
Ryan is his Coach, again and he really loves that. It is a whole new team this year, but we are very lucky and fortunate that we have 3 friends playing on our team this fall, the office still takes requests... love that. :)
Our first game is next Saturday, so we are all ready to fill our Saturday's with Soccer.
It broke my heart to miss his first practice, yesterday. We had New Member Orientation at the same time for the Junior League, so it was important that I was there. It's going to be hard this year, because Tuesday night is JL night and now soccer practices. I knew walking in to this League year that things were going to be different and more time consuming, but it is still so hard to miss these fun events with Ty.
 No matter what, it looks like I get to add another title to my name for the year, Soccer Mom... I will take it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Little House

Georgia Kate got a new play house on Sunday, well it is new to us..... Thanks, Whitney. Gk loves it and so does her big Brother. I picture so many sweet memories in this house.

Time For Your Check-Up

On Thursday, Tyler and Georgia had their 5 year and 9/10 month well child check- up. Since both kids needed check -ups at the same time, I thought I would get them in together. Therefore, it took a little longer to get the appointment.... plus they are swamped during this back to school time with physicals. So Gk's was more like a 10 month check up.
I will always take them to get their check-ups together from no on, because Tyler was SO good. He told me he wanted to go first so he could show Georgia Kate how it was done. Ty and GK adore one another, it is precious to see both of their faces light up when they one another.

Here are their stats:
Tyler: 54 lb 9 oz- Height 48 inches (He is well above the 90th percentile and looks like a 6 or 7 year old).

Georgia Kate- 19 lb 1 oz- Height 28 inches (She is 90th for length and 50th for weight. Dr. Black said that she was actually underweight for her height, but that is ok... long and lean)

The appointment went really well and they even got the flu shot and mist while were there. Very nice to have that done. Thankfully, that was the only shot for GK. Beyond thankful for our healthy growing kiddo's!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day, Again

First Day of School Picture. Tyler and GK got up to see their Daddy off this Morning. (I guess I did not need the flash, Ryan's eyes look a little spooky).
First Day surprise for our favorite School Superintendent!

Today was another "First Day of School" at our house. Ryan's students are officially back in school, and today also marked Tyler's 4th day of school, he informed me of that at pick up today.
 I wanted to do something special for Ryan since this is the day that he has been planning for since School was over last year. Ryan worked so hard this Summer and we are so proud of him and all that he does for Westphalia and our family.
I thought it would be a fun treat for Tyler and Ryan, but what the picture doesn't show is Tyler in the back ground crying and throwing fit, because he does not want to eat the Lasagna I made. ;) Therefore, there was no special treat for Tyler tonight..... I thought the fits would end by 5, but I guess not. Sometimes family dinner time is not all that it is cracked up to be, and I really hate that.
Have a wonderful year, Ryan! We love you!! First Soccer practice of the Season, tomorrow. Our Fall routine is in full swing, and I could not be more excited.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Months

Someone else in our family had a big day yesterday, too! Although she obviously did not get the Memo that 10 months is a fun month. We will be re taking these at some point... I love this little girl, even when she is destroying everything in sight. Ryan calls her Taz, for the Tazmania- Devil... I prefer firecracker. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day Of School

Question of  the day "Did you attend Open House". yes or no. Putting his name by the yes side. So grown up

Mrs. Keever. We are so excited to have her this year. I am still learning the ropes with my phone camera, so not sure about the big smudge is, probably my hand. ;) I think I need to remember my camera, again.

There was also another girl missing Ty today, too! His biggest fan, Georgia Kate.

Today was the first day of Junior Kindergarten for Tyler. He was up early and excited to go, and he barely said good bye to us when we dropped him off... I am not sure if I should smile or be sad about that. ;) It was treat that Daddy got to come this Morning. His students don't start until Monday and well I had to take my car in this Morning, so after drop off we took my car and then GK and I took Ryan work so we could have a car today.
Ty asked for Ghee to come with me to pick him up, so he was thrilled with that and to celebrate a great first day we ended with lunch of his choice, Sonic. :) My prayer is that this is a wonderful and growing year for Tyler. It is really going all too fast... honestly I teared up posting these pictures. One more year to Kindergarten, I am not sure I am ready for all this.....
The only thing different about this year for Tyler is he will go everyday, so I hope he is ready (and well me) for that adjustment. We are so proud of you, Tyler Justin!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Are You Ready???

Fall football practice is in full swing, and Tyler got to be a special guest yesterday!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wiggle When You Walk

Georgia Kate and a new trick.

Water and Ships

Palm Beach Water Park! We loved this spot.

Too much excitement for one day.

Of course you have to be buried in the sand! Thanks, Ghee.

The Strand

Galveston had everything kids could ever want and more. We visited The Strand and had a delicious lunch, I love seafood and this is the perfect spot to eat seafood for every meal. We at at a place that overlooked the water, and we had to change tables, to make a certain 5 year old happy... someone wanted to watch the workers work on a crane. Free entertainment!! Tyler and Poppy toured a huge ship, and Ty said it reminded him of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, thanks Disney Junior. :)
On Friday we heaed to "Palm Beach" a fun outdoor water park that is apart of the Botanical Garden. Tyler and even Georgia Kate loved this place. So did I... Tyler and I love doing the Lazy River and the Wave Pool together. It really was suited for younger kids, so it really was perfect for my family. I am so thankful for a friend that was there on Vacation in June and told us about the Condo and gave me a list of fun things to do, we did them all. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet The Teacher

Tonight was the Meet The Teacher at Tyler's school. Thankfully, he was so excited about going to school and checking out his new classroom. TEN times more excited about school then yesterday when we were school supply shopping. ;)
 We had a lot of fun going on a scavenger around the room to place certain school supplies... super creative and a fun away to learn about his room. Ty got to see a few former classmates so that is always fun to be reunited.
Wednesday is the big day for Tyler. Tonight we stared our "school bed time routine" so we are all ready and rested for the first day back. It is hard to believe it is that time again.... what a fast and fun summer.

Life Is A Beach

Caution will eat Sand.
Georgia Kate is wearing my swimsuit, because my parents have pictures of me on the Beach at Galveston when I was the same age as GK. We tried to recreate on of our favorites, but GK was really not digging the beach at first.
Tyler and Poppy building a sandcastle.
Loved trying to catch some waves.

Ghee and Aunt Carol with Georgia Kate.

The following posts will be picture overload, but I can't help but take pictures everywhere I go. On Wednesday the kids and I left with Ghee and Poppy and headed to Galveston for a mini Beach Vacation. Of course it was too close to the start of School for Ryan to join us, he has had a busy Summer, and tomorrow his schedule will become a little more hectic.... and so it begins. 
 This was really our first time to sneak away for some fun in the sun. One of my Aunts joined us so it was a special family get away. We stayed at a beautiful condo that overlooked the pool and the beach, and the room the kids and I stayed in had a bunk bed, and Tyler of course called the top bunk.... overall this Condo had everything our biggest could ever want. ;) We will defiantly be going back there again next year.
Tyler loved the beach and we spent two Mornings there. My Aunt got him Goggles with a Snorkel, that he said he has been wanting his whole life, they were a huge hit at the beach and pool. He also got a boogie board that he said was really awesome. Georgia Kate took a while to warm up to the beach, but once she did warm up to it, she loved eating the sand.
We certainly made some special memories at the Beach this Summer, and I really enjoyed the time away. I hardly checked my email, and did not do anything JL involved while I was gone...I checked out for a few days, and it felt great. More beach memories coming soon, everyday I would send Ryan tons of picture texts and he finally asked me how I was going to download all these pictures on to my blog... one memory/story at a time.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

School Supplies

Me, Tyler, and Georgia Kate got home from a mini Vacation in Galveston this afternoon, and with meet the Teacher tomorrow afternoon, it was time to get our School Supplies.
Tyler looked real thrilled about getting supplies, Ha!! I hope he is a little more enthusiastic tomorrow when he meets his new Teacher, and then starts school on Wednesday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Trying to pack, but Georgia Kate was more interested in un packing. Let the fun begin!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet The Players

Gig Em and Sic Em!! As you can see Taylor is a Aggie. However, his Mom decided not to dress him in his A&M gear on Saturday. ;)
On Saturday afternoon Ryan took Tyler to Waco (Home of the Baylor Bears) to a meet the players day. Ryan asked a buddy of his that has a little boy to come, so Tyler and Taylor had a great time bouncing in bounce houses with the players and getting some autographs. Afterwards was the highlight of the trip.... Chuck E Cheese's!! So thankful my boys could enjoy a fun day together, and I am sure Poppy will be taking us to a game this year. I know someone in our house who is ready for some football.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Tyler finally made it a through a Dentist Appointment today. I have tried twice, starting a couple of years ago and it always turned in to a horrible disaster. The last time I brought him with me, so he could see me get my teeth cleaned and then it was his turn... I am sure we scared the whole Dentist Office. Today,  I called in for the big guns (Daddy). I got this picture from Ryan stating he took it like a champ! So proud of our biggest... it is about time. ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Night

I think we are all worn out from our weekend. Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream

Poppy gave GK her first nibble of ice cream today at Jason's Deli. I think she was a fan, even though she had a hard time letting her apple go. (just so you know she did not eat all the ice cream on the spoon) ;)
 This girl is pretty much over baby food, I still try almost everything but she prefers "our" food.
We got to have a fun lunch with Ghee and Poppy, then shopping with Ghee... while Ryan and Tyler went to Waco to meet some of the Baylor Football players and then have lunch at Chuck E Cheese's. Ryan sent me some pictures so I will post on their fun, too.