Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Home For The Dogs

We had another productive weekend or Sunday I should say. My Dad and Ryan built a Dog run for Abbie and Cooper. With our garage being torn apart, and so many workers in and out of our yard we needed a place besides inside where they would not escape.

We also had one worker here almost all day Saturday and he did so much.One of our garage doors is gone and the windows are gone, too!
Ty is all ready to work.

The fence is great and I am sure the dogs will warm up to their new house. Ty calls it the dogs home and he has mastered how to let them in and out of their house so we will see how much they stay there. Ty also like to play in the dogs new home, too.
This is a BIG week for us because on Tuesday afternoon we have our big sonogram to find out if peanut is a boy or girl!! I am so excited and praying that peanut is in a good position and everything looks good and healthy. It is amazing how fast this pregnancy is going. We will keep you all posted. Ryan also has his first track meet tomorrow afternoon so we will be rooting for Westphalia!

Friday, February 26, 2010

So Long Farewell

This is before I lose my washer and dryer and as you can tell I am doing last minute loads!! I wash shocked when I came home this afternoon to find the majority of the wall torn out.
It is gone! Below is our roof that is almost gone! The ceiling in our garage is so low that we are having to raise it. I will say that things are really moving along!!

Well, as of a few minutes ago I am officially with out my washer and dryer. Don't worry I will get it back when the remodel is complete. Our washer and dryer were in our garage but that is the part that we are starting to tear out so we had to put it in our storage unit until it's nice new laundry room is complete.The weather has been great the past two days so we got a lot of work done. I guess I can't say we, but I will say my Dad has had amazing workers over here getting the job done! Well we were having a good Friday until I lost my washer and dryer (JK). We had a fun play date with Hudson and Sadie. It was a great to be able to chat with Lindsay and Whitney, too. Sorry all of these pictures are out of order but my blog is acting very strange.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brushing Your Teeth

This week in MDO Ty has been learning about teeth and brushing his teeth. This Morning Ty's Teacher went around the room and asked the kids if they had tooth brushes. When she asked Ty his response was "no". Before you start judging me Ty has a tooth brush and he brushes is teeth.... I promise. Well, his teacher asked Ty why he did not have a tooth brush and Ty's response was "Mommy said no". What will he think of next. Of course at dinner tonight Ty was telling us all about his Fire truck toothbrush at Ghee and Poppy's and his Thomas toothbrush that has James on it. What a silly boy.
Well, the weather today was beautiful so my Dad had one of his workers at our house almost all day. He got a lot done. I tried to get as much laundry done as I could because I will be saying good-bye to my washer and dryer tomorrow!!! We also have an outdoor fridge that we will loose, but I will not miss that nearly as much as I am going to miss my washer and dryer. Thank goodness my parents live in town. However, my Mom and Ryan keep telling me how great laundry mates are.... I don't think so!! The remodel with be worth it so I will survive.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Snow Pictures

Eating the snow.....

I lost count of how many times Ty was outside playing in the snow. He would come in and rest and then want to head out again to play in the snow. However, the snow has come and gone. Although, our snowman is still standing strong! It was fun while it lasted and we enjoyed having Ryan home early yesterday afternoon and we also enjoyed him for a little bit this Morning as well since school had a 2 hour delay. Now that we had some snow I am ready for Spring!
Tyler and I made it to Bible Study and then we headed over to a friends house to play. What a great way to spend the day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day

Central Texas finally got some snow and it is still coming down as I type. I would say we have gotten around 3-4 inches of snow which may not sound like a lot to some of you, but for Temple TX I would say that is good! We will take what we can get. Ty and Ryan both went to school this Morning but Ryan released Westphalia at noon and there already have a late start for tomorrow Morning.
It worked out well that Ty had MDO this Morning because I had a Dr's apt. Everything looks good with our little peanut. It took a few minutes to find the heart beat because the peanut (that is the babies nick name) was moving too much. We are scheduled to find out next Tuesday if we are having a boy or girl!!! I can't wait. I go back on fourth on what I think we are having.
Ty is having a great time playing in the snow. Once Ryan got home we built a snowman and Ty added the fireman hat. It is truly a beautiful site to watch the snow come down. After we played outside we came inside for some hot chocolate and Ryan just started a fire. What a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Game Night

Saturday night we hosted the Supper Club at house. We had a lot of delicious appetizers and played some games. Well, we played one game. We spent the rest of the evening doing what we do best and that is talking and laughing. It was great to have everyone together again and we are looking forward to March.
Ty enjoyed spending the night with his Ghee and Poppy. He loves sleeping in his new big boy bed over there. What a fun Saturday night for us all.
Our slab was poured this Morning on our addition!!!!! I will post on that soon. I got a lot of pictures, but we are still waiting for it to dry a little so Ty can leave his hand print in it.

Big Day

The slab was poured on our new addition this Morning. It was a very busy and exciting Morning for all of us. I had to wake Ty up this Morning so he would not miss out on the big cement truck. Ty has been a big part of this project since the very beginning that it was important for me to have Ty see the foundation being poured, and I knew he would love seeing the big cement truck! Poppy was here to oversee and make sure everything went according to plan. Ghee was also here and 2 of my dad's close friends even stopped by. The only one who missed all the excitement was Ryan.
It did not take long for Ty to warm up to the big truck. I love the pictures of Ty with Ghee and Poppy. I know they enjoyed watching Ty take everything in. It actually took two cement trucks to fill the slab. The finished product looks amazing and Ty even has his hand prints in the cement so we will always remember this special Ty. My Dad wants us to write our boy and girl name for our little peanut so they don't feel left out. I think that sounds like a great idea. What a sweet Poppy. The sad part is it will end up being covered up when we put the floor in.

It wont be long until we loose that whole wall and roof, and when that happens that means good bye washer and dryer!!

It is a good this we got the slab poured today because we might have snow tomorrow. We will see... fingers crossed!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mr. Sun

We had a sunny and work filled Saturday. The weather has been so beautiful so Ty was outside the majority of the day. My Dad come over yesterday to start working on a dog run for our dogs and Ghee found Ty these miniature tractors that he played with in the dirt for hours it seemed like. These tractors were a HUGE hit! Ty had the best time filling them up with dirt and the dumping them. I loved them because I was able to get some last minute cleaning done before Supper Club last night. My favorite picture: Ty and Poppy working hard.

We had a great night last night and I will post about that later. Tyler and I headed to Rockwall with my parents today to see my Grandmother that is in the hospital. Therefore, I am tired and am ready to sit on the couch and watch the Olympics, or all our shows that we have recorded. I just need to rest.
Our slab is supposed to be poured tomorrow morning, so it is going to be a big Morning for us. I with get pictures for sure.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wathcing and Waiting

This is where you will find Ty when we have workers at our house. Ty loved the (dirt tractor) as Ty called it. Well, we did not get the slab poured today as we were hoping. We are now crossing our fingers for Monday Morning. Let's hope the weather is nice.
Well, we had a fun and busy Morning. I had to go to the Hospital first thing for some blood work, so Ty got to play at Ghee and Poppy's house. After the Doctor I picked up Ty and we headed to Open Gym with some friends. This afternoon we spent the afternoon cleaning and preparing the house for Nana and Papa to spend the night. I guess I should not say we because Ty spent the majority of the afternoon playing. We are also hosting Supper Club tomorrow night! I hope that everyone is healthy. Therefore, tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Offical Job Site

You can tell things are starting to happen when a Porta-Potty arrives at your house. Now my goal is to keep Ty out of that potty!! My Dad and Ryan did so much but now it is time to call in for some real help! We are so blessed to have my Dad has our Builder. He has done so much and he comes over to the house about once or twice a day to check on everything. Thank you Dad for all you do! I know we are in good hands.
Starting Wednesday we have had several workers working on the addition. The majority of the men working on our house have worked for my Dad for several years so it is nice to see some familiar faces. I guess that is what happens when you grow up in the building business. Yesterday they dug the dirt to lay pipes, and as you can see Ty loves digging in the dirt as well.

This last picture was taken this afternoon. We hope to have the slab poured tomorrow!! I hope we are home so I can get Ty's hand print in there.....
On another note Ty went for a classroom assessment yesterday Morning at Christ Church School. This is where we hope to send Ty next year! The school starts at 3 years. Ty was a little shy at first but it did not take him long to warm up. He cried for a second when I walked out, but he stopped by the time I was walking out the door. Ty stayed and observed for an hour and he looked like he was having a great time when I went and got him. He looked so big!! Ty had a few friends in the class so that might of helped him as well. The teacher said he did really well and followed the class in everything they did. He even went to music with them! We should find out next week if he gets in. Which is good because all of the schools are starting to register so I want to make sure we get Ty in. I was so proud of our BIG boy yesterday.... Christ Church is where I go to Bible Study at. It is hard to believe it is already time to start thinking about next school year.


On Tuesday afternoon we headed to Austin to pick up Ghee from the Airport. Ty was very excited about seeing airplanes. That is all he talked about from the moment he woke up that morning. However, there was a big smile on Ty's face when he saw his Ghee. He ran and gave her a big hug. Of course Ghee could not return home with out gifts for Ty. The first present was an American Airlines airplane and then a new sweat shirt from the San Diego Zoo. Ty outgrew the one we got him on our visit there last year. Ghee also came home with something for baby #2..... What a fun afternoon. Welcome Home Ghee!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010-2011 Junior League Board and N&P

Last night the Leagues 2010-2011 Board and Nominating and Placement members were approved. I have known since November but we had to wait for Slate to be passed before we could make an official announcement. Board members 2010-2011:
President- Stacie Bratton (missing in the picture)
President Elect- Pam Lanham
Membership VP- Heather Bossen
Finance VP- Lesley Foster
Community VP- Renee Kianes
Secretary- Holly Steele

Christina Marshall
Amy Perkins
Shala Sturgeon

I am very excited about my new placement and I know it is going to be a great learning experience for me. I am ready for the new challenge!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please Leave A Message

Well, sometimes I feel like my house is my office. Today is crazy with heading to Austin to pick up Ghee and then I have Junior League this evening so by the time we get home I will be preparing for our emergency Board Meeting followed by our General Membership meeting. I will be back in my office tomorrow afternoon....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ronald McDonald House

One of the many organizations that the Junior League works with as a Community Project is the Ronald McDonald House in Temple. I think the world of this agency and how much they do for the Children and their families that are at Scott and White. Every month the JL brings a meal to the house for the families staying there. Well, today was my turn to bring a Salad and Bread. How simple is that. I bought a fresh loaf of bread and made a nice big garden salad. Other members brought a main course and dessert. I just love what a big impact we are going to make on some families tonight and how little time it took to do a good deed. As I was driving to the RMH with Ty this evening I was glad that Ty was with me and that he is going to have the opportunity to see how our family likes to give to others in our community. Ty loved going inside with me and he even carried the bread for me. It is never too early to teach your children how to give to others in need.
Tomorrow after I pick Ty up from school we are heading to Austin to see air planes and pick up Ghee from the Airport. Ty asked me all day today to go see airplanes. However, I know he will be excited to see his Ghee! Through out the week Ty has asked where Ghee is and so I tell him and then every once in a while I will ask Ty where Ghee is and he says with "Amma and Aunt C"
What a fun boy!!