Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Westphalia Track Meet

My two boys! I told Ryan that DJ needs to make a track shirt for Ty. I had mine on.
My favorite! Ty loves his Daddy so much.

Another favorite! Sand....

Ty really wanting to do the long jump with all the big kids. We really had a hard time keeping Ty off the field.
Go Blue Jays!
This afternoon Ty and I headed to Rosebud Lott to watch some of Westphalia's track meet. It was such a beautiful day and Ty loved seeing his Daddy and watching all the kids do the long jump. Ty shouted Go, Go a lot.

Ryan is still there but we had to head home for dinner and bed. Westphalia was really doing well and getting a lot of high rankings. I am very proud of Ryan and all of his hard work that he put in to this track season.
This just in: Congratulations Westphalia Blue Jays on your first ever district crown!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I promise more on the JLBC Casino Night very soon. Just a little swamped these days. At the Black Jack Table with Julie, Lacy, me, and Nicole.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ty loves blowing kisses these days. I just can't get enough of this boy!
We had a GREAT time last night and I have some wonderful pictures to post but we are meeting with another Realtor this week so we are doing some more touch ups around the house. I keep praying that our house will have a sign in our yard next week. I now have another dream house on the North Side that I would love.
Casino Night Post coming later.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bob The Builder

I am trying to get Ty to look at Ghee at Poppy but he wanted away from Bob! I am curious to see how he does with the Easter Bunny later this month.

Bob The Builder was at the Temple Mall this Morning so we thought it would be fun to take Ty to meet him. As you can tell Ty was not that interested in him. Maybe it's because Ty does not watch Bob The Builder. He has seen him on line when playing his Thomas games but that is it.
Well at least he got to wear a hat which he wanted to take off and Poppy bought him a balloon. The balloon was a hit, of course. Happy Saturday! I am counting down the hours until black and white Casino Night. If you are wondering I could not get Ryan to wear a Tux. I guess that means I better go pick out his outfit.

Friday, March 27, 2009

What's A Boy To Do When It Rains?

Sneak outside and play in it! Note to self: Must lock doors at all times.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

20 Months Old

Ty was shocked this Morning when I told him there were only four more months until his Birthday. I am in shock! My sweet baby boy is growing up so fast. What a precious little boy we our blessed to have!
As you can tell Ty is not sitting in his booster seat. He had a mini tantrum when it came time to eat breakfast. He only would sit in a chair with out a booster. Welcome to almost 2........ Let the tantrums begin!

We love you so much Tyler Justin. You bring so much happiness to me and your daddy. We can't wait for many more wonderful months with you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Golf Anyone?

Ty is still loving his golf clubs.

Can you believe this sweet boy is going to be 20 months tomorrow!!!

I am sorry that I did not post yesterday but this has been a crazy week with Realtors, JL, and friends. This Morning was Bible Study so I am feeling refreshed, positive and energized. I have been very negative and frustrated with this whole Realtor issue. We met with one on Monday but he did not meet our needs so we are in contact with another Realtor that has listed a lot of my Dad's homes in the past. However, if things do not work out with him then we have another lead with someone who is the BEST around do it. I will wait to share when we get all the details ironed out.
I just need to put all my trust in God right now and know that he has a plan for us. I will say that I have enjoyed the idea of listing our house because my house is always staying clean and we did some staging that I am really pleased with. We have one more room to tackle so I will post pictures soon of our "new house".
We hope you all our having a wonderful week. Ours is crazy but we have a FUN weekend to look forward too! Casino Night!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Little Helper

Ty has really wanted to help us clean up this weekend. Here he is wishing he could get out and help Ryan clean out his side porch. It is all cleaned up and looks great. After several trips to Home Depot I think we are ready. I will focus on the inside tomorrow after Gymnastics. The Realtor will be here at 6:00pm. Is this really happening?

Friday Fiesta

We had a great time on Friday night with our friends Steve and Kassie. They came over for a backyard fiesta. We even played a game of washers. However, the Boys won!
We are ready for the week ahead and getting back to our weekly commitments. We are still trying to get our house for tomorrow. It is hard to imagine that our house is going on the market this week. Well, I must get back to my chores.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bluebonnet Pictures

We have had a hard time finding Bluebonnets this year but finally this Morning we found a little patch. However, the star was not ready for his close up. I might have to try again tomorrow. We are still searching for Easter Shoes and some Summer Sandals so that is why Ty is barefoot.
This afternoon we did a lot of work in our yard and inside our house because we have decided to have a Realtor come on Monday and look at our house and get his advice on the best way to show our house. I am a little nervous about the whole process but I know that it is all in God's hands and He has a plan for us.

Friday, March 20, 2009

House Hunters

This is the house I REALLY want. They are already doing a lot of remodeling. It has a lot of charm and a HUGE backyard.
The second had the old historic Charm but just too small for us. Ty loved the stairs!
The Steele's and the Vaughn's were House Hunters this Morning. We looked at two homes on the North Side this Morning and I think I was bit by the moving bug. I lived in three different homes on the North Side growing up and I would love to live in that area again. Plus, it is a very young community and I already have friends in that area. I love my Jim Vaughn Home and living next door to my parents but with Ryan being gone all the time I would love to be in a neighborhood with friends.
It is nothing serious because we have to sell our home first and actually put our home on the market. Who knows what God has in store for us, but this Morning I really enjoyed being a House Hunter. We will keep you posted!
Thanks Mom and Dad for going. You both are the experts in this area. Well, I must get back to my chores. Ty is having a slumber party with Ghee and Poppy tonight while Ryan and I have friends over for a backyard fiesta!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Park Day

Due to Spring Break our normal weekly commitments have been cancelled so we have had to find other things to keep us busy. Today we tried a new park that is really close to our house. All Ty wanted to do was go down the slide. He did it by himself every time.

Tomorrow we are hoping for some bluebonnet pictures in Ty's Easter outfit.

The Next Tiger Woods

Ty got a golf set for St. Patrick's Day and has really enjoyed playing a little golf here and there. We knew it was the perfect toy for when he wheeled all over the store and through the parking lot to the car. He even held the set the whole car ride home. Yesterday afternoon we played a round of golf. I still need to get a picture of Ty wheeling it around.
Who knows you might see Ty in a PGA Tournament in a few years.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What a great Morning for a little family outing. Below are some of my favorite pictures. There were TONS to choose from.

Looking at some birds. Ty has become very interested in birds lately. We saw a lot this Morning.
Ty talking to the Meerkats. It was very funny. We were both laughing at him.
Ty's favorite animals at the zoo were the Jaguars, Lions, and Tigers. He called them all Kitty's. It was very cute to see how excited he got when he saw them.

I love this picture. Ty was so interested in all the animals.

I loved how close up we could get to some of the animals. Ty seemed to enjoy it, too.

Looking at the Jaguar.

We ended with lunch at Wendy's. Ty loves dipping his food in Ketchup.

Ty loved looking at all the animals this Morning. Ty has been to the Zoo twice before this (not walking) and I will have to say that now that Ty is walking it makes the trip even more enjoyable. This was actually our first time to go to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco and we were very impressed. I know we will go back there more often. We truly a wonderful day as a Family. This really has not been much of a s Spring Break for Ryan because he has so much work to do for work and School so we thought we should take advantage of today since he will probably have to go back up to work the next two days.