Friday, September 19, 2014

We Are Family

It has been so special to be apart of my Cousins special and fun wedding showers. A few weeks ago the boys were included for a fun Fish Fry. I am beyond grateful for this family and cherish the times we are together. I also enjoyed a fun night out with my date for the evening. It doesn't happen a lot, so it is fun when we get a night out.
 We are getting closer and closer to the big day!!! The flower girl has her dress, so all we need is the tuxedo for the ring bearer. Lots of fun times and memories to come in the following months.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweet Friendship

Over Labor Day weekend I made a really quick trip to catch up with this special friend. We met when were five years old, and my life would not be the same with out "my" Sara in it. She was that friend that never left my side after my brother died, and she was also that friend that never left my side after Landry died. Our friendship knows hard, but we also know good and cherish the good and fun times we have shared together over the years. 
After High School our paths went different ways, but now matter how long we always can pick up right where we left off, and that is a sign of a special and lasting friendship that I am thankful to have. I love you, Sara and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rain Or Shine

We have had some rain over the weekend, but that does not stop soccer games. Rain or shine the games must go on. However, this rain brought some much cooler temps.
As for GK..... she was not feeling this 8 am game, with pictures at 7 am!! Not to mention the Royal football game the night the before, which was an out of town game. Late night and early morning call did not work well for our family, but we did with rain in our face and smiles on our face.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Soccer Season

Along with a ballet dancer in the house we also have a soccer player, too. Soccer Season officially got under way last week with practice on Monday and Friday, and game on Saturday. Tyler's team named themselves the Dynamos. I guess the biggest news for this Season is Ryan is not coaching. Ryan offered, but another Dad beat him to it. Ryan has coached Tyler in everything since he started playing sports. However, this is probably a good experience for both Tyler and Ryan. Well, we are also playing in a different league. This year we are trying Katy youth soccer. It reminds me a lot of the league we played with back in Temple. So far it is going well, and we are ready for a fun a growing season.
Tyler had a huge cheering section for his first game. The important guests were his Ghee, Aunt Carol, and Poppy. We loved having all of them there with us, and had a fun weekend with them. 
We are supper proud of our biggest for always playing hard and trying his best! We can't wait to cheer him on through out his season.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tiny Dancer

Along with Tyler starting first grade; Georgia Kate started her first ballet last class week.
I grew up doing ballet, so there was something so special about preparing our tiny dancer for her first ballet class. I had tears in my eye when I put those pink ballet slippers on Gk's feet. The most special part of ballet is having her special friend in class with her. It is so fun sharing this experience with sweet friends. 
I was super proud of our girl for just going right and dancing her little heart out. There truly is nothing sweeter  than tiny dancers.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back To School

School started on August 25. So, this Back to School post is better late than never. The first day had some tears, but thankfully the following days were filled with first grade goodness! I think we are all getting back in to our school routine. Back to School also marks lots of after school activities. As of right now it looks like Monday night is the only night we don't have something. But, that is subject to change.
We are so thankful to be apart of a great school and I simply adore haring about Tyler's days and love homework time so I get a glimpse off all that he his learning. Can't wait for a year of growth and amazing memories and moments.