Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Leaves

We have so many leaves in our back yard that I decided to put Ty to work yesterday afternoon. Well, it only lasted for a few minutes but some of the leaves were picked up! The weather outside is beautiful so that is where we have been spending the majority of our time.

We are having a great week. We had a wonderful Bible Study this Morning and I am sure our afternoon will be spent outside.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Party Weekend

Saturday was a non stop party day for us. It all started at 11:30 am with a fun swimming party celebrating Brinley's 3rd Birthday at the Summit. We had the whole pool to our self so fun was had by everyone and the water was not that bad after you got used to it. Ty was already trying to climb in the pool before I could get his shoes off. Ty had a great time swimming and was upset when we left but a nap was mandatory since we had another party a few hours later.
After a good nap Ty was ready to hit our next Party. A (Yo Gabba Gabba )Hayride Party for Noah's 1st Birthday! Ty had a blast on the hayride and feeding the deer.

Ty with Ansley(above and below picture). Ty and Ansley are in the same class at MDO and they are so cute together. Ty was excited to get to play with Ansley on Saturday Morning and Afternoon.

Ty loves pushing his friends......

Ty picking up some kernels to go feed the deer.
And there off! Ty was all sweaty after running (I just love that face and those eyes)
After we finished we made it home in time to Welcome Daddy home and see our friends the Thompson's. We had a small dinner party on Saturday night with the Thompson's and Belobrajdic's. Ty was ready for bed so he was not bothered one bit by our dinner party. The dinner was great but I truly enjoyed sitting on the couch after dinner catching up with Lindsay and Kassie while the men played Wii games. Ryan was shocked that I did not get my camera but I did not want to get up after I sat down. I was pooped from all the parties!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Buckshot Blast

Friday night was the 2ND Annual Junior League Skeet Shoot. The weather was amazing so it made for a great day and evening. We headed out there around 3pm so Ryan could get all set to shoot and I worked the check in table while he shooting. I heard he did really well! I hate that I did not get any pictures of Ryan shooting but my Dad had to bring me his camera because my battery died. Thanks Dad! Ty also got to spend the afternoon and night with his Ghee and Poppy while we were gone.
After the shooting wrapped up it was time for some cold beer, wine coolers, and BBQ. Everything turned out great. There was also several great auction items. Overall the evening was a great success and I have a feeling we raised plenty of money to support several community grants.
Me with Kim (Kim was the Chair for this event) Great job Kim!!

Check out this wonderful group of volunteers.

Me with my date! Thanks Ryan for always supporting the Junior League and everything I do.
I just wanted to take a picture of the Koozies that everyone got. I think they turned out great and I will always use mine over and over again.
I will leave you with the story behind this adorable Membership (My councils basket) John Deer Basket. This basket was part of our live auction. Just to let you know I am kind of new at live auctions. I raised my hand when it was set at $50 but got out bid and then he said $80 and I guess I shook my head and the auctioneer saw me do it (Uh Oh). All of the sudden he pointed to me and said SOLD for $80. I think Ryan was ready to kill me....... It was originally valued at $200.00! So, this adorable basket is now hiding in a closet and will be brought out one at time for the proud owner (Ty). He already has some of the tractors and loves them. We also took some over to Ghee and Poppy's house. The story behind this basket is NEVER shake your head during a live auction. I am pretty sure the next time I am at a live auction Ryan will make me leave the room so this same thing does not happen again.

Zoo Pictures

For some reason my first zoo post was deleted so I posted some of the pictures again. I promise this is it for Zoo pictures.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zoo Part Two

Here are some more cute pictures of the kids at the park. They just opened up a new section and it was a great play area.

Ty loved the kitty's. However, they were all sleeping so TY would lay his head down and say "Night Night Kitty" and Shhhhh.

When ever the kids ran through a certain area of the floor it would make music. This was Ty's favorite.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Story Time

Ryan really enjoys reading to Ty before bedtime when he is home, and we have been so lucky to have Ryan home every night this week. He does have football tonight but at least we had three evenings with him.
This week Ty has started sitting on the floor in front of Ryan during story time. We both started laughing when he did this. I guess Ty is showing us how he sits during circle time at school. I still laugh every time I look at the picture. Ty only does this with Ryan because when I read to him he sits with me in the chair. However, I like it that way. All of the moments and memories are truly moments to cherish.
Ty did great at school today and he even came home with a mini apple pie. I think we save it for Daddy, because I asked Ty if I could have some and he said "No."
We are hoping the weather clears up some so we can go to the Zoo tomorrow Morning. We have a crazy weekend planned so I better start preparing for it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ty got his flu shot this afternoon and there were no tears. However, I wanted to share a cute story. After the nurse stuck Ty with the needle his mouth opened really wide but he did not say a word and there were no tears. As soon as the nurse said "all done." Ty looked at her and said " Thank You, Bye Bye." Thank goodness for manners. The nurse started laughing and told me that "he was the best patient of the day!"
The trip to the doctor earned Ty two suckers and a trip to Sonic. Thank goodness I can check the flu shot off our to do list!

Welcome Fall

It is time to pull out the jeans and sweat shirts. It is also time to get Ty some new clothes because he has grown a bunch since last fall and winter. Thank goodness he has a sweat shirt that fits him. I truly love this time of year. This time of year also means flu Shot. I got mine last week and Ryan got his yesterday and Ty is this afternoon! I pray that all goes well. My bag is filled with suckers and Thomas Trains and I see a Sonic "happy hour" drink in our future.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ready Aim Fire

"Targeting the needs of the community," That is theme for the JL's 2nd annual Buckshot Blast and BBQ. It will be held this Friday at Weber's Outdoors. Please come join the fun while helping us raise money to sponsor several community grants. It will be a a great evening with skeet, food, friends, and fun! Ryan is all ready to shoot some skeet!
If you need more info visit.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Train Show

This afternoon we headed over to the Frank Mayborn Center with Ghee and Poppy. They had a wonderful train exhibit set up. Ty had a great time staring at all the trains. TY even ran in to his good friend, Hudson. I think the boys had a great time. It is a perfect place to take little boys that love trains. I of course put Ty in his train outfit from Orient Expressed.
We ended the afternoon with fajitas on our patio with Ghee and Poppy and then a nice walk to the park. We had a very nice Family day.

Of course at the exit there were rows and rows of Thomas the Train items. Ty was in heaven! Thanks to Ghee Ty walked out of the train show with a Thomas shirt, train whistle, and a new train (Diesel). Ty had a great time adding Diesel to his collection on his train table. We hope you all have a great week.

Britney Spears In Concert

I posted a lot of pictures from Friday so beware!
Our ultimate girls weekend kicked off at 10 am on Friday. We met at the King's and loaded up, made a stop at Starbucks and then we hit the road to Dallas. We made it to Dallas before check in so we hit the mall for some lunch and browsing around. We checked in to our Hotel ( We stayed at the W. Very nice place to stay!!) We unloaded and got situated in our home and then we headed to the pool. Unfortunately it was too windy and staring to rain so we did not stay out there that long. However, the top deck pool was so amazing. Therefore, we headed to the in-side bar for a cocktail before getting ready for dinner and the show. Lacy, Lindsay, and me at the top deck pool area.
Check out this pool and view. I would love to spend some time out there.
Lindsay, Lacy, and Whitney enjoying a cocktail before getting ready. A very nice afternoon treat!
Lacy, Allyson, Me, and Whitney

The American Airlines center where the concert was held was right next door to our hotel. It was great not having to drive anywhere.
We ate at Victory Tavern and they had a special drink on Friday for all the Britney Fans. I think the majority of the people that were eating there were going to the show.
Some of these are out of order. Here is Briney!! She is amazing and put on a great show.
Past American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks!!! I love her so much and it was so awesome to see her performing live.We are enjoying our box seats and ready for the Circus to begin.

Watching Jordin Spraks perform Battlefield. This was before we got upgraded to box seats.

Check out our Box!!!! Whitney's friend Allyson was able to get us in her box for the concert. It was SOOOO amazing and a great way to watch a concert.
Ellen, Allyson, Whit, Lindsay, and Lacy enjoying the perks of box seats!

After the concert we headed to Ghost Bar.

The weekend was so much fun! However, it felt great to get home to my boys. We had a very low key yesterday and now we are preparing to take Ty to a Train Show. I am sure I will take more pictures this afternoon.