Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Past and Present

Last year at Halloween Ty had just turned 3 months old. Of course since it was Ty's first Halloween we had to have two costumes for him. It is amazing what a difference a year makes. This year Ty is 15 months and we are lucky if he keeps his Yoda hat and costume on!

Happy Halloween from the Steele's.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Very Special Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had numerous birthday wishes and then last night I was treated to dinner by my favorite people, Ryan, Ty, and my Mom and Dad. A great dinner at Olive Garden (Temple has one now) and then back to my parents house for Ice Cream Cake and presents.

I am one lucky Daughter, Wife, and Mother.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy

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Yummy Snack Time

Ty loves eating a snack at Ghee and Poppy's house because Ghee lets him sit in a big boy chair. I saw him eating his snack (a yummy pear) there for the first time yesterday and he seemed so proud and all grown up.
The title is a song on of of Ty's favorites Cd's so I know have the song stuck in my head.

Today as been a great day. I have now decided that Wednesday is one of my favorite days because it is Bible Study day and I can't tell you all how much I love my Mom's Bible Study and how thrilled I am that Ty loves going to the nursery to see his friends. Plus on Wednesday I always wake up at least an hour before Ty and I love that quit time in the morning. Good days are so great! I hope you are having a good day as well!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Early Birthday Celebration

Last Saturday my sweet friends Kassie and Lindsay hosted an early Birthday Celebration for me at the Dead Fish Grill over looking Lake Belton. It was gorgeous. Enjoy all the fun pictures. Me with Kassie
Two of the greatest girls around. Kassie and Lindsay

Me, Meredith, Heather, and Lesley: AKA Junior League Girls!

Me with Lindsay

Me with Lesley

Steele's and Belobrajdic's

Kassie, Me, Kristy, and Lindsay

They even got me an Ice Cream Cake. My favorite!!

Almost 32! Gasp!

A group of wonderful friends: Heather, Lesley, Kassie, Christina, Me, Lindsay, and Kristy. Not everyone could make it but we had a great time.

Last but not least my wonderful husband!
The night was perfect. Great view, food, drinks, and of course the great friends and conversation made it complete. Thanks to everyone who came and helped me celebrate.

Monday, October 27, 2008

15 Month Check-UP

This afternoon Ty had his 15 month check-up complete with shots. Ty is so good every time that we go to doctor and we don't go that often. Thank goodness. Ty is still growing like a weed! As if you can't tell.
I forgot Ty's 15 month stats: 28 pounds 32 inches tall. Holy Cow!!!!! Ty is almost off the measurement table...... Slow down my sweet boy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thank You

Kassie and Lindsay are the BEST Hostesses around. Thank you both so much for hosting a wonderful Birthday Celebration for me. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. I will post more pictures and share all the wonderful memories I have from last night in my next post.

Fall Festival Time

Today we headed out to Westphalia so we could attend a Fall Carnival hosted by Westphalia's PTO. It was a fun afternoon and of course Ty loved putting on his costume again. We loved getting to see all of Ryan's students dressed in their costumes. I think Ty was cutest boy out there!
Can you believe that this handsome boy in these pictures just turned 15 months old today. What a precious and fun little boy we have.
Last night I had a wonderful early Birthday celebration. I have tons of pictures that I will post soon. I am worn out from our crazy and fast week and weekend we had. Have a great week!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Purses, Pumps, and Pizzazz!

What a wonderful past two days! The sale was a HUGE success. I will have a total very soon. Enjoy the pictures of us in front of the BMW's.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look At What I Did This Morning.

You got is right. I decorated the Second Hand Rose Store window with my friend Christina. Keep in mind there is usually a professional that does this but our fall class was in charge this month due to their sale this weekend. Keep in mind Christina and I have NEVER decorated a store window or dressed manikins before. We laughed the whole time. What better way to cure the stress I am feeling right now. We will have some huge banners back behind the clothing to add some color and make it POP!
I spent four hours up at the store last night pricing and sorting and then 2 1/2 hours this morning decorating the window and then I will head up to the store later this afternoon to help finish up. Ryan and my parents have been so amazing this week with Ty. I miss my little man so much. We will have some time this afternoon and all day tomorrow until the evening to play.
Oh, I will be on TV tomorrow morning promoting Purses, Pumps, and Pizzazz! I am traveling to Waco at 4:15 am with one other girl. If you are up BRIGHT and EARLY you can catch us on the Morning Buzz with KWTX. Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just One Of The Dogs

I turn my back for one second and this is what I find. Just look and you will find how it turns out. Three things you can tell about Ty from this picture is he loves dogs, water, and being outside. Yesterday was a great day for Ty. I am still not sure what Abbie and Cooper thought of their new water buddy that took control of their water bowl. Ty is such a boy!

Ty and I have already had a great day. We love Wednesday because it is Bible Study day. I even managed to get out of bed when Ryan woke up so I could make him Breakfast and have some quite time before Ty woke up. I think that is something I need to start doing. I loved being able to just relax and focus on my day for a little bit.
Ty was so great in the nursery this morning. He does not even look when I leave the room but he always has a big smile for me when I return. How blessed I feel as a Mom that Ty is in a wonderful surrounding with all of his little buddies. Today in the class their were three little babies with us. I will admit it is making me want another one. GASP! These are just thoughts.
This week is still crazy and I will be away from home a lot. I am already starting to feel guilty. However, I am counting down the days until Saturday. Did I mention I love this month because It is my Birthday (Next Wednesday). Let me start by saying that I have some Awesome friends in my life that would do anything for me. My dear friends Kassie and Lindsay are throwing me a party on Saturday night. We are having drinks and dinner at The Dead Fish Grill over looking Lake Belton. I have never been but I can't wait to sit outside with the beautiful scenery and wonderful friends. There should be about 15 of us. Fun times ahead! Have a great rest of your week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spooky Witches Hat

Ty will not keep anything on his head unless he is distracted by something really interesting. So you can't really see the Spooky Witches Hat that I am wearing to our JL meeting tonight. We all have to wear a Halloween Hat of some sort so I went for a Witches Hat! Thanks Target. Maybe I will try again later.....
I almost got the hat to stay on him while he was watching Elmo's World.

Come One Come All

This weekend our Fall Provisional Class is doing their Fall project. All of the girls have worked so hard planning this wonderful event and I am so thrilled to be a part of it. The new members get to create their own project, so this year they decided on a Purses, Pumps, and Pizzazz Sale at the Second Hand Rose. The Second Hand Rose is the Junior League's store. The event kicks off on Friday with a Preview Party and Champagne Toast and the Sale is on Saturday. All of the proceeds will benefit the Scott and White Child Life Camps and the Second Hand Rose. This girls were able to get a sponsorship with BMW for $1250.00! Talk about huge! I can't wait to see how much money they raise.
Therefore, this is what I will be doing the rest of week. I have something every night starting tonight. I know Ty will be trilled to have Ryan home. Ryan was at a Volleyball last night and got home after Ty went to bed. So this morning he walked all over the house calling out for Dada. What a sweet little boy. Have a great day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Play Group

Today we spent the day with pumpkins and friends. Warning there are lots of pictures (out of order) of all the kids in their costumes. You are about to see what Ty is this year for Halloween. However, I could not keep it on him the whole time. He will have plenty of more opportunities to wear it. Overall we had a great Morning!
Landyn was a beautiful Butterfly. I love this costume!
Aynsley was a cute little lady bug!
After the Pumpkin Patch everyone came over to our house for a little Halloween Party. However, the majority of the kids liked looking out our dogs. It looks like Hudson, Aynsley, and Ty are having a little conversation.Surprise!!! Tyler is Yoda for Halloween. I wonder who helped us pick out that costume? I will admit Ty looks so cute in it! I am impressed he lets me leave the hat on him.Landyn, Ty, and Keifer (AKA Elmo)Whitney and her cute little Lady Bug Sadie! What a precious little girl.

Best of friends. What a sweet Elmo.

As you can see from all the pictures the kids had a great time playing together. The only one I could not get a picture of was Hudson. I can never get a picture of him..... Sorry Lindsay.

Have a good week! We are busy all week but that is how we like it!!!!