Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Have Walls

The beginning of the week was really slow and we did not have anything going on, but when we got home this afternoon we had some of our walls up! We will see what the rest of the week holds. My parents are coming back in to town tonight so I am sure we will see Poppy tomorrow Morning. Ty does not have school tomorrow, so we will be spending the whole day together. However, Ty really wants to go to school. He asked me tonight why he couldn't go to school. We are ready for Friday! Ryan has Good Friday off!! Master bedroom and Ryan is standing in our Master bedroom closet!

Tyler doing what he does best when all the workers leave. Our little monkey got a much needed hair cut today, too.

Cup Cakes

The ladies that watch Ty during my Wednesday Morning Bible Study are so wonderful and always have so many fun activities planned for the kids. This Morning they had a mini Easter party and egg hunt. I signed up to bring cup cakes for Ty's party, so Ty was my helper yesterday afternoon.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Track Meet

Yesterday was a great day for a Track Meet. I decided to take Ty out to Rosebud-Lot for Westphalia's last track meet of the year. Ty loved every minute of it. He was basically Ryan's shadow the whole time we were there. I believe Ty's favorite part was racing on the track. He loved saying "on your mark get set go." We had a hard time keeping him off the track when actual races were going on, but then he found out that cheering on the runners was fun, too. Ty loved being the Westphalia's mascot for a day. Everyone thought he was so cute!
Overall the track meet was a great success yesterday. The Boys came in first and the Girls came in second! Congratulations on another successful year, Ryan! We are so proud of you. We can't wait until next year when Landry will be with us cheering you on!
Ty had a great time had his Easter Party and Egg Hunt today at school. I wish I was there so I could have taken pictures. He come home with a lot of goodies. Ty does not have school on Thursday so we get to spend the rest of the week together.
I was rear ended a few weeks ago and I took my car in the morning before I took Ty to school and they set me up with a Rental Car. It is nice when the accident in not my fault. I am really liking my rental car, too.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Love Dare

A few women in my Wednesday Bible have been doing a devotional with their Husbands called " The Love Dare." Some of you might have seen the movie Fireproof. The devotional is based around that movie. I have heard some wonderful things about this book so on Friday I headed to Lifeway to purchase it.
We started the first chapter last night and so far so good. Ryan and I have a hard time finding time together in the evening due to Ty and Ryan's schedule, so I think this book might help us to set aside a few minutes every night to do this together. It did not take us any time last night and it felt good to have some quality time with Ryan. At the end of each lesson you have a dare that you have to practice the next day. I am really excited about the devotional.
Today was a busy but fun day. I took Ty to Westphalia's last track meet so he could see his Daddy and help cheer on the Bluejay's! Ty has a great afternoon. I took some really cute pictures but Ryan kept my camera so he could get pictures of his students. I am just thrilled that it is over!!! I know Ryan loves doing this and he is a wonderful coach but he just does too much sometimes. It will be nice to have Ryan home a little earlier in the evenings and not have meets every week! Tomorrow is Ty's Easter Party and egg hunt at school I have his basket and eggs all ready for him. I hope the Easter Bunny is not there!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yard Work

We spent the majority of our Sunday outside doing yard work and planting flowers. Ryan's main focus was to rake and bag all the leaves in our backyard. We also put Ty to work, too. Ty would load up the bag of leaves and take them to the fence. Well, he lasted for a little bit.
The important thing is we were all home together. Ty had not seen Ryan since Wednesday, so Daddy time was a must today. The good news is Ryan's last track meet is tomorrow!! I am planning on taking Ty to this one for a little bit.
Overall we had a good day. However, we still have leaves!! It is never ending. Maybe next weekend!

Ryan enjoying a Popsicle after dinner. Poor Ty did not eat all of his dinner so he could not have one. I love this!
Spring time. I love flowers.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Neighborhood hosted its annual Easter Egg Hunt this afternoon. It was great afternoon for a fun day of hunting eggs and Ty was having a great time playing until he saw the Easter Bunny! The hunt went down hill after that. Poor Ty was just not happy. Well, things started looking up for a little while when it came to hunting for eggs. Ty did really well this year. He knew exactly what to do! I thought it was funny because the Easter Bunny was our good friend, Stephen. Maybe next year Ty will like the Easter Bunny.
Trying to get a good picture before we head out but Ty was not interested in taking pictures.

Trying to find the good eggs!

Sadie with the Easter Bunny (her Daddy).

Friday, March 26, 2010


We got to spend a lot of time outside today soaking up the sun and the great weather!
This Morning we headed on a shopping trip with Lindsay and Hudson. We are hosting a Baby Shower in two weeks for our closest and dear friend, Rebekah! Ty and Hudson had the best time shopping together. I hope they did not leave too big of a mess... JK!
After shopping Lindsay invited us over for some lunch and backyard fun! It was such a fun treat and great to get out of the way of the men that were doing the texture on a few walls in our house. The best news news is it is complete and looks fantastic. I am ready for them to come back and do some more of our house! Now we can get Landry's room all ready for him.
Tomorrow is our Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and I am excited to take Ty this year. The weather is supposed to be nice, too! Ryan has class, of course. Ryan has been so busy the past few days that we have hardly seen him! Ty was really missing him today. Thank goodness we will have good friends around to hunt and play with. I got down Ty's basket down this evening so we are all ready. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This afternoon the majority of our siding was put on and it looks so good. The past week has been filled with numerous contractors. I am so impressed with everything they have gotten done. They moved the door from the old part of the house and added a window in its place. I love it!!!

Ty sneaking in to get some work done......
Don't worry Poppy, Ty will make sure your job site remains in good hands while you are gone. Ghee and Poppy are leaving town tomorrow Morning with some friends, on a road trip to Sedona, Arizona. Enjoy your time away and try to relax! We will miss you.


I have spent the past week having to make some of the hardest decisions around. Who knew there was so much to decide when building or adding on to your house. I have labored over flooring, lighting, paint color, hardware, bathroom counter tops, cabinet styles, and where you want electrical outlets. I am sure there is more..... thank goodness it is just a small addition. Thank goodness for my Mom and her wonderful sense of taste and style! We work very well together. I guess the best part is I think we have made all of our selections! I am very pleased with everything. I can't wait to see the finished product. The hard part has been trying to pick things that will flow with the rest of the house. There is just so much out there. However, I will say it is kind of fun deciding what you want. Ryan and I were talking the other night and we decided that when we move again we want to build! Well, as long as Jim Vaughn Homes is still around! My parents have been so amazing during this whole ordeal. I know they want everything perfect for us. Ty always gets so excited when Ghee and Poppy arrive. All of the workers have come to know Ty, too. I think he will miss everyone when the job is complete. The other day Ty offered a Popsicle to one of our workers. What fun memories we are creating.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lunch Date

Today was another busy day for us. We headed to Bible Study and then we headed to Chick fil A to have lunch with with Sadie and Whitney. This has become our ritual every Wednesday for the past few weeks. We love our fun lunch bunch. The kids loved playing in the play area and then we headed to Whistle Stop for some more fun. After we left there Ty and I headed to Cen Tex Tile with Ghee to make our final flooring decisions. Later in the afternoon we got to have Sadie over to play for a while so her Mommy, Whitney could go to her Dr. apt. Whitney is also pregnant and due a month after me! It is so fun having a pregnant friend. We are so excited for the King's and their new arrival.
Whew. I am worn out! Yesterday and Today were so crazy and I have a feeling it is going to stay that for a while.
Ty and Hudson. Hudson has become one of Ty's close friends. He talks about Hudson and Sadie all the time. I wish Sadie was in the picture. Ty and Hudson were being very silly at lunch today! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Knew?

That I married such a handy man! The bathroom that I have been using with Ty, that will become the boys bathroom when our master bathroom is finished has been a work in progress for a while. On Wednesday when we were picking out hardware for our addition we noticed a large variety of vanity sinks. Therefore, on Sunday we headed to Lowe's to look at light fixtures and while we were there we decided to get a new sink for the boys bathroom!
A plumber was scheduled to be at our house today to do the plumbing for the addition so my dad mentioned that he would have him install it for us. Well, I guess Ryan felt like being a handy man yesterday and wanted to do it himself. When he told me this I was thinking about Bill Cosby on the Cosby Show, but I was supportive and cheered him on! I was very impressed he only had to make one call to my Dad to have him come look at something. We did have the plumber look at the drain today because it was not draining that well (It was not draining before Ryan started). I must say Ryan surprised me and did a great job!!! Not to mention it looks so great. Before and After

Ryan went back to work today and Ty goes back to MDO tomorrow! We are getting back on our routine and it feels good. I have a my monthly Dr. apt tomorrow and our monthly JL meeting. Busy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Have Windows

This is what our addition looks like as of Friday afternoon. I am loving it.Here is the side of our house. I love the arch way/covered porch that my Dad designed. We will be taking out the side door that is right next to it and turning that into a window and we add the door to the new part. Here is the back of our house. Our Master bedroom has some windows already!! I am getting so excited and I think I have most of the tough decisions made.... I hope.
Well, the primer smell is gone, so it looks like we will get to sleep in our own bed tonight. Thanks Ghee and Poppy for putting up with me and Ty for 3 nights!!
I have Ryan working on one last project before he goes back to work tomorrow so I will post pictures soon.

Zoo Trip

On Thursday we headed to the Waco Zoo with a big group of friends. The weather was beautiful and all of the kids had a great time. We love the Waco Zoo and I have a feeling we will be making some trips to the zoo this Spring and Summer.
Ty really enjoyed the Lions, Giraffes, and Tigers. The Lion was a asleep and Ty shouted at the top of his lungs " Wake Up Lion!" What a fun day with some great friends. The gang: Sadie, Lily, Hudson, Keifer, Cinco, Jackson, Hudson, and Ty (It is crazy to think that we will be adding two more kids to this group next year.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break

I can't believe that Spring Break is almost over. The week went by way too fast. We spent Saturday through Tuesday in Keller with Ryan's family. The weather was nice for most of it so we spent the majority of our days outside. On Monday we went for a train ride and then played at the park. Ty loved riding on the train. We had a nice trip but needed to come back to some chores at home. We will just say the rest of the week was not what I had planned on.
We really want to start painting some of our rooms but of course the walls had to be primed and that was a big chore. Ryan finally finished the touch up work yesterday but of course the smell is awful and not good for us to be around. Especially me and Ty. We had to spend the majority of our day on Thursday with my parents and even spent the night. We thought it would be better yesterday, but My Mom after being in our house for a while yesterday said that Ty and I better stay with them again. Therefore, the majority of our day has been running errands or at my parents. We are home now and the smell is not as bad but we will see what happens. I am ready for our house to be normal again and not in shambles. We still have tons of yard work to do but of course it is in the 50's today! After this weekend Ryan will only have Sundays to get work done. Hopefully, our walls will get textured on Monday and Ryan can paint next Sunday....
On to some good news. Our addition is looking really good. The Roofers stayed until close to 9:30pm last night trying to finish. Thank goodness they did because we got rain early this Morning. Our Supper Club also met last night for a Murder Mystery. It was a fun night and I will write about it in another post and I also have some house pictures. Ty with some of his cousins: Callie, Jake, and Caleb.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Back Home

Well, Ryan spent all day yesterday priming the nursery and our hall way. We are trying to get it ready for the Dry Wall people who will be coming to texture our walls next week. I hope!! Our house is currently in shambles.
Therefore, Ty and I were not allowed to be around yesterday. Thanks goodness for a Zoo playgroup that was planned. After that we spent the day and evening with Ghee and Poppy. We came back home this Morning.

Well, now I am of with Ty and my Mom to pick out appliances and counter tops for our addition! I love this...

I will try and catch up later!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day 5k and Kids In The Kitchen

Saturday Morning was a big Morning for the Junior League of Bell County. We partnered with Scott and White along Children's Miracle Network and hosted a St Patrick's Day 5k run and Kids run along with our leagues Kids in the Kitchen ( KITK) event. All I can say is it was a HUGE success. Our League's awesome community council has been working on this event since the Fall! It all started on Thursday with preparing race packets to handing out race packets on Friday night at S&W to the big race on Saturday. I was thrilled that I was able to participate in all of these wonderful events.
Last year we helped with this event but not as much as we did this year. Last year they had a little over 400 participants and this year we had 911 participants!!!!!!!!! As of last night the total amount of money raised was $25,000 that will all go to the Children's Miracle Network! I will say that we surpassed all of our goals.
KITK is a wonderful event that is a nation wide program for the Junior League. Our goal is to teach healthy eating habits to kids. We set up a booth on Saturday and we had so many kids come and make healthy snacks with us. There were so many fun events for kids that Morning. I signed up to work the KITK booth and I loved every minute of it. The kids were adorable and I loved the hands on experience. JLBC Board Members at 6am on Saturday Morning ready to work. Only missing 3 of our members.
Check out this amazing group of volunteers.
Meal Comparison
Community Council- Jennifer, Jen, and Sally. These women worked so hard on this wonderful event! It was a huge success because of all of their hard work.

These are the snacks we made with the kids. Bunnies and Spider sandwiches. So cute.
Me and Pam. (Pam is Community VP)
Maggie and Clark making a bunny to snack on.
What a wonderful event! I am already looking forward to next year!