Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where To Begin, Again

Life and hectic schedules have come in the way of one of my favorite things... blogging. I am still in a bit of denial that October 1 is tomorrow...... what happened to September? Seriously, this month is a blur. The past two weeks have been fast and furious. It also doesn't help being out of town two weekends in a row. This evening we were enjoying the nice fall weather with a much needed family walk. We started talking about our week and this is the first week in several that I don't have any evening commitments and our weekend seems pretty open. I think I need that, because of course it picks up again the week after.
Right now I am just reminded how precious time is, and to enjoy every minute of it, even if you feel like you never get anything accomplished, as always this is just a season of life. Don't get me wrong some days are just a bit too overwhelming and the only way to feel better is to cry. ;)
 These precious faces above always help me keep things in perspective when days get me down and are just plan busy. They always love me and know how to make me slow down and just enjoy every minute of everyday.
This blog post has also reminded how much I miss blogging, so I hope to be able to give you a little glimpse of what has been going on in our life soon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back Hand

 Tyler and Georgia Kate are still loving tennis. Today they worked on their back hand, and Ty has reminded me everyday of this, as well.
I love that he loves trying new things and is always excited about going to practice. Some times a little too excited... today we were 30 minutes, early! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

11 Months

Bright and early on Saturday Morning I received a text and picture from Ryan, stating "Our 11 month old!" I was so impressed that Ryan remembered what day and it was, and also for remembering the monthly sticker. Gk was on her way to a Westphalia Volley Ball game so she had her game attire on. :)
How can it be that in just one month we will be celebrating Georgia Kate's first Birthday. Time has flown so fast with this little ray of hope and sunshine. I love this precious gift and have had a blast watching her grow and explore over the past 11 months.


I guess to start off I need to say a HUGE thanks to Ryan and my Parents for supporting me on this journey for the past 2 years, and especially this year. They all rally together to make sure the kids are taken care of and happy, and I know that I never have to worry about Ty and GK while I am gone because they are always in wonderful hands.
Ty had a Soccer Game on Saturday, and I am very impressed with Ryan and his skills. Coaching and taking pictures at the same time. :) I hate that I missed him, but he had Daddy, Ghee, and Georgia Kate there to cheer him on, and especially when he made 2 goals!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm Coming Home

It is 6:15 am on a Sunday Morning, and I am enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Chicago O'Hare Airport. I have been in Chicago since Thursday Morning for The Association of Junior League's Fall Conference. My head is still swimming as I sit here and reflect on my week. Wow, this journey is so amazing and humbling. It may take me a bit to debrief on this week of being the President of JLBC!
But, now I am ready to get home and get back to my favorite role of being a Mom.

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Arrival

Our close friends, welcomed their second blessing, last Monday. Wyatt Austin is absolutely beautiful and his Big Sister, Madison is so in love. I just had to go meet him on Tuesday Morning. I brought Starbucks and breakfast tacos... anything to get my arms around this little boy.
Wyatt was the first baby boy that I have held since, Landry. It felt perfect and brought me absolute joy to hold such a tiny boy... absolute precious gift from God. I am not sure if GK liked me holding him, but she will learn to love him soon enough.
On Sunday, we brought dinner over to the Vaught's for another peak... Tyler has been so ready to meet Wyatt, too. I am trying to think of another excuse to get over there, soon... I can clean! :)
 Ryan and Mark lived together for several years in College and out, so it is so special to now watch their kids develop a special friendship and bond. We love you, Vaught's!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Who says you can't take on one more practice/lesson during the week? Well, according to Tyler it is good to play a little of everything. So, why not add tennis lessons to the mix?!?! As of  last Wednesday we have a tennis player on our hands. They were offering 30 minute tennis lessons at the Country Club/ Ghee and Poppy's pool so we got Ty signed up. He really had fun and did well, he just has to learn to hit the ball gently, he hit the ball every time but they went over the fence.... I am no tennis pro but I think the ball is just supposed to go over the net, not both the net and fence. :) I think he finally got the hang of it and realized hitting a tennis racket is not like hitting a baseball bat.
I am so proud of Ty and how he will give anything a try. Soccer and Tennis are a good fall Fall combo in my book.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Forever Friend

Last Friday one of my longtime friends (notice I did not say old, because I am actually older: ) ) celebrated a very special Birthday. Therefore, it called for a girls night out.
I have known Laura since I was two, and we were inseparable for many, many years. We grew apart and went our own separate ways for a while, but the past couple of years God has brought our paths back together, and it has been an absolute blessing. I am so thankful for all of the women in this picture and what they bring to my life. Absolute treasures.  Thank you, Laura for being born. I love you!!  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Yellow Behavior Day

Yellow was the color of the day at our house on Tuesday, and according to Tyler that is not a good color. I am still a little shocked that Ty got a yellow card. However, he broke a classroom rule: No Running! Ty ran/charged out of the bathroom and ran over a little girl in his class. :(  I know it was an accident but he does need to follow the rules and pay attention to where he is going.
As soon as I walked in to the court yard to get him, he started crying and told me that he got a yellow card... bless his heart. We had a long talk and I had him make/help me write "I am sorry notes" to take to his Teacher and the little girl he ran over. We also took the iPad away for the day, which a big deal to him... he loves that thing. Daddy also brought home his paddle from school, which Tyler hates!!
Sometimes learning to obey the rules can be a tough a lesson but I know Tyler will grow from all of these experiences... some more fun than others. According to Tyler, green is the color to stay on from now on. No more yellow in this house!! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sick Day

Well, something that hardly ever happens... thank goodness, happened this week. I got sick. Wednesday and today have just been very lazy and low energy days (my body is just achy). Plus, I have a cold... I would like to thank Tyler and Georgia Kate for that. :)
By this evening I actually started feeling a little more like myself.. yay! It is really hard to be sick when you don't get any sick days, well at least my job is worth it.
So I am behind.... I will start with Volleyball. You can tell that fall is in full swing around our house because Daddy is gone a lot more due to Volleyball and Football, so Monday GK went to her first game. It did not last long but at least we made an appearance.
Let's just hope this little sickness leaves our house, because we have a full couple of weeks and weekends ahead.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Game Day

Tyler's first Soccer game was yesterday and we had a nice little cool front come through just in time, so it was perfect Soccer weather. Ty had a blast, and of course he had his fan club cheering him on.... aka Ghee, Poppy, Me, and GK. We are ready for a fun season. Go, Cardinal's!! Ryan thought of the name. :)
Well, what a weekend. Soccer and two Birthday parties... I'm sitting here typing trying to keep my eyes open. I think I might go to bed, because we have another busy week.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Girl

My Girl loves her as accessories.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


 Are you ready??? Tonight was the first Westphalia football game of the season, so of course we were there cheering on our favorite Coach! The best part is the Bluejays WON!! What a perfect game for GK's first ever football game. :) We are so proud of you, Ryan!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good Neighboor Day

 Precious Memories, a local florist in town who does so much for the Junior League, hosted a Good Neighbor Day, they gave away Roses in half dozen bunches, absolutely FREE to anyone who visited the shop, while supplies last. Georgia Kate was my little flower shop helper this morning, and loved reaching for all the roses.
Anyone who picked up a half dozen FREE flowers was asked to sign a promise to keep one of the roses for themselves and give the others away to 5 different people – speaking goodwill and friendship in the community. We loved surprising, Ghee, friends, Ty's teacher, and even the cashier at McDonald's... she was one of my favorite recipients. :)
Today was just another reason, why I LOVE our town and giving community.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

Tyler had his 2nd Soccer practice of the Season tonight, and I was able to make this one. Which, I am so thankful for since I will miss the next two weeks. Tyler has the #11 on back of his shirt. I can tell he had a great time and worked hard because he was all sweaty and very thirsty. Good job, Coach.
Unfortunately, I only got one picture. I was busy keeping Georgia Kate from eating rocks. There is a playground attached to the practice fields, which is nice... however, it is all rock. ;) Georgia Kate is fast and will put anything in her mouth... yucky! She hears that a lot. Thankfully, there were swings so that kept her occupied and off the ground. I did get to visit with a friend that I don't get to see that often anymore, so that is always fun and needed.
Ty's first game is on Saturday and he is so excited. Now all we need is a uniform!!  

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Bears

Baylor had their first game of the Season tonight, so we invited Ghee and Poppy over for dinner and some football. Of course Ty and GK were decked out in their Baylor gear. They are Tu-Tu cute! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Only You

I spotted this on my home from my parents tonight with Georgia Kate. It also followed us all the way home. Rainbows will always make me think of Landry. I also love that my friends think of Landry when they see a rainbow as well, I always love their sweet pictures... thank you.
 Tears filled my eyes as I thanked God for Landry and his amazing presence in our life. I am just so thankful for Landry, and all that has come from his short but precious life. Overall it is a symbol of God and his promise to us all.... breathtaking.
From the picture, it looks like a double rainbow... that reminds me of our third blessing, Georgia Kate.... our rainbow after the storm. 

It's That Time

 Football and Dove hunting... Well, this is Ryan's favorite season. I also think Georgia Kate is a fan of this season (excuse her arms.. she was clapping), well as long as there is a tutu! Ghee could not resist getting this Baylor outfit for her as she helps cheer on Poppy's Alma Mater.
 Ryan is at a ACU game today, so I am sure she will get something from there as well, so she can cheer on the Wildcats with her Daddy. I guess I better get her some UMHB gear as well... I think you would call this a house divided! :)