Thursday, October 31, 2013

School Halloween Party

This afternoon Ty's class had their Halloween party and it was so much fun. I loved being able to help and be apart of Tyler's class party. Georgia Kate was good and just loved being in Tyler's class with all the big kids. She wanted to do everything they did, and she even got all the treats that the class got, too. Lucky girl.
I tried so hard to get a picture of Tyler and GK looking at me but oh my goodness you would have thought my kids had never seen food before. I don't by a lot sweets for our house, especially candy and you would have thought Ty and GK hit the jack pot. I was so thankful for the fruit on their plates. Because, we are only going to get more candy, tonight. I"m going to start hiding all the treats starting tomorrow from the kids, and maybe myself.... ;) I might have Ryan hide it and not tell us where it is. 
You know Halloween is not one of my favorite Holiday's, but I do love seeing all the kids dressed up. So cute and creative.
Today was a great way to prepare for a fun evening of Trick Or Treating. It will be a new adventure for us as we explore what our new community has to offer. Part of misses the familiarity of our old neighborhood today, and being surrounded by neighbors and friends. Well, change and trying new things is all apart of this new adventure.  

 Can you spot the new Student? GK loved being apart of everything.
 We are so thankful for a wonderful Teacher for Tyler this year. Ty loves her and his class. So thankful for a positive experience for him.

Trick Or Tooth

We had a busy night and Morning in our house. It all started after bedtime. Tyler went to bed at 8 pm and walked in after 9 telling me he could not sleep, so we talked for a little bit and then I walked to get something and Tyler shouts, I lost a tooth! Tyler lost his 4th tooth (his first top tooth). Tyler immediately asked for his tooth fairy pillow, but our Tooth Fairy was not prepared, because we had no clue Ty had a loose tooth. Therefore, we had to tell Tyler that it was too late for the tooth fairy to come and she will come tomorrow. I hope our Tooth Fairy remembers to stop at the bank before bedtime tonight. ;)  

This Morning we woke up to Police Officer Ty! Tyler was super excited about being able to wear his costume to School. They went Trick or Treating through the Kindergarten Hallway this morning  and their class Halloween Party is this afternoon. I am going to go help during his party, well at least I hope to help. We will see what Georgia Kate will let me do. I know GK will be excited about seeing Tyler in his classroom. Lots of fun activities today. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Duck Park

In all the craziness of last Friday I forgot to add that a MOPS group in Katy finally had an opening and my first meeting with them was last Friday morning. I have never participated in a MOPS group before, and so I had no clue what to expect. But, I am at the point where I will try anything just to connect with other Women/Moms and hopefully create some friendships. Forming friendships is tough. Or at least I feel like it has been a struggle for me. I know it will get better, but we have been here for 2 months and I still feel like I'm trying to find a way to fit in. 
The MOPS here is huge and you are assigned a color, and that is the table you sit at. I was the newbie at the table, but they did invite us to to their yellow table play group on Monday, at a Park in Katy. There is another MOPS meeting next Friday, so we will give it another try.
The Moms that I went with called it the Duck Park, and it was beautiful. Not at all like the Duck Park in Temple. Georgia Kate loved it! It had a fun play ground attached to it, which was the perfect size for her. I packed some duck food and GK loved feeding the ducks. They were very nice ducks and GK became fast friends with them. :)
We will defiantly go back to this new find sometime soon.    

Yesterday marked the last day of the 6 week Bible Study I was attending, so we will miss our Tuesday morning outing starting next week. They might start up again in the Spring if they have enough interest. I really loved the study and GK enjoyed her time playing. We will have to find something fun to fill its place.
All I can say is I am thankful for all of this special time I have with Georgia Kate. She is so much fun and makes a cute sidekick.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Festival

Friday evening our School District held its first Fall Festival and I truly think it was a fun evening for all that attended, and the turn was was truly encouraging and surprising. Every grade level and or club/organization was in charge of a booth. There were so many fun activities for kids of all ages, Ex: Petting Zoo, Cake Walk, Dunking Booth, Bounce House, Throw a Pie in the Face, Greased Pig contest (which Tyler tried), plus numerous food booths. The PTO at Ty's school was in charge of selling drinks. And, I think from now on I will always choose drinks to be in charge of. You were right, Ryan. Thanks! ;)
Since this is the first year for Ty's school to "officially" have a PTO we don't really have a budget. Well, we do now. I created so many flyers leading up the festival asking for drinks donations of water and soft drinks. We were really concerned at first by not having a good response or enough parental support, and having to purchase a lot of drinks with our own money, but boy we were blown away by the response from parents. We have enough drinks to host several more events this year alone! We thought about selling drinks by the case towards the end of the night on Friday. ;) The PTO raised $373.00! Just by selling water and soft drinks. Not too bad for a Fall Festival Fundraiser. 

Both Tyler and Georgia Kate had great time considering they probably did not get to do as many activities as they would have liked. It was really only me and one other Mom selling drinks so I was not able to leave that area for too long and Ryan of course had Administrative duties, but we made it work. Gk got really good at handing me drinks out of coolers.
Such a fun evening being a Royal Falcon. It was a great way to kick off Halloween and all the fun Festivities that the next couple of months will hold. Can't believe how fast this school year is flying by.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Snuggles

These two love to snuggle together. I simply adore that there are two other chairs in there, but they still prefer sitting together. They love cozy. This sight warms my heart.
Tyler had a soccer game this morning and scored 2 GOALS!! I am bummed that I missed the entire game because GK was at the playground the whole game. I love that it keeps her occupied and off the field, but I'm not sure if I am fan. The next game I am going to have to make her stay with me so I can watch, or I will miss every game this season.
I had plans to try to go back to Temple this afternoon for the JLBC Fundraiser this evening, but we have either been out of town or had a house full of family the past 3 weeks in a row and I needed some down time with my family. Plus, the Royal ISD Fall Festival was last night and this week has been a whirlwind of last minute prep and it has left me feeling run down and exhausted today. Sometimes a relaxed weekend at home is just want you need to re charge.

Birthday Festivities

We had a fun day on Tuesday celebrating our favorite 2 year old, Georgia Kate. I treated GK first thing in the morning by singing Happy Birthday when I got her out of bed, followed by a Birthday Pancake with a 2 candle. We learned from Gk's party that she loves blowing out candles, and the same went for Tuesday. I lost count of how many times we lit, sang, and blew out again and again. After breakfast it was time to head to Katy for Bible Study. This has become such a special time for me and Georgia Kate, as well. We love getting out of the house and mingling and playing for a bit. Next week is our last study of the fall, but I'm hoping they start over in the Spring.
After Bible Study I took GK to HEB to pick out cup cakes and a Happy Birthday balloon! That balloon made her day. And Chick Fil A lunch for a special treat, too. Before we knew it it was time to pick up Tyler, so that made GK's day as well. Tyler even sang to her, too. Daddy came home a little early so we could have a fun Birthday evening outing.
Fist stop on our Birthday evening was to the Royal Agriculture building to see goats. This building has become a favorite for our family. Tyler and Georgia Kate love getting up close to animals and all the students are so wonderful with them. I just always make sure their hands are washed and sanitized at all times.
After the goats it was time for Chuck E Cheese's. Both kids love this place. Thankfully, we only tend to do this restaurant on special occasions because it can be a very expensive outing, and I think I can only handle it on a limited bases. We come home to cup cakes and blowing out the candle again, again. ;)
What a full and Fun day celebrating, Georgia Kate! We can't wait to see what God has in store for our girl this year. We love you, Georgia Kate!!    

Opening a couple of presents before going out for the evening. GK loved the Dora Pony Palace that Tyler gave her. It went with us that night and ended up in her bed that night as well. The gift is still played with a lot. Gk's loves Tyler so much. They have such a special bond and I love watching them together. I think Georgia Kate will tell you that he has good taste in presents and knows what she likes.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lost Count

Well, over the past couple of days I think I have lost count of why I love living in the same District where Ryan works. I really am trying to find the positive in all things. Today, Ryan forgot his lunch so that meant me and Georgia Kate got to take a trip to the Administration Building. GK loves the mini park that is attached to it. Well, in park I mean old slide and swings. That does not bother GK, she goes down the slide over and over again... I loose count. The Administration is a win win for our girl, Daddy and Park.
Such a fun outing with our boot wearing girl.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon at School and today was Orange Day, "Orange cha You Glad You don't Do Drugs". They also received a red ribbon that they are supposed to wear daily. Sweet Tyler, forgot to put his on this morning when he left the house. Ryan dropped him off and came back to get the ribbon to take back to Ty at school. Another reason why I love living in the district. ;)
Tyler went on his first field trip of the year today. The Kindergartners went to Houston to see the play, The Cat In The Hat. After the play they got to eat lunch at a park. Tyler loved it, but his favorite part of the field trip was riding a School Bus and Houston! ;).
Tyler still loves everything about school and is doing really well. We are so proud of our Falcon Kindergartner.

Another Reason

Some days I just feel like I am one big ball of negativity about this move, but then on a day like today I am beyond thankful for this move and grateful for this opportunity for our family. I know that might sound a little confusing, but I'm still working on fully adjusting to this area. It is getting a little better but sometimes I still miss the comforts and familiarity of home.
Back to the reason why I started this post. This morning Royal ISD hosted the Cross Country District Meet and Ryan was working the finish line, which happened to be at Tyler's school. Tyler had a field trip today so he was not at school during the meet. This was GK's first Cross Country meet and the weather was beautiful. I really love living in the district where Ryan works and Tyler goes to school. It allows us the opportunity to be involved 100% with the School and Administration. And by far my favorite is we have the opportunity to see Ryan a lot more, which is also a treat for Tyler and Georgia Kate. We always love supporting our favorite Deputy Superintendent and his District.
Our new town might not have a lot to offer just yet, but thank goodness the School District always has something going on. It has definitely  been enough to keep us on the go. Friday is the Fall Festival, so the next couple of days we will be in full Festival mode.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Happy Birthday, Georgia Kate! We love you, We love you and you are perfect for us. God has wonderful things in store for you.
Georgia Kate you will always be are beautiful rainbow after a storm. A precious reminder that you were meant just for us. We thank God for you daily and are so blessed that he chose us to be your parents.

"The beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn't mean the storm never happened. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds."

Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthday Eve

As I sit here looking at these pictures that Ghee took of Georgia Kate while I was gone, It is obvious to me that we are not the only ones that think the world of  her. So many people from all over anxiously awaited for her arrival in to this world TWO years ago and rejoiced with us when GK was born. 
Georgia Kate on this day two years we were preparing for your Birthday, and anxiously awaiting for our family to grow. It felt strange to know the exact day that you were going to be born. Both of your brothers were big surprises, but my heart needed to know everything about your special day. Every thing about your birth was beautiful and filled with absolute joy. You captured our hearts at first heartbeat and it was absolute love at first sight from the moment I saw from the first time I held you in my arms. Georgia Kate your features reminded me so much of your brothers, but I especially loved all the glimpses that reminded me of your brother, Landry. Today, you have turned in to a beautiful little girl. 
Georgia Kate you are our restoring hope and brought pure joy back in to our family and home. You are the greatest gift and we thank God for you daily. Happy Birthday Eve, Georgia Kate.   

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grandparent's Day On The Field

Yesterday was Grandparent's Day at Ty's Soccer Game. We are so thankful that Ghee and Poppy made the trip to watch Tyler play, again this weekend. What a lucky Boy. I heard he played really well, too. I am so proud of Tyler and I hate that I had to miss his game, but I can't wait to cheer him on the rest of the season.

 I'm back home, but my heart is still in New Orleans with my best friend and her family. My time there was filled with an array of emotions. All I know is that I would not have wanted to be anywhere else over the past several days. I'm still filled with numerous tears as I type this. Driving home yesterday I knew that I would need a day or two to decompress.
 Tears followed by laughter was how our days were filled, but I know for a fact that I witnessed miracle after miracle. More on this journey of Hope.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cowgirl Birthday Party

YEE- Haw!! Our little Cowgirl, Georgia Kate is turning 2. 
We had a fun Saturday celebrating Georgia Kate with family and a close family friend. It was a very small celebration this year since we recently moved, but deep down I think it was perfect and GK loved everything about it. It was fun involving her and her likes in to the theme of the day. She had a big part with the decor and the tableware and cake was all her! Seriously, she walked around the house for days with her plates and napkins in hand. The girl knows when she sees something she likes and it will become her new favorite thing.
The Birthday girl even made a mini costume change right before presents and cake. A girl after my own heart. I think GK's party fit her perfectly and we are so thankful to everyone that came to help us celebrate our little Cowgirl, Georgia Kate.
Georgia Kate turns 2 next Tuesday, so we can't wait to love and celebrate her all over again. We are so thankful for Georgia Kate and the absolute joy that she has brought in to our lives. She is a true gift of hope and joy. I can't wait to see what this next year will hold for her and our family. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In Times Of Need

A nice chill in the air, rain pounding on the window and a cup of coffee next to me that has not been forgotten about or reheated 2-3 times. A perfect day to some but all I hear is quiet.
I got word last Wednesday from my College Roommate and very close friend, that her son was in a drowning accident and in the PICU. Tears filled my eyes as I heard the story unfold. My heart ached for Rebekah and I knew that I had to find a way to be there for her during this hard time. We do good together and we do hard together. Thankfully, another friend thought the same thing so we got a plan in place last Friday and are leaving for New Orleans this afternoon to love and support Rebekah and her family during this journey. Precious Graham is a fighter and is defying all odds but they still have a long road to travel with his recovery. So thankful for a God that performs miracles and is faithful in times of need.
However, this would not have been possible with out Ryan encouraging me to go and the awesome support of both Grandparents that will jump at the opportunity to watch Georgia Kate. Tyler is thrilled as he will get to ride the bus to the Administration building where Ryan is the rest of the week. Tyler LOVES being a bus rider. I'm sure both of my boys are looking forward to some special guy time together.Georgia Kate left yesterday afternoon, and boy did we miss our girl last night. It was very quiet last night as it is right now, and right now I will take loud and a mess over quiet.
 But with that being said I know I need this quiet today as I prepare to love and just be there for my precious friend. So thankful to God for preparing this day for me and allowing the opportunity to leave home for a couple of days.

 Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Dewberry Farm

We found a gem of a place that is about 2 minutes from our house. Dewberry Farm is a huge Pumpkin Patch that has numerous rides, games, and attractions for all ages. We went ahead and bought a season pass, because Tyler and Georgia Kate loved it and since we are so close to it, it made sense. They are open every weekend until November and then they close and open back up during December when they become a Christmas Tree farm. I am a huge real Christmas Tree fan, so I love that. I see some fun weekends in our future. I think we might become groupies of Dewberry Farm. 
We decided to Celebrate Georgia Kate over the weekend since we would have family in town. Therefore, since our little girl is turning in to a Cowgirl, well it changes daily. GK loves to dress up. We thought Dewberry Farm would be a fun activity before cake and presents. The Birthday girl loved everything about the live animals and especially the pony ride. GK waved and kept trying to pet the pony during the ride, and at one point tried to push me away.... can we say Ms. Independent?!? 
It was a fun and very hot outing for all of us. I loved watching Ty and GK run and explore everything they had, which we did not get to everything so thank goodness for season passes and I think I know what we might be able to do over the weekend. So thankful to have found something fun so close to our house.