Sunday, October 31, 2010

Team Fraiser

My Cousin, Josh Fraiser is the Bullpen Catcher for the Texas Rangers. I am so proud of him and all of his success. Therefore, I decided that I wanted a shirt with my favorite Rangers name on the back. Thank you to my wonderful husband for ironing on all the letters on to my shirt and my Moms (Josh's number is 66 but I could not not find iron on numbers anywhere). It is always fun and helpful to find joy in the small things..... like making a shirt to support our favorite Ranger! We are proud to be Texans right now!

Our Pumpkin

This whole weekend my heart has been so heavy and my whole body aches to have Landry (our pumpkin) with us for Halloween. I have always loved Halloween until 3 months when my world was turned upside down. I know with time there will not be as much pain as we are filling now but for me right now, Holidays just hurt. We were supposed to go to a Halloween Party last night but I just could not bring myself to put on a costume and pretend that everything is ok when I am deeply hurting inside.
I found myself crying during church today as we were worshiping God. Some moments I just miss Landry so much and today was one of those moments. At the end the Service we sang Our God is Greater, by Chris Tomlin. If our God is with us than who could ever stop us from believing that our God who is Strong and Powerful will carry us through this journey we are on and will continue to bring peace to our hearts.
Our Halloween will be just like it has always been (just three of us) but our hearts know that there should be four us. Therefore, today I will live through Tyler and find joy in all the small things.... like carving a pumpkin with my precious family. Ryan suggested we carve a pumpkin this afternoon and I thought that sounded like a new family tradition that we will continue to carry on through the years. Well, that is if Ryan ever comes home with a pumpkin. He offered to go get one a while ago and he is still gone.....

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Papa, Tyler, Caleb, and Nana.

Papa and Nana came in to town for a visit and they brought one of Tyler's cousins with them. The boys had a great time playing together and we enjoyed spending some with Ryan's parents. They came in on Thursday to watch a Westphalia Football game. Today before they left the whole family got decked out in Rangers gear to get some pictures of Nana and Papa with two of their Grandsons. What a fun weekend with Family.

Art Class

On Monday afternoon we headed to a Art Studio in Troy, Art by the Glass. We met several friends there and had a great time going to several fun stations. However, I think Ty's favorite part of the Art Class was running outside with all of his friends. The one painting that Tyler actually took time ended up being one of my favorites, too. I asked Ty after he finished paining what he painted and he said it was a Rainbow. What a sweet boy. I found a very special spot for it at home.

Some of our special Friends: Jack and Kristy and Jen with Luke and Avery.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Festival

On Wednesday evening we attended our Churches Fall Festival. This was our first year to attend and Tyler had a blast. They had fun games and bounce houses so Ty was loving every minute of it and he cried when we had to leave. Ty's favorite was fishing for real fish. The fish were huge... no such luck on getting one. We saw many special friends that it made the festival even more special.
My heart was so heavy all night, because I longed to have our little pumpkin with us (Landry was going to be a Pumpkin for Halloween). I saw so many little babies all dressed up and I just wanted to be holding my baby and showing off his costume to everyone. I am so thankful for Ty and the smile he had on his face the whole night.

Some of Tyler's close friends were Toy Story Characters. We love Hudson and Cinco

We love Luke, too! This was Tyler's best friend from school last year. Now they are at different schools.

Pumpkin Patch

On Wednesday, Tyler's class went on a field trip to a Pumpkin Patch. There was a Pumpkin in walking distance to Ty's school so we were able to walk over. I feel blessed to be able to attend all the fun activities Ty does with school. It was a perfect afternoon with Tyler and his class.
We have had a fun full week of Halloween activities.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sic Em Bears!

My Dad has been ready to take Tyler to a Baylor game ever since he knew I was having a boy! Therefore, last Saturday we headed to Waco for the Baylor Homecoming game so Poppy could show Tyler off at his Alma mater. It was just going to me my Dad, Ryan, and Tyler and then at least minute my Mom and I decided to go. It was so wonderful to be together as a family. Watching the pride that my Dad had was breathtaking. It brought tears to our eyes. Tyler did so well considering that within 5 minutes of the game starting they had to delay because of lighting and we all had to go under the bleachers. 2 hours later the game started again!
It was a wet but beautiful day with my precious family. Thank you Dad, for being such a proud Poppy. We loved every minute of it and Ty can't wait to go back so you can show him off some more.
Chapel Hands! Love this.....

My Dad wearing his club shirt! What a handsome Poppy
Ty loved the Cheerleaders. He gave some of them High Fives.
Pride and Love. Priceless

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

15 Years.... Really?

Last Friday night the Temple High School class of 1995 held our 15 year Reunion. I am still trying to soak that in. I was very anxious about going but I am thankful I made it to at the least the Friday night event. Ryan was still not feeling that well so I went solo. I ran in to a lot of people that I have not seen since our 10 year reunion. Thank goodness for Facebook I am able to keep in touch with a lot of fellow classmates. Of couse the only picture I got was with one of my besties, Lindsay whom I see a lot. We laughed about that for while...
I am so thankful for all of my high school memories and the wonderful friendships that were created along the way.

Safe In His Arms

3 months ago today our littlest went to be with Jesus. He is now safe in the arms of our Heavenly Father. We were able to hold Landry for 2 days (43 hours). Landry passed away on July 26, 2010 at 12:15 pm in his Daddy's arms and went straight in to the arms of our precious Heavenly Father. What a beautiful picture.
I know that Landry is so happy in Heaven and he is no longer in pain but that did not stop my tears this Morning as I longed to have Landry safe in my arms.
So all of my prayers today have been for Jesus to hold Landry extra tight today as his Mommy and Daddy are missing him today and ever day. I can't help but be thankful knowing our Landry is safe in the Arms of our Heavenly Father.
I know a lot of you are wondering about Landry and his story so I will be sharing that very soon. I share his story all the time with others, but I have not been able to write it......

Monday, October 25, 2010

Canterbury Faire

Saturday Morning Christ Church School hosted Canterbury Faire. We did not think the weather was going to cooperate for us but it did and it was a wonderful and successful Morning. Tyler and I both got to dress up. Ty was Woody and I was a Princess. Ty thought it was so fun to see me dressed up. He keeps asking me where my Princess Costume is. We spent the Morning playing games like: Pie the Princess, Jousting, Basketball, Archery, Cup Cake walk, face painting, jump house, Bean Bag toss, Story time with the Mayor, and many more. What a fun family Morning with all of our favorite people Christina and Kristy are so awesome and the event would not have been a success with out them and all of their hard work. I am so thankful to have them as friends and I have leaned on them both during the past couple of months.


Ghee and our little Woody
Ty's favorite: Pie the Princess. Sorry Kristy. :)

Kristy and Me. Pretty Princesses!

The Steele Family (Ryan is still not a 100%)

I am so thankful for CCS and all of the wonderful events they do for families and students. Ty loves his school so much. We have a busy week with school this week- a Pumpkin Patch Field Trip on Wednesday and a Halloween Party on Friday.
The Director of CCS came up to me this Morning and mentioned that this years Faire raised more money than in the past couple of years!! What a successful Saturday. Thank you to all the wonderful staff and parents for all of their help and support.

Three Balloons

Yesterday in honor of Landry's 3 month Birthday we sent 3 balloons to Landry. This has become a special family time for us and Tyler loves releasing the balloons and watching them make there way to Heaven to be with his little brother.
Last Sunday we went out as family to see Landry with my Parents and Aunt and Uncle. We also found a perfect stone (Landry's Stone) to put next to Landry and his flower. I have found such joy in being able to sit while I pray over my littlest.
Thank you Ghee and Poppy for finding a perfect stone for our littlest. We love that you are always apart of remembering Landry.
We love you more and more with each new day Landry James. Tomorrow we will remember you and the day that you became a Angel and went to be with Jesus.

God's beauty shining through while we were honoring Landry James.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 Months Old

3 months ago God blessed me with my second son, Landry James. He was only here for a short time but he brought so much love to our life. When Landry first arrived there were tears of joy and celebrating, but hours later our tears of joy turned to tears of pain as we cried out to Jesus to heal our little boys brain. It seems strange that a tiny baby whom I was only able to hold for 3 days brought me so much joy, pain, and love. Landry left a big mark on my heart and I will never forget him, and I will never be the same because of him.

My whole body aches for my sweet boy and I can't help but think of all the milestones we are missing out on today and everyday. There were so many things I had planned for Landry and our new family that will never happen, but I will continue to praise God for the opportunity to carry such a beautiful boy. Thank you God for choosing me to be Landry and Tyler's Mom. I am such a proud mother.