Friday, July 23, 2010

New Look

My sweet Amma was ready for a new picture so we decided to give my blog a new look. Thank you Ryan for helping me find a new background. Amma this is just for you and we hope you like it. We love you and miss you!

Puppy Love

Ty has been doing really well with potty training. He is great at going potty and he will go anywhere so that is nice. However going poo poo was a different story. Ty would go pee pee on the potty but he was not comfortable going poo poo so he would go in his underpants. Yucky!!! When we went to Port Aransas a couple of weekends ago I was telling my friends about our poo poo issue and mentioned that maybe my Mom would get him to poop on the potty and sure enough I got a phone call that Ty finally went poo poo!! We all started shouting because we were so proud of Ty!!
My parents cabinet maker, Bull has a dog that Ty LOVES. Ty loved when Bull was working at our house because he would bring Bella with him. Ty talks about Bella all the time and so that is what my Mom used to get him to go. I think Ty went and saw Bella twice when we were gone for going poo poo (we don't go every time he goes poop). Bull is so great with us coming out there just to see Bella. Ty still has some poop issues but overall he is doing so much better. This week he has done really well so my Mom took him to see Bella on Monday while I was at the Doctor and then I finally made the trip with them on Thursday! Bella is so sweet and Ty really loves seeing her. He always gets a big smile on his face after he poops on the potty and says "I go see Bella"! We will get this poop thing down one day!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hats Galore

Pool Buddies

This afternoon we headed to the Country Club or (Poppy's Pool) as Ty likes to call it with our friends the Marshall's and Brashear's. The kids had the best time swimming and splashing. All of the Daddy's were working late so the kids were able to have dinner together. We sure did have some fun in the sun and I had one tired boy when we got home. I wish I would have been able to take more pictures, but the only one I could get was at the end of our trip when Ty and Keifer found a fun hiding place at the pool.
We also had Bible Study this Morning so overall we have had a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Group B Strep Infection

Yesterday Morning when I went to the Doctor I found out that I had Group B Strep Infection- this is a form of bacteria that can be found in pregnant women. I was tested for it at my last appointment. Of course I started to panic because I did not develop this with Ty. I will be given an antibiotic when I go in to labor with Landry. The antibiotic should prevent Landry from getting any sort of infection during delivery. My prayer is that it works and that Landry remains healthy.
Doctor Fothergill reassured that it can be common for women to develop this bacteria with 2nd pregnancies and he told me that he wife developed it with their 2nd, so I felt a little better when I head that. I am still trying to remain calm and positive and just continue to pray for a healthy labor and delivery.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Party Weekend

Last weekend was a BIG party weekend. We had Ty's 3rd Birthday Party on Saturday and then on Saturday evening we finally made it out to The Oscar Store with all of our family that was in town. We loved it and the food was great. However, I ended up having to leave early with the Birthday Party Boy because he was all partied out. However, Ryan and I keep talking about how we want to go back. Maybe in the Fall we can make a trip with some of our friends and enjoy it a little more. Sunday was another party day, because Ty's friends Keifer and Lily celebrated their 4th and 2nd Birthday! Christina and I always have our parties on the same weekend! There was a jump house and a pinata. However, it only took the third boy to swing to knock all the candy out. Ty really wanted to hit with the bat... he was a little uncertain about running to get the candy but he finally made is way in and got some suckers. After the Marshall's we loaded up and headed to the Vaught's house for dinner. Of course Ty and Madison had a blast playing together. They ran all over the front and back yard. Needless to say Ty was all partied our yesterday, too. Thank goodness for today, because we were able to relax.
This Morning I did have my weekly Dr. Apt and I was dilated to a 2 so I made some progress..... I guess. My Doctor is going out of town next week for a conference so he kept telling me not to have Landry while he was gone. I hope I don't because I really want him to deliver Landry, but I know I will be in good hands if Landry happens to come next week. The last few weeks are always the worst because you just never know when the big day will come!
Pinata fun and playing horseshoes at The Oscar Store while waiting for our table. I think Ryan enjoyed playing as much as the boys did.

Tyler's 3rd Birthday Party

One week from today our sweet little boy will be 3!! I am still having a hard time believing that. However, we decided to have his party on Saturday just in case Landry decides to come early. I wanted to do something low key since I was pregnant and close to delivering, so we rented a pavilion at Miller Park and let the kids have fun at the park and splash pad. There is also a duck pond so we brought plenty of food to feed the ducks. Overall it was a fun day spent with several good friends and family.
Ty's Nana and Papa came to the party and they brought his cousin, Jacob. Poppy, Ghee, Ty's Great-Grandmother (Ma), Aunt Jesse, and Logan were also at the party. Ty is still taking his time opening his presents (we have still not opened all of them). He is probably the only kid around that does not want to open his presents right away. What a fun way to celebrate turning 3!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lessons In The Tub

Counting and doing the alphabet while we take a bath!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun In The Sun

I finally got some pictures from our fun weekend trip to Port A! We really had an amazing weekend and I am so thankful we were able to go. Our Group.
I finally got a picture with Ryan.

These next two pictures are my favorite and I think frame worthy. Even Landry and Zoe are in the picture. I truly love these girls and am so thankful for each and every one of them.

Ty had MDO this Morning so I ran around and got a lot party stuff for this weekend. This afternoon we headed to the pool. Our week is kind of crazy with getting everything done for Ty's party and getting our house ready for family.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Helping Hands

After dinner Ty decided to lend a helping hand to his Daddy who was doing some touch up work on our patio (our patio has had a make over and I will take pictures when it is all complete).
This Morning marked the first of my weekly Doctor Appointments. I am still in shock that it is already that time and everyday day we are getting closer and closer to meeting Landry James! I am also feeling a little panicked over how much I would like to get done before he makes his appearance. I guess it is time to get busy. Landry is doing well and his head his down so that makes me feel good. As my Doctor put it: he is on the launching pad. I am also dilated, which I could not believe but my Doctor mentioned that is common with 2ND babies. I go again next Monday so we will see what happens then.
Until then I must prepare for Ty's 3rd Birthday party which is this weekend. We thought we might have it early just in case Landry decides to come a little early! I am also in shock that I will have a 3 year old in two weeks.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Port Aransas

Our Supper Club had our second annual road trip to Port Aransas over the weekend! We all came back with some sun so I think that is proof that we had a wonderful trip. We were only missing one person this year..... we missed you DJ but we hope your were able to get a lot of work done. I took a few pictures but I relied on others with better cameras to take more, so I will be posting more when I get them. This weekend was just a reminder of how lucky and blessed we are to have such amazing friends. We laughed, ate amazing food, relaxed on the beach, and went on boat rides. I think that equals a great weekend. Christina and me. My preggo buddy, Whitney! Last year we had one pregnant and this year we had two preggos. I wonder what will happen next year?

The girls decided to get matching beach bags this year! Our husbands thought we were the biggest dorks! I loved it... K.C., Lindsay, me, Christina, and Whitney
Ghee and Poppy watched Ty this weekend and he had a blast! He did not want to leave their house when we came to pick him up. Thank you Mom and Dad for taking such good care of our little man. He has been asking for you both ever since we left your house.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Snow Cone

After Dinner on Tuesday evening we headed to The Whistle Stop playground for some play time. After we played a little bit we thought we would treat Ty to his very first Snow Cone. The Snow Cone store was right across the street from the play ground. I think it is safe to say we have found a new Summertime favorite. We had a felling he would like since he is such a big fan of Popsicles. We got Ty a green snow cone, because that is his favorite color and that is what he asked for. What a fun evening treat!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Artist For A Day

The weekly play group that we attend had a Mommy and Me art class this Morning. Wednesday Morning is normally our Bible Study day, but I thought this might be a fun outing for us. A few of our friends from Bible Study were at the mini art class today so it was fun seeing a lot of good friends. A local artist that owns a studio in Georgetown came and led the class and I think the adults and kids had a great time. We were supposed to be paining bugs but Ty had another plan as you can see. I had the best time watching Ty explore with all the differnt colors. When he finished he said "look at my firework". I think Ty is still dreaming about the firwworks from last Sunday. After painting and a fun pot luck lunch we headed home to rest up for some fun at the Park and Splash Pad with Madison. We had a full day with good friends!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One More

I could not get this picture on my last post, but it is one of my favorites so I thought I would share. Thank you, Lauren for posting this so I could borrow it. :) I love this.


On Sunday evening we had a few friends over to watch the Miller Park 4Th of July Firework Show. We live right down the street from Miller Park so you can see the Fireworks from our street. We have decided to make this a yearly tradition!
We loved spending the 4Th with the Vaught's, King's, and Brashear's. This was Tyler's first year to watch (stay awake) for the show and he loved it. All of the kids had a great time with their glow sticks and loved seeing the Fireworks. Ty keeps talking about them and wants to see them again. Ty loved pointing out the colors and green was his favorite!
All of the kids getting their glow sticks ready for the big show. Hudson, Cinco, Madison, and Sadie.

K.C. and Sydney. Sydney was a trooper and hung all night with the big kids.

(Please note: That is a glow stick in Ryan's ear, not a cigarette...He just wanted me to clarify!)

Weekend Favorites

Here are some more of my favorite pictures from our 4Th of July weekend that did not make my earlier posts. The top one is Abbie and Ty enjoying some cool water. They are so cute! Ty loved helping me and Daddy move the barricades for the parade. What a good little helper.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Fun

After the parade we headed home to pack our bags and head to Lakeway to spend the day at my Aunt and Uncles new house with my Dad's family. It was great seeing everyone. Unfortunately, my camera died right when we got there so I did not get too many pictures.
We spent the majority of our afternoon outside in the pool. Thankfully the weather cooperated with us. Ty became fast friends with my cousins little girl, Abbie. Ty wanted to be with Abbie at all times.
We could see several firework shows from the house so we sat back on Saturday evening and watched all the beautiful fireworks (Ty lasted until 9pm, so he missed out on the show). We woke up early on Sunday and enjoyed a big breakfast and then headed back home with Ghee and Poppy. We got home in time to clean our house and prepare for friends and fireworks!

3rd of July Parade

Come rain or shine we were determined to have the Historical District July 4th parade. My Morning started at 6:30 am with a balloon party at a neighbors house, and we blew up over two hundred balloons and had people lining the street with red white and blue balloons. However, most of our balloons looked really sad once they got out in the rain. It poured until right before the parade started.... however, that did not stop us. After the balloon party I headed home to get the boys so we could get the barricades set up and pick up lemonade from Chick Fil A.
We headed to the start of the parade and I was so relieved to see people lining the streets with wagons and bikes. A police car and two fire trucks were all ready for the parade, too! I must say that despite the rain we had a fun Morning with friends and neighbors. However, I was relieved when it was all over and I could enjoy time visiting with friends and taking Ty to see the fire truck.
Thank you North Temple for coming together and helping us put together a wonderful parade.
Madiosn came and joined Ty in his wagon.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from our family to yours!