Friday, November 29, 2013

Math Night

Nothing like Holiday and a full week off from School to throw a routine out the window. However, a change in routine is sometimes nice. 
Tyler's school hosted a Math night last Thursday and we had so much going from station to station exploring  and trying our hand at all sorts of fun different math concepts. I never thought I would put fun and math in the same sentence but the teachers really did a great job capturing all in attendance. Such a fun night with a our biggest. I think we have a future mathematician on our hands.   

Last Friday after school and work we hit the road to Fort Worth to be reunited with Georgia Kate and spend a few days with Ryan's family. We arrived past Gk's bedtime so we had to wait until Saturday morning to give our girl hugs and kisses. She was so excited when I got her out of bed on Saturday morning, but Tyler was right there waiting for her.... those two were so excited to be reunited. We had some fun full days with Ryan's family. We hit the road back home on Tuesday and Ghee and Poppy arrived on Wednesday to be here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We are so thankful for this full week off and all of our time with family.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Santa Door

We had a Parent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday, and I told Tyler's Teacher if she needed help this week that I would be to help as I would be happy as I would not have Georgia Kate. Well, we found a job for me. ;)  I really was happy to help in Ty's class. We are truly thankful for Tyler's Teacher. She has been a perfect fit for Tyler this year. She is one of a kind. 
Every class at Ty's school was asked to decorate their door for a Christmas door decorating contest. 
Thankfully, there was another Mom up there to help yesterday, because I was there all day. Ty did not seem to mind at all. He was so sweet. I guess when you say yes to class room Mother and PTO you should expect stuff like this.... I have to do the workroom door after the Holiday. This is when I am thankful for Pinterest. Well, this Santa to get me excited about Christmas and decorating. 
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Soaking It Up

We truly are enjoying our one on time with Tyler this week. This week has made me realize how important it is to spend quality one on one time with your children. I really have been able to just focus all of my attention on Tyler this week and I now fully understand just how important that is.
Two Basketball games this week (watching... not playing, yet) and Soccer tonight. If you ask Ty, that is a perfect week. So thankful for our biggest!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TWO Year Check Up

Man, I'm sure missing this sweet face. I think we all are, and our house is defiantly not the same with out her. However, it has been nice to be able to just have some one on one with Tyler. I'm also trying to enjoy my days and try and accomplish tasks that our hard to do with GK. For example... I treated myself to a pedicure today. I never do that, and my toes were in need of attention. :) I also went to local Salon in Brookshire so it felt good to support a local business.
This evening is PTO so that means Ryan and Tyler will get some one on one time together.
On Thursday Morning Georgia Kate finally had her Two year old check up at our new Pediatrician Clinic. I was very pleased with the office and at first meeting I really enjoyed her Pediatrician as did Georgia Kate, which is important. I felt she was very patient and took her time with us and happy to answer my questions. I was very thankful that Georgia Kate was all caught up on her shots, because that might have changed her outlook. ;) Georgia Kate weighed 27 pounds and her height was 35.25" Our precious girl is growing up so fast.
 Next up getting rid of her bee bee "pacifier" and potty training. I have tried potty training before, because she has been telling us for a while when she goes pee pee and poo poo, so I thought she was ready.... just not ready to do it in the potty. I tried a few months ago and it was a definite struggle.
We will see how it all goes when the time is right.... I know it needs to be sooner rather than later.
No matter what we are just thankful for Georgia Kate!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Tyler had a very successful Soccer game on Saturday. Ghee and Poppy were there to cheer on Tyler so Ryan let Tyler be the Team Captain for this game and that is a special treat for each player. Being Team Captain gives you the opportunity to go out on the field before the game and be apart of the coin toss to decide who gets to kick off first. 

I'm not sure if it was Ghee and Poppy being at the game or the fact that Tyler got to be Team Captain, but Tyler scored 4 GOALS!! Tyler was so excited and his team played very well. I say it every year but I love watching the progress each and every weekend. Our Soccer Saturday was so fun and I'm proud of our biggest for always trying his best at everything he does.
 The Season is rapidly coming to an end, but there is no rest for our sport fanatic boy. Basketball is next in line and we are all signed up and ready.
 We are actually going to our first Royal Falcon Basketball game this evening. I might actually get to watch the game since we don't have GK with us. No worrying about chasing our girl as she runs on the court during a game.... phew. ;) Just some time with our biggest.  

Gradparent Weekend

Part of our weekend festivities were having my parents here for a long visit. It had been a little over month since we had seen them, and when you are used to living in the same the same town and seeing them on a regular basis, over a month is just a little too long, well for me it is.
Ghee and Poppy came in on Thursday just in time to pick up Tyler from school. Ty and Georgia Kate were so excited to see them and just soaked up every minute with them.
Tyler wanted Ghee and Poppy to take him to school on Friday and have breakfast and walk him to class. I have never been invited to have breakfast with him. ;) I'm just so thankful for that special time they were able to have with Tyler.
I was able to do some shopping with my Mom which I always love. I would call our shopping trip a success. While I was shopping with my Mom, Poppy got to spend some one on one time with Georgia Kate. He adored his time with our girl and they even enjoyed a nap together on the sofa.
I can't begin to tell you just how good it was for my heart to have them here with us for a few days. This move has really made me treasure all of our time with family. We are so blessed and thankful by having so many precious members that love and support us.       

Abilene Christian played close to us on Saturday afternoon, so Ryan's parents came in to town for the game and a short visit. We had a full house on Saturday night. All of the family left yesterday, including Georgia Kate. Nana and Papa wanted her to come for a week long visit. We will be reunited with her on Saturday. Yes, I said WEEK!!! Be still my heart. There might have been a few tears when she drove away. I really had to be strong and let her go, but it was so hard to pack her up to leave. However, this has been a gentle reminder of just how much our families adore our children, all 3 of them. They always go above above and beyond to love, care for, and honor our children. Thankful and Blessed.
Once again our house is quiet. Our sweet Biggest does not like being by himself, and misses GK so much. We all love that precious girl so much. However, we are really trying to savor all of this special alone time with him this week. Is it time to pick up Tyler, yet?!? :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Luncheon

It is is a good thing that the both Tyler and Georgia Kate were all better on Thursday because we had a fun and full few days. Thursday Ty's school hosted a Thanksgiving Luncheon. We always love to have lunch with our favorite big brother, it is always a special treat for us. We also loved that Daddy was able to sneak away and join us for lunch.
Tyler of course did not want to have the turkey plate and GK was too busy making a big old mess to eat. She managed to spill a glass of Tea and Chocolate Milk. I am sure the Cafeteria staff was ready to see her leave. ;)
We had such a fun Thanksgiving feast with Tyler and his classmates and I can't believe that this week is our last full week of school before our week long Thanksgiving Break!! Where is this year going?!?! It is going fast, but I know we are all ready for a break.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Too Shall Pass

Germs strike again! I'm sure your thinking weren't you sick last week? YES!!! Ty and Georgia Kate were well for a few days and then early Monday morning Gk threw up and then seemed fine yesterday but we still stayed home all day just in case, and then last night it struck again. But then of course seemed ok this morning. I started going about our morning routine when the phone rings. Guess who? The School Nurse telling me that Ty was in her office because he just threw up. REALLY?!?! When it rains it pours. Tyler got sick one more time when we got home but has been doing ok the rest of the day. Something is going around, again.
 Ty and GK were just chasing one another around the house so I'm hoping and praying for a good evening and tomorrow. I know we would all like to get back with our weekly routine and Tyler back at School for a full week. Now for me and Ryan to stay healthy..... I have been washing my hands like crazy. We have family coming in town this weekend and I just pray that we can all have a good weekend with family.
I guess when it rains it pours! Once again I am off to wash and clean everything in sight. I have been cleaning, laundry, and washing my hands over and over again today.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

Today we are thankful and grateful for all those young men and women in the Military Services. Thank you for your service. We appreciate all you do.
Tyler honored one of his favorite Hero's, and mine today at School. This made me realize that Tyler really is listening to what we are telling him. All of those questions he has asked you about the Army and Military are soaking in, Dad!! Most importantly he remembers the sacrifice you made.  
This beautiful tribute brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of our sweet boy and his heart. He made a precious gift that I know his Poppy will cherish forever. Tyler was really hoping he was coming in to town today so he could give it to him in person. However, he can give it to him in a few days!!! We can't wait to hug our favorite Hero. 

Dear Poppy-
Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for serving in the Military and for keeping us safe and free.
Love, Tyler

The Many Faces

Georgia Kate adores big kids and really loves everyone on Ty's team. It is good thing that everyone on Ty's team love and adore her, as well. ;) I think GK makes a great team manager because she is always patting people on the back, especially her big brother  and I think she probably gives some good pep talks to the players to get them excited. Our girl never misses a big moment.

We had Soccer Sunday instead of Soccer Saturday this past weekend. Tyler played really well, and once again I was able to watch part of the game. However, Tyler loves to play at the park almost as much as Georgia Kate does so we usually walk over to the park after the game so Ty can enjoy it as well.
I love how precious Tyler and Georgia Kate are when they are together. They truly adore one another, although some moments you would think that all they do is yell and fight. Yesterday morning they were yelling and fighting over a toy. GK stole something and or would not share and Tyler was so mad. I was trying my best to calm the storm when Ryan said to me, I love listening to the fighting. At first I was thinking are you crazy, but then today when I had time to reflect on the fighting and their relationship Ryan was right on. 3 years ago we mourned and wept over how much we wanted the noise and fighting of siblings. I'm still amazed at how one precious boy puts so much perspective on life and what is really important. God has restored our home and blessed us with fighting and yelling that can only be had by siblings that love each other so very much. 
So, the next time Tyler is trying trying to put GK in time out and she is roaring at him, I will sit and stare and be thankful for all the noise before I try to calm the storm.      

Sunday, November 10, 2013

ACU Game Day

Yesterday we spent a fun and very full day in San Antonio cheering on the Abilene Christian Wildcats. Our Nephew plays football for ACU so I know Ryan loves any opportunity to watch Justin play, and that is Ryan's Alma Mater as well. Two for the price of one.
We left bright and early Saturday and drove to San Antonio so we could spend some time with Ryan's family exploring all that San Antonio has to offer. We were able to fit in The Children's Museum, The Alamo, and a boat ride on the River Walk. All of this was done before a 2pm kick off!! We are really good and moved very past. It did make me want to go back when we have a lot more time to explore the City.
The football game did not turn out the way we wanted, but Tyler and Georgia Kate had so much fun playing with their cousins and eating popcorn! I think my kids will always associate popcorn with football games because they always want popcorn when watching football.
Tyler had a Soccer game today, so we made the drive back home after the football game yesterday. It was full and exhausting day but we are so thankful for the time we had with Ryan's family.
 ACU plays next weekend about 15 minutes from our house so it will be another football weekend. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Homecoming Game

Tonight was the big Homecoming Game for Royal ISD. We attended the Pep Rally after school today and then this evening we Tailgated before the Game with a lot of the Royal Administrative Staff.  There was so much wonderful food and Tyler and Georgia Kate loved all the sights and sounds. We have really loved being apart of the Royal traditions this year. All I can say is everyone has been so wonderful and welcoming to us this school year so that always makes this transition a lot easier. 
Tyler and Georgia Kate are going to miss our Friday night lights routine as tonight marks the last football game of the season. They love being able to go out on the field and help with Pre-Game activities. This evening they actually let a lot of the younger Falcons run through the Spirit Line before the Football team, and Georgia Kate followed right behind and stole the heart of all of the Cheerleaders and Fans. I hate that I had no pictures of it, but I was in a long bathroom line... caught it right as it was happening. 
I tried to get a family picture, but all I had was my phone and the lighting was not the best.
We have had a great Royal Football Season supporting Royal ISD and Ryan and his new position. I am so proud of Ryan and all that he is trying to accomplish and already accomplished this School year. I know great things are happening in Royal ISD!    

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Tomorrow is Homecoming and the last Football game of the Season, so part of of the Homecoming week festivities was a Bonfire that was held this evening. The Falcons are playing the Bluejays tomorrow (not our old district), but very ironic. Burn the Bluejays!
Tyler was fever free all day and has had a good day of resting at home. He was really missing school a lot and all of his classmates. Tyler also had to miss a really fun Homecoming Pep Rally at the Middle School this morning, but thankfully there is another one tomorrow. The good news was he able to go to the Bonfire. He loved it, and so did GK! Such fun new traditions with our new district.
Tomorrow is MOP's and the end of the 2nd six weeks, so it is an early release day! Busy Morning. I have kind of enjoyed all of this extra time with Tyler, so I am happy for an early release and the weekend! I hope that the sickness is on it's way out and we can enjoy our weekend.
Go Falcons!!!   

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Crazy Sock and Sick Day

Tyler's face this morning when I asked him to smile should have been clue that something was not right. Today's Homecoming week theme was blue shirt and crazy sock day. However, Tyler did not make it all day. I got call a little after 11 that Ty was in the Nurses office with a fever. Ryan was close to his campus so he picked him up and brought him home. I gave him some Advil and he has been doing really well.... just taking it easy today and tomorrow. I think Georgia Kate likes having Ty home, even though he has told her to go to time out several times for not sharing. ;)
Tis the Season for Germs. It looks like I am going to be armed with Anti Bacterial gel and Lysol for a while. I also need to to find joy in the change of routine and plans and enjoy this extra time with Tyler and Georgia Kate.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Homecoming Week

This week is Homecoming week at Ty's  School and to help build Falcon Pride Spirit each day this week is going to have a fun theme to help you get ready for the last Football game on . Today was wear a red, blue, or black hat. Ty decided to wear his red Rangers hat. Tomorrow is picture day, so Ty is ready to dress nice and really wants to wear one of Ryan's ties... we will see. We got his hair cut yesterday, so Ty is ready to say cheese.
Gk is recovering from an Upper Respiratory Infection. She started feeling puny on Saturday afternoon and just didn't seem to be getting better. I had been researching Pediatricians and Clinics in the Katy area, and wow that was really overwhelming. There was way too many to choose from, so I finally asked the Mom's I sit with at MOPS and went with my second choice... my first choice (which is the clinic the majority of the Mom's I asked use) was not accepting new patients. Nothing like a sickness to help speed up your decision process. So thankful the medicine is finally working and our girl is starting to perk up. I really home she is one the road to recovery and that the rest of us stay away from the germs. I know it is that Season, so I will be cleaning and soaking our house in Lysol starting tomorrow. ;)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Soccer Saturday

Yesterday Tyler played a really good game and I got to watch the whole thing!! GK did so well and sat on my lap and cheered or played right beside me. I was so thankful to be able to watch Tyler play Goalie and even score a GOAL!
Georgia Kate at the end of the games tries so hard to be apart of the team. Yesterday she joined the end of the game "high five" line and she also got a team snack!! What a lucky girl.
We are still having fun with Soccer this Fall. It is flying by.