Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Time Friends

Summer has officially kicked off in the Steele household... well, at least for me and Tyler it has. Ryan still has to get through a few more days of school and then it will be time for a Summer Break.

Unfortunately, Ryan still has to work during the Summer, but it is much more relaxed than during the School Year. Last Monday and today we have had the opportunity to have Tyler's friend Madison stay with us for the day. Madison's parents are wrapping up their school years so we have loved having Madison come and play with us.

This Morning we headed to a Belton Splash Pad to meet up with Jen, Luke, and Avery. However, the Splash Pad was packed with school kids so we decided to try another one, and the same thing at the Splash Pad. I guess Schools had the same idea as we did today. So we settled for Whistle Stop and then lunch at Chick Fil A. Tyler and Madison came home and took a rest while watching a Movie and then they wanted to play in the water so I found our Sprinkler Head and another Spray Toy, and Tyler and Madison had a blast in our back yard getting all wet, and the house all wet, too. We ended our fun day with Popsicles outside.

Welcome Summer! We are so thankful you are here and can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

Memorial Day

Are Memorial started off a little disappointing to a certain 3 year old we know. Ryan was schedule to Umpire Baseball games in Westphalia for their Memorial Day Baseball Tournament yesterday. Ryan was getting his stuff all ready on Sunday night, and Tyler asked him what he was doing, so Ryan told Tyler that he was going to Umpire Baseball Games. Well, Tyler wanted to go, so I decided that we would all go and make it a family outing. We get up and head out to Westphalia by 8am on Monday Morning. We pull up to the Stadium and there was no one there... I notice the Marque says May 28th, and I tell Ryan that May 28th was on Saturday. OOPS! Ryan felt awful and he immediately called the women in charge to apologize to her for not being there. Ryan just figured that since it was a Memorial Day tournament it was on Memorial Day. Well, Tyler pouted the whole way home (you can tell in the first picture) and Ryan was trying so hard to make it up to him... Tyler settled for donut holes and Chocolate Milk. He also settled for a fun Morning of Frisbee Golf at Lions Park. We took Cooper and met our friends, the Vaught's for some walking, Frisbee, and park fun. We were all so hot and thirsty afterwards that we thought a fun outing to our local Splash Park would be a fun way to beat the heat during the afternoon.

I took Tyler to this Splash Park a few times last year and he liked it, but was still a little uneasy of some things. Yesterday, Tyler shocked us at how much he loved it and the slides he would not touch last year he would not stop going down them this year. It truly a wonderful outing for our family, and I loved how we all 3 just laughed for hours why we there. It truly felt so good to be there with my family and good friends.

Overall our weekend was so wonderful and one spent with family and friends. We got to spend a lot of time with the Vaught's who we spent more time with them this weekend than we have in a very long time. Due to work and School schedules we just don't get to see them that often. We also had a fun Dinner on Sunday night with the Cabaniss's. Tyler adores Luke and Avery and I adore their Mommy.

We are so thankful for a blessed Memorial Day weekend and for all of those Service Men and Women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Our Supper Club just got a little bit larger with the newest arrival of Weston James Farrier Marshall. Rob and Christina welcomed Weston to the world on Friday, May 27. Big Brother, Keifer and Little Sister, Lily are so excited about their new Baby Brother. Weston was born on Friday night so of course I wanted to be one of the first ones there to meet this precious boy on Saturday Morning. Weston is absolute beautiful and I can't wait to watch this little boy grow up. Lindsay, Me, Christina with Weston, KC, and Whitney. Lily also got in the picture with of us, too.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Sharing with Ghee and Poppy who their 3rd Grandchild is........... Guess who??? I really wanted to do a gender reveal cake, but I knew my parents would not be able to wait the time it would take to have one made, so we went with something a little quicker.

Yesterday Morning marked the appointment we have had on our calender since our first Doctor appointment with our third blessing. It is the big gender reveal appointment when all your plans, hopes, and dreams for your new life come in to play. The week leading up to our appointment was a very bittersweet week for us but I think our appointment landed on the perfect week and day, it felt like we were able to find joy amongst our heavy hearts and bittersweet days.

All week long I found my self praying for peace and acceptance at what ever God had in store for our family and I must say God always gives me the peace I need to make it through every day, and take away my anxious heart. We dropped Tyler off at School yesterday Morning and headed straight to Scott and White for our appointment. I got all checked in and the receptionist asked me if I knew where the ultrasound wing was, and my heart sunk because the last time we were in that wing was the day that we found out that Landry was going to be joining our family. I found it strange that I did not think of that before then but it never crossed my mind. As Ryan and I were about to enter in to that dreaded waiting room we both took a big deep breath at the same time, and tears filled my eyes as I thought back to the last time we were there. Ryan and I both remembered the room we were in, and thankfully that is not the room we were in this time. God really held us during our time in that waiting, because we did have to wait for a while... I think it is safe to say that Scott and White will always hold bittersweet Memories for me.

Finally the time came and I found myself on the table waiting to get Gel on my belly. I am so thankful that our Doctor was able to do our ultrasound this time around and it was just him in the room with us. Before Doctor Fothergill put the Doppler on me, he asked us what we thought we were having, and we both said a boy. He asked us why we thought that, and Ryan said "Because God loves me too much to give me a girl." Ryan has been determined all a long that we will only have boys. Dr. Fothergill said when he got to the gender spot, "Well, it looks like God has Sense of Humour." I knew when he said that and from seeing it with my own eyes (boys are a little more obvious to spot than a girl is). My eyes immediately filled with tears and I kept saying "Oh My Gosh" over and over again, because deep down I thought I would be the Mom to all boys. Just in case you are still wondering what we are having.... It's A GIRL! I guess the most important part of the ultrasound is our precious Girl looks good, and in regards to anatomy everything looks healthy. We spent a lot of time looking at her brain, but it is too soon to see anything too big so we will be going back at 28 weeks for another Ultrasound.

You know deep down I feel relieved that we are having a little girl, because I was very anxious about having another little boy. I dreaded the thought of taking all of that little boy stuff out again, a lot of it was Ty's but it was washed and folded in hopes of Landry and of course Landry had a lot of stuff, like a room that was meant just for him. I am not sure how I could of put another boy nursery together. I know I could have done it, but it just hurt too much thinking about it. I feel a girl is a new start for us, and I think that is what we need during this Season of our life.

Walking out of that Ultrasound room and entering that dreaded waiting room again, that will always hold bittersweet Memories for us, I was reminded that God always turns our Ashes in to absolute BEAUTY! Once again God reminded yesterday just how blessed we are and that he is still carrying us, and that amongst all of our pain this year He is allowing our eyes and hearts to see His absolute Beauty and Amazing Grace in our life.

Last Day Of School

Yesterday marked Tyler's last day of school. It seems hard to believe that school is out for Summer and when Ty goes back to school in August he will be in a "older" class. Tyler had such a wonderful year and we are so thankful that Tyler is in such a wonderful school with a amazing staff. Tyler's class ended their last day of school with a picnic and playing games outside. We had such a fun afternoon and I have a feeling that Tyler will be asking every Morning for a while if we going to Christ Church School..... I love that Tyler loves going to school and that he made some wonderful friends.
I am disappointed that I did not get any more pictures with friends, and course his fabulous who I am going to miss dearly next year. Tyler was too busy playing soccer on the playground with his buddies to take any pictures. Our Morning also started off a little out of sorts, because Ryan's school had a Bad Weather day yesterday so Ryan was home in the Morning and was going to take Tyler to school, well our little routine boy did not like that too much. Ty has such a particular way of doing things on School Mornings, so yesterday Morning when things were different threw him off just for a little bit.
We are ready for a fun Summer and I have a feeling we will find a lot of things to keep us busy.

First day of school- August 2010 Last Day of School- May 2011

Of course when I envisioned a first day of school and last day of school comparison picture, I thought they would be similar (Ty with is back pack on just like in the top picture) but Ty was not very cooperative when it cam to school pictures yesterday. Well, it is amazing to see how much Tyler grew up this year.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

End Of The Year Performance

Yesterday Tyler's class along with the Younger 4's class held their end of the year program titled "In The Jungle" Tyler of course lit up when he was on stage and loved performing in front of a crowd. I was so proud of our biggest, and once again I was reminded of just how much he has grown up this year. Of course Ty had two of his Biggest Fans, not including me watching him shine. Daddy and Ghee were able to come. We were so excited that Daddy was able to sneak away, considering he is wrapping up the end of the year as well. Poor Poppy was stuck in a meeting.
I have truly loved watching Tyler shine and grow this year. Tomorrow is Tyler's official last day of school. This Morning as I was reflecting on Tyler's year I could not help but think of how we started. We enrolled Tyler in a 3 days a week program because I would have Landry and those Mornings would be my one on one time with Landry. Well, the first day of school ended up just being the two us, our normal had not changed the way we thought it would. I guess you can say that we made it through our First school with "our new normal." It has been a very bittersweet school year for me, but we did it together as a family.
Ten months ago today our littlest left our family to spend Eternity in Heaven with God and Jesus. We really have come a long way these past 10 months, and I know that we owe all of our thanks to our Heavenly Father who continues to give us strength and hope on a daily bases.

We are so proud of you, Tyler!!! I know your Mommy will probably be in tears tomorrow on your official last day. You are growing up so fast, but we have had a blast watching you this year. Thank you for being our biggest! We love you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 Balloons

Some plans don't always go how you want them to go and last night our 10 month balloon release kind of felt like that. I loaded Tyler for our afternoon errands yesterday and our final stop was the Card and Party Outlet to pick up our 10 blue balloons for Landry. When we arrived home I got Tyler out of the car and then I got the balloons out, and just as I was was walking to the door I hear a loud POP followed by another loud POP! I was so mad and close to tears because our 10 balloons turned in to 8 balloons. I thought about driving back and getting 2 more balloons but Ryan was going to be home soon and we had some where to be at 6, so I decided that at least we still had some balloons and really that is all that matters.
As soon as Ryan made it home we made our way to Landry's Grave Site to release our balloons to Heaven. Well, the wind was blowing really hard just as Ty released our balloons and they flew away only to get stuck in a tree. Luckily, Ryan was able to grab them down so we could try one more time to send balloons to Landry. Tyler was all ready for his second chance..... well they got stuck, too! This time the balloons were too high and there was no way for us to reach them. As you will see in one of the pictures Ryan did try and lift Tyler up but it did not work. Ty just kept saying Oh, no! Landry's balloons never made it to Heaven yesterday, but they are in tree close by.....
This Morning on our way to school (we drive by the Grave Site) Tyler said "Landry's balloons are stuck in a tree." Landry's 10 months balloons are stuck in a tree and maybe they will stay there for a while so we can always remember our balloons that were meant for Heaven but instead they stayed close to Landry's Grave Site.

We changed out the flowers in Landry's vase and went with something bright for this Summer. The only thing that has been disappointing this Spring is the Rose Bush we planted will not bloom. It has leaves but it shows no sign of blooming. Part of me is ready to dig it up and try again.

Sure we had two balloons pop and then when we did release the balloons they got stuck in a tree, twice, The important thing to remember is that we did try and send balloons to Heaven, and just because Landry did not get these balloons he knows that we still love him always and forever.

After we left the Cemetery we headed to have a wonderful meal with friends we have not seen in a very long time. It was a wonderful and meaningful way to end our bittersweet day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Months

My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness
(2 Corinthians 12:9)

Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterwards it yields the peaceable of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. (Hebrew 12:11)

It is hard to believe that today marks Landry's 10 month mark. Today means that we are 2 months away from Landry's Birthday. Of course I have already started planning out ideas for Landry's 1st Birthday, but it is not what I had planned when my water broke 10 months ago. How do you go about planning a First Birthday celebration for a baby that is not here to get his very own smash cake!?!?
Today, as always on the 24th and 26th are bittersweet days for us. Not a moment goes by that I do not think of Landry and long for him to be here with us. Landry is the most amazing little boy and he will always be my hero. Of course today, I am reminded that we have amazing friends that still remember our sweet Landry.
I truly appreciate the text messages and FB messages they mean the world to me. Please know that you never make me sad when you mention Landry's name..... knowing that Landry is loved and remembered by so many individuals truly amazes me and makes me realize how truly blessed we are.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Brother

Yesterday afternoon we needed to get out for a little bit, so I decided to take Tyler to the Splash Pad/Park since Ryan was helping at my Parent's Parade House all afternoon. Tyler came and sat next to me for a few minutes to take a water break while he was playing at the park and we had the following conversation. I should let you know before I start that Landry's Grave Site is located right across the street from Tyler's favorite park. Needless to say we always think of our Little Brother while we are at Miller Park......

Ty: Oh, No, Mommy. We can't go visit Landry
Me: Why?
Ty: They have it all blocked off (they had some yellow "caution tape" in a small area at the Grave Site)
Me: That tape is not close to where Landry is so we will still be able to go see him
Ty: Oh, Landry would miss us if we couldn't go see him.

I truly adore our Biggest and he is the greatest Big Brother around. Tyler does not talk about Landry as much as he used to, but I always cherish our conversations no matter how often they happen.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Parade Of Homes

The past two weekends our Temple Area Home Builders Association puts on a Parade of Homes where our area Home Builders can show case their houses. Needless to say our favorite Home Builder (my Dad) had a Home in this years parade. Our family, well at least Tyler has spent a lot of time helping Poppy with his home. You could find Tyler in Salado almost every weekend helping Poppy will all of his last minute touch ups. Ty did a lot of the landscaping and measuring. Ty loves Poppy the Builder, we even have a song .
Yesterday we decided to go take the tour and check out all the other houses. I love going through new homes... I guess you can say I got that from my Dad. Every single family vacation while I was growing up all ways ended with touring homes. My Dad still knows where all the open houses are.
Our first stop yesterday was Poppy's House in Salado. Tyler was sporting Poppy's work shirt, but he was not too happy when he found out we were leaving, and Ghee and Poppy were not leaving with us. We toured 2 other homes that were in Salado and then we hit Belton and Temple. We did not get through all the houses but we saw 7 of them. Of course I am so bias when it comes to touring homes, because out of the ones we saw my Dad's was my favorite hands down. My Parents make a awesome team and they build beautiful homes.
After we toured all of the homes we asked Tyler if he liked looking at all the homes, and then we asked him which one was his favorite and Tyler said, "Poppy's House." I did not tell him to say that. :) Earlier today we were talking about the houses and Poppy's House and Tyler told me his favorite was Salado! I think Tyler may be a little bias, too! I think that means we both have good taste.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Amazed and Humbled

Tuesday Night the Junior League of Bell County hosted our Annual Dinner Celebration. This is a night were celebrate the Successes of of our year, and start getting excited about the year to come. Members find out their placements for next year which is always my favorite part. I love seeing who steps up to become a Chair. I am always very pleased and humbled when I see several names that I had the honor of welcoming in to our league and training them to take the next step, and take charge of a Committee and lead and develop successful projects.
I can honestly say that for me personally, this year was my most challenging year in so many ways. I remember the weeks and months after Landry, I had a hard time getting focused and on track. The work that always seemed very enjoyable became overwhelming, and at times I would have to be reminded several times to turn something in. However, I never stopped going to any of our events, I never missed a Board Meeting or General Membership Meeting, and I still went to all of our Community Volunteer Events, even if deep down my heart and my mind were else where. How could I give up on a League that was not giving up on me, and that pulled together to love and support my family during our darkest hours. We did not have to worry about meals for 2 months and they put together TWO amazing Memorials for our sweet, Landry. This year I was reminded and I think Ryan finally realized (Ryan loves to tease me about the JL) what an amazing group of women who have the most amazing Servant Hearts that always give no matter what, the Junior League of Bell County is made up of. I am truly blessed to be apart of JLBC and I have goosebumps thinking of the impact that they not only make in my life but the life of so many others.
Tuesday night we also pass out several Awards, and this year I was honored to be one of the recipients. I was amazed and humbled when I heard my name attached to the Cornerstone Award, and I was in tears when I finally knew it was me. Thank you, Rebecca for your amazing words. I love you.
I have never had the opportunity to receive this special honor, and I am so blessed and thankful to all the members who voted for me. I open up my heart and serve because I want to make a difference, and I know each and every year we do just that. Thank you JLBC for having faith in me this year, for not giving up on me when I was struggling, and for having absolute faith in me for the years to come. June 1st marks our transition period, and that is when I will officially become President Elect. I realized yesterday through numerous emails that my life is going to become just a little more hectic, Bring It On! (Below you will find the description of my award)
The Cornerstone Award-

Presented to a member who is considered to be apart of the foundation of the League. She is reliable, trustworthy, and will always be a source of strength for others.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 16th

Many of you have significant Dates that will always stick out in your mind; Birthdays, Anniversaries, September 11, the Death of a loved one.... the list could go on. For me May 16th will always hold a special place in my heart as it is the date of my Brother's Birthday. My Brother, Justin died 21 years ago but May 16th will always be bittersweet for me.
This year was a little harder and I know that had to do with Landry, but I found myself in tears when I was leaving the gym. I thought how I wish I could just pick up the phone and call him, or be able to see him to give him a hug. Being the younger sister, we had a love hate relationship. I loved and adored Justin and I know sometimes I annoyed him, but I know that deep down he loved me. Right before the accident I felt as if we were finally becoming close, but now I just find myself wondering what our relationship would be like today.
Finally through my tears and praying I started thinking about Justin and Landry celebrating together, and what a beautiful and wonderful celebration they had. It breaks my heart to think that Justin has never met his namesake, Tyler Justin. I know he is so proud of his Nephew, and I know he loved watching him play soccer this year. However, I find Hope in knowing that Justin is with his second Nephew, Landry and one day we will all be together again for Eternity.

Ryan was running late on Monday, and as soon as he got home, Tyler ran out to greet him. All of sudden Tyler hands me the most Star Gazer Lilies, and a card. I looked at Ryan and asked him what they are for, and he said "you know what today is right?" Tears streamed down my face because Ryan also knew what May 16th meant to me. Thank you, Ryan for remembering. That touched my heart more than you will ever know. Star Gazer Lilies really represent my family and I love them, and what they symbolize.

Some Dates just bring so many emotions, and it seems like I have a lot of those dates coming up very soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Opening Season

Our favorite Season is upon and we could not be more pleased! The Splash Pads are open and back in business. Tyler loves water, and especially all of the Splash Pads in our area. We are very fortunate to have one in walking distance of our house. We have already been several times since they have been opened, and I have a feeling we will be making another trip later this afternoon. If you ever need to us we are probably at the Splash Pad. It is such a fun way to cool off in the Texas Heat.

These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago, but they truly show the true joy in Ty's face and his love for the Summer Season.

The Sites Of Philadelphia

The one thing I can say about Philadelphia, It's rich in its History. It is home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, National Constitution Center, and the famous steps that Rocky ran up in the Movie, Rocky. My fellow travel partner, Pam was a History Major and taught History for several years, so I was in good hands.
I'm so thankful we woke up early on Thursday Morning to see some of their famous sites, or it would not have happened. We were schedule to arrive In Philadelphia around 1pm last Wednesday so we could see the City a little before the Conference started, but we ended up not getting there until 5:30pm. It was not a good a good day for traveling. When looking at our Conference materials we realized that our only free day was a few hours on Thursday Morning, so we hit the streets running that Morning so we could fit it all in before 11:30.
So thankful for the wonderful opportunities to visit another City, and especially one that that holds so much History.
The Liberty Bell

Independence Hall, under Construction

National Constitution Center.

Benjamin Franklin's Grave. If you go to his grave site your supposed to throw a Penny on it.