Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bye Bye Car

Ty loves scooting and walking on his new truck that he got from Nana and Papa for his 1st Birthday!

We have had a change of plans since my last post. I am leaving tomorrow with my Mom to go to New Orleans for my Aunt's funeral. My dad got there yesterday.
After a sleepless night on Sunday worrying about Ty and how he would handle and adjust to everything in New Orleans. I decided that I needed some advice about Ty, and whether this trip would be too much for him. So I spoke to Ryan and my Mom and that is when I got the idea of asking Ryan's parents to watch Ty for me while I am in New Orleans for the Funeral and Ryan is finishing his last week and weekend of class. I will save that for another post. I will say that I am excited!
Therefore my wonderful Mother-in-law and Father-in-law adjusted there schedule so they could keep Ty Wednesday-Saturday. Thank you so much Roy and Linda. I think this all worked out for the best due to the visitation being held from 7-10pm on Thursday and the funeral being late in the afternoon on Friday with another visitation that day. I will miss my Ty like crazy. However, I know that he will have a great time playing with Nana, Papa, and some of his cousins!
I just worry about Ty so much and I want him to be OK, but a funeral is too much for Ty right now. I think? I always have a hard time leaving Ty.
Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers as we travel different directions. I will let you know how everything turns out as soon as I return.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ty's 1st Race For The Gold

The proud parents!
Ty had a great time smashing and eating his cake. I took it away too soon and made him mad. Too much sugar!!!
I love this one with Ty with his second cousin Connor. Does it look like Ty is having a great time?
Nobody bother me.
Sweets are so good. Too bad Mom does not let me have a lot.
Ryan loved opening all of Ty's gifts.
Some of our special friends. We had many more that showed up. I will save for another post.
The cake! I fell in love with the cake when I saw it for the first time. It was just what I wanted. However, I took it out of the wrapper too soon because when I walked over to put the plates out I noticed that some little hands that belonged to our nephew Caleb had already had a taste test!
I am sure most of you can guess my reaction! I was so mad, but then I realized there is nothing I can do about it now. So, the cake read: Ty's first race for the old!
The balloons were another story. It was so windy, that all 20 balloons were having a hard time staying alive. We had one on our mailbox for the neighbors to see and it blew away! Of course.
I will admit once the party started it did not matter anymore.
The Kings Chair.
I want my cake!

Two of the greatest women in the world. Ty is so blessed to have a wonderful Ghee and Nana. Did you two plan to match? We loved having you stay with us this weekend Roy and Linda.
As a wife and a mother I am so blessed. I hope my two boys are as proud of me as I am of them. Tyler Justin you have brought so much joy to our life. I love you Ryan and Tyler!
Let the part and swimming begin!
Ty grabs the gold! Where does it go? In his mouth.
I love you Mom! (Sorry that Ty's eyes are closed. He really was enjoying his hot dog)

Ty celebrated his 1st Birthday on Saturday at our neighborhood pool and clubhouse with over 40 family and friends. Ty is one special boy. All I can say was it was a perfect afternoon. Thank you to all of Ryan's family and the majority of my family for coming to celebrate with us. Plus, we loved seeing all of our friends and Ty's friends. Ryan grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.
Plus we enjoyed some nice cool Margaritas. Thanks Roy for letting us use your slush machine and my Dad for walking your grill over. It was much closer than ours.
The pictures may be out of order, but we have so many. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do! What a fun afternoon. However, Birthdays are exhausting! I am glad they only happen once a year.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Remembrance

My sweet Aunt Marsha (My Dad's Sister) passed away yesterday in New Orleans. She had been very sick for two months, but I never knew how to post about it.
Marsha was such a fun loving person that cared for her friends and especially her family. She will be missed by us all very much.
Ty and I are scheduled to leave on Tuesday morning with my parents to be with with rest of the family. Which I feel is where we need to be right now.
However, I fill so blessed that Ty was able to meet her last November, and take some pictures with her. Marsha thought the world of Ty. These pictures will always hold a special place in my heart. How blessed am I to be part of a wonderful family.
I am sorry no Birthday Party post, but I felt the urge to pay a special tribute to my Aunt Marsha today. I will try and do it tomorrow.
Aunt Marsha with Ty last November

Aunt Marsha and Aunt Carol

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy First Birthday Ty!

My Precious Birthday boy. Ready to start his day.
Ty received a special birthday call from his Great Amma this morning
Birthday Breakfast, again! With the Grandparents.
How cute is this face?
Our precious boy is ONE! We have had a very full day filled with many special surprises. I will post all about the BIG Birthday party tomorrow. I am pooped.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hide and Seek

Where is Ty?
crawling under the bed!!!

I was making the pull out sofa for Nana and Papa to sleep on tonight, and I could not not find Ty anywhere. I could here him, but could not find him. Until I looked under the bed and saw that cute smiley face looking at me. My cute little crawler.
We miss you, Ryan. Enjoy getting out of class early tomorrow. Ryan's Professor is letting him leave early tomorrow so he can be home in time for Ty's party.
I will post all about the big day as soon as I can. Have a wonderful weekend!

1 more day to go!

Ready or not, Ty will be one tomorrow.

Our precious Ty is growing in to a handsome little boy. How blessed I feel to be Ty's Mom. We love you monkey. Tomorrow will be a very special day for you.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ty's New Girlfriend

Lillian Grace Marshall was born on Tuesday, July 22! My dear friend Christina and lily are both doing great. My sweet friend Lindsay and I were able to get away with out our little ones for a little bit this afternoon, so we could meet Ty's sweet girlfriend, Lily. What a doll. Her big Brother Keifer loves her so much, too.
Ty is going to have so many girls to choose from. What a lucky boy!

Christina and her precious Lily

Wow! We got so much done today. We loved having Ryan home with us all day. We bought all the food and drinks so we are ready to PARTY! The best part of today was Ty's Great Grandma (MA) is in town to help him celebrate. Nana and Papa will be her tomorrow night, so they will be one of the first to wish him a Happy Birthday on Saturday. We are so blessed to have a lot of family coming in town to help us celebrate Ty's FIRST birthday.
Thanks for all you did today, Ryan. We will miss you tomorrow, but can't wait to see you on Saturday. Thank you Poppy and Ghee for watching Ty today, so we could get all of our chores done! We have an amazing family.

2 more days to go!

Ty getting ready for his first Christmas, and trying rice cereal for the first time. As you can tell from the bottom picture he loved it. The best part was Ty started laughing the fist time he tasted cereal. He has loved food ever since!
What precious memories!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ty and his friend the water hose

Tyler and I hosted a mini play group at our neighborhood pool this morning. Look what Ty found, his friend the water hose. We had 4 other kids swimming at the pool today, and then we had a nice picnic lunch. We swam for a long time today, so I have one sleepy boy right now. I love this play group that I am apart of. It is funny, because I went to school with all of the Mom's, and I never really knew them that well. Maybe because we were in all different grades. We meet at a new place every week. It is a very fun time for the kids and Mom's.
Ty had a hard time saying good bye to the water hose, but I told him we will see it again on Saturday at his party.
Today we are going to go order all the balloons. Ryan is taking the day off tomorrow to help out with last minute details.... like food and cleaning the house for family. All of Ryan's family will be here, and most of my family will be here, too! A lot of them are coming in on Friday. Ty is one lucky boy.

3 more days to go!

Last October Ty went on an airplane to Florida for the first time to visit his Ghee and Poppy. I wonder what brought Ghee and Poppy back to Texas? Ty got to see the beach and get in a swimming pool for the first time.

October was also Ty's first Halloween. Of course we had to get two costumes for Ty to play dress up in!

How time flies when you are having fun.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Story Time

We were about to head over to my friend Pam's house for a planning/playgroup this afternoon, and as I walked back in to Ty's room to get him, I found him reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. What a boy!
Tomorrow is another day filled with friends. The best kind of days by far.