Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today we honored and celebrated Landry on his 3rd Birthday. We are so thankful for Landry and his amazing legacy. He is a true blessing in our life and we will be forever thankful for him and the precious time we were able to spend with him.
We still love balloon releases so what better better way to celebrate our littlest, today. The 3 blue were for Landry and Tyler's Birthday is Friday and he wanted 6 red balloons. Well, of course some were sent up too soon and 2 popped!! Thankfully we ended up with 3 for a real release and of course pictures.
So thankful for all that Landry has brought to our life and family. I know for a fact that his Birthday celebration was better than any celebration I could have thrown him. What a lucky boy, and we can't wait to celebrate together in Eternity.  

Monday, July 22, 2013


I don't think you can do San Diego with out a trip to the world famous San Diego Zoo. Well, at least our family can't. Tyler loves the zoo and that is all he talked about before we went to San Diego, and while we were in San Diego. It was a must see a do. I think GK left a fan.
We out on a Saturday so it is fairly crowded but I think we still hit everything. The Hippo, Panda and Polar Bears might have been our favorites. What a wonderful Zoo and what a wonderful trip. So thankful for that time away with family. It was very much needed.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

USS Midway

Last Friday Ryan and my Dad decided to take Ty on a boys only outing. Ty went and toured the USS Midway Aircraft Hanger. It was a San Diego first for them and I think I want to be invited next time.  I had one request of Ryan and that was to take pictures and well he did. Tyler had so much and he still talks about it. I am so thankful that could have this time together. It looked like a lot of fun. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rainy Days

It has been raining here on and off ever since Sunday. Of course we have all been a little cooped up for too long, so today.... we got our umbrellas and played in the rain. I have never been more thankful for rain and lots of fun puddles than I was this afternoon. Such sweet moments outside with these two. Moments I needed so much today. Bring the rain. 

Oh The Places We Go

Last week we were blessed and thankful to be able to go to San Diego as a family for my Gramma's funeral. We left on Tuesday evening and drove to Fort Worth and stayed with Ryan's parents and then flew out of DFW Airport on Wednesday morning. My parents flew in the same day from Austin and their flight landed 30 minutes after our flight. Talk about perfect timing. Both Ty and Georgia Kate were great travelers and had so much fun. Thank goodness for modern technology and suckers. ;)
We enjoyed soaking up some precious time and memories with my Mom's family. The Funeral was on Thursday morning, it was absolutely beautiful. We decided to stay a few extra days so we could enjoy all that San Diego has to offer and just enjoy some time with family. Of course for my kids the Hotel and the Hotel pool was probably their favorite part. They loved all the swimming, and usually went twice a day. 
We headed back to Texas on Sunday evening. Our flight was delayed so we did not land until 11:00 at night. Both Ty and Georgia were still awake and were awake for the while flight. Great little travelers. Ryan's parents picked us up from the airport and shortly after we were headed back to Temple. Both kids passed out in the car and we finally made it home around 2:40 am. It was a very long day and I still feel like we are trying to get adjusted. Overall we had a wonderful trip honoring Amma and her amazing Legacy. There is more to share and pictures to see so I am not finished with this journey, just yet.  


Such sweet cousins. 2nd Cousins to be exact. So sweet to see all of them together. Precious memories. We were missing a few but here are some.

Georgia Kate, Aaron, Sophia, Tyler, and Madison.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In The Blink Of An Eye

I had another opportunity to write for the Hope Mommies blog. Truly thankful for this organization and opportunity. Next week we will honor and remember our littlest, Landry James.

by Holly Steele
I blinked and 3 years passed right in front of me. Every year when the page on our calendar turns to July, my heart stops just as it did that early morning in late July, 2010, when 2 doctors stood in front of our family and told us that Landry did not have much longer to live.
Today, as I focus on 3 years ago and how different my life and family look, I am reminded over and over that the Lord will fulfill His purpose for us. No matter how dark some of your days are and the journey that you are now walking is not at all what you pictured, please take comfort in knowing that the Lord is not finished with you, yet.

Philippians 1:6 Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to
completion until the day of Christ Jesus

God did not, and has not forsaken us during this season of life, and He has a plan and purpose for all of the pain and heartache. As much as it hurts to think this and even write it, Gods plan for our life was not to have Landry here on earth with us for a lifetime. But I do know He has not forsaken us and He has never abandoned us for one minute. God has felt all my tears over the past 3 years, but He has never left my side. God has a plan for my family’s life and I know our amazing God is not going to abandon His works for my family.

Psalms 138:8 The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.

I blinked, and I have been filled with absolute hope and joy.

Monday, July 8, 2013


All I ever wanted. How do you get away? I think Georgia  Kate is ready to get away. Actually this is just a typical shopping trip at Target. Georgia Kate loves everything when she goes to Target. We usually walk out in tears.
I hear you Gk, There is so much I want in Target, as well. There might be days when I walk around with stuff I love but end up having to put away.... I think on some of the trips we are both shedding tears when we leave. ;)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Party Weekend

Georgia Kate loved this pool we swam in this evening because she could stand in
 most sections. Therefore, she thought she was invited to be in the picture with some of the big kids. GK our little photo bomber. ;)

 Doing what we love with our friends.... swimming. We wrapped up our nice long Holiday weekend with one really fun family swim party. We have truly enjoyed all of this fun time with some special friends this summer.
All of the kids have had so much fun together and even Georgia Kate is forming some precious friendships with the "bigger" girls.
What a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. Ryan has been home since Wednesday so it is back to work and getting back in to our summer routine.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Party Time

This morning the fun festivities continued at a Birthday Party for one of our favorite friends, Taylor. The party was at the Splash Pad right by our house so it was very close and the kids loved splashing in the water, feeding the ducks, and playing at the playground (that part was the big hit).
Georgia Kate has become very fond of Birthday parties, because she has learned that there are usually cupcakes and this is the only time she usually gets one.
 I did not realize how bad her addiction was until I looked at the precious picture of all the kids smiling at the camera and there is GK staring at the cupcakes, she literally did not move here eyes from those cupcakes until there was one in her hand. I am sure GK could have devoured another one, but one cupcake is plenty.
This afternoon we are to continue with the splash theme of the day and go to the pool with some friends. Tyler and Georgia Kate are both sporting some very nice tans this season. We love the outdoors and especially the pool.      

Friday, July 5, 2013


You can't have the 4th of July without Fireworks. It has become tradition for us to host 4th of July at our house since the City shoots off fireworks right by our house. This year Ryan parked his truck in the field right down the street from us, a little early  (everyone in Temple has picked up that our street is the best spot for the fireworks) to save us all a spot and we had blankets and chairs all ready for the big show.
It is simply a wonderful that starts early in the evening with grilling out and enjoying watching the kids run around in the back yard while the adults try and visit. So blessed and thankful for our precious friends and their families that bring so much joy to our lives. We were told last night that we can never move and we have to host every year. I am ok with that. ;)
This was Georgia Kate's first 4th of July firework show and she made it up and loved it. She clapped a lot and wanted to be right where all the big kids were. Such a fun night! It truly has been a wonderful Holiday weekend for us and it continues tomorrow and Sunday.  

4th of July Parade

I think the 4th of July might be one of my favorite Holidays. I just love all the fun activities and good friends that fill our 4th with so many special memories and a whole lot of fun. Of course we started our day with our Neighborhood parade. We participate in this parade every year and it is always a favorite of ours. I mean who does not riding a bike or sitting in a wagon next to fun friends?!?! Of course there is always snow cones, cookies, and cotton candy waiting for you at the the end of route. Yummy and well deserved.
After the parade it was time to come home and gear up for dinner and fireworks at our house with some special friends. It was such a special day and the festivities are continuing on until Sunday.

The Fire Truck was a huge hit. Tyler, Taylor, and Parker got their picture with Mayor Dunn. Another reason why I love our town and neighborhood.

We also ran into Ghee and Poppy along  the way. That was a special treat for sure.

Georgia Kate and Maggie.
Me and Maggie's Mommy- Laura.
Laura was my best friend through out my childhood and it makes me happy to see our children creating special memories, as well.
The parade wraps up at one of the homes I grew up in so Laura and I decided to recreate a picture we remember taking in 4th grade. Now if only I could find the older generation picture of us. ;)