Friday, April 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home- Almost

The Electricians came today to start working on getting our lights installed and getting us some power in our addition. The first lights that were installed were our outside lights. They are identical to our front door lights. We got really when we found these lights. The best part is they were on clearance. Thanks Mom! Our addition is moving right along and hopefully we will be moving in soon! Picture 1- Light by our outside door going out to our patio. Picture 2- New side entry.
Poppy also came over yesterday to load up some stuff on his trailer so Ty decided that he wanted to help. Ty loves Poppy truck and trailer. My Dad finally got a car seat for his truck so he can start taking Ty to some of the job sites. Ty is loving it. Both of my parents cars have car seats now. Can we say spoiled!

Baseball and Daddy

This week in MDO Ty's class talked about Baseball and Daddy's. Yesterday he came home with some gifts for Daddy. I cried when I saw these because it just melted my heart (I am sure I can blame the tears on my hormones). I could not wait for Ryan to get home so he could see the gifts from Ty. When we saw Daddy pulling in to the drive way I ran to get the presents so Ty could give them to Daddy. I have a feeling Ryan likes the pictures as much as I did because he took them to work with him this Morning.
I love the picture frame that Ty decorated and I especially love that picture. I am also very excited that his shirt matches the frame. I did not plan that. The second is an interview. The following questions were answered by Ty. We still laugh at some of the answers. I am so amazed at our little boy and how much he is absorbing these days. We love you so much, Ty!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sushi Night

Last night our Supper Club had an Asian Night at the King's House. The evening started with making our own Sushi. Whitney was our Sushi guide and I must say we all had a great time learning how to make sushi. It was so good, too! I must say the whole meal was excellent. You always know you are in for a treat when you eat at the King's house. We were missing the Brashear's due to illness, so hopefully we will have our whole group back together next month.
Ryan and I are ready to make our own sushi now!!
This evening we able to have dinner with our next door neighbors. They have a 3 month old little boy so we made it a family night. Ty loved watching the baby. We are so blessed to have wonderful neighbors, and we are really enjoying getting to know them. After dinner we headed to the park and then home for bath and bed. We are ready for the weekend and Ryan's last A&M class until the Summer!!

Kicked Out

We were kicked out of our house once again yesterday, but I have decided that it just means something wonderful is happening and most of the time I am right....

Updates coming soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today was the first day of the TAKS test, so Ryan was ready for from sunshine when he got home this evening. Therefore, after dinner we loaded up and went to Whistle Stop. Ty was very excited about this fun family outing.
The painters came back today for a few hours and will be back tomorrow. We made our final pluming decisions this morning , I think... However, I did find out that our tile is on back order and will not be here until mid May! We will just keep on plugging away.

Spring Into Summer

Last week was a Junior League week. It started on Monday and ended on Saturday afternoon. The Spring Provisional Class did an excellent gearing up for their "Spring Into Summer" at the Second Rose. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday we worked for hours trying to get everything priced and organized. Friday evening was the big Preview Party and Saturday was the Sale. I was so proud of all of their hard work and determination. This is my 4th Provisional Sale to be apart of and I can honestly I will miss working with this project next year. I am sure I will still find a way to cheer them on. The weekend was a success and they were able to raise a lot of money for the Second Hand! I think the success of the weekend came from the knowledge they gained about our amazing store and how it operates.
Of course I did some shopping for Ty while I was there. I found 2 pairs of brand new Stride Rite shoes (Normally when we buy these for Ty they are close to $40.00 I got both pairs of shoes for $6.00) I found some polo shirts, shorts, and a pair of PJ's all for $12.00! I always get very excited when I save money.
After the Sale on Saturday we headed to Ashley Furniture in Waco and purchased our new bedroom Furniture. We also got a new coffee table. Ryan had a meeting in Waco last week so he went a looked at the furniture and found a few that he thought I would like. He was right. I loved the first one he showed me. Now we just have to wait until June when everything comes in. We ended our Saturday with a House Warming Party for some friends that just moved in down the street from us. I am telling you, the North side is the place to be!! :) Amanda, Lona, Kitty, Me, Paige and Brittany. We were missing a few ladies.

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's That Time Again

Water season is here!! Ty spent part of the afternoon playing with the water hose. He loved all the puddles he created from the water hose and just getting wet. Ty started out in clothes and he ended up in his bathing suit. It was a great day to play with the hose, wash his car and welcome Daddy home early from work.
After all the fun with the water hose we found out the Splash Pads so we headed down the street to our local Splash Pad. I see some fun play groups in our future. We love Splash Pads. We had to leave when the skies turned dark. We had a nice down pour which knocked our power out for awhile. I think our whole neighborhood was with out power. However, it turned out to be fun because we went for a walk with the King's to feed the goat and the donkey. It is also good to be back home.

Sneak Peak- The Outside

It looks like our addition has always been there! We are completely blown away by how amazing everything looks! Thank you Poppy and Ghee for being such great home builders.

Excuse the mess... we are ready to have our porch back.

Sneak Peak

Due to the rain we had last week the painters decided to come to our house over the weekend! I have never seen so many painters in one location. At 8 am on Saturday I see two vans in the driveway and all of the sudden there were between 6-7 cars in front of our house.
They worked all day Saturday and Sunday and got the cabinets, doors, and priming done on the inside of our addition. I have another sneak peak for the outside but I need to get pictures. We are now 2 weeks ahead of schedule. They are still scheduled to come back this week to finish with the painting of the walls in the addition and some minor priming and paint in the boys bath! I really want them to do our whole house... I can dream! The cabinets are so beautiful and just what we wanted. I am in love! And as you can see Ty was so excited about all the work that was getting done. He really loved the music they were playing. It is all getting very exciting. Our flooring was ordered today, too!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catch Up

Well, it looks like I will be spending my week playing catch up! The end of our week and weekend were crazy and it felt like we were never home. With the Provisional sale, Painters at our house, furniture shopping in Waco, house warming party with good friends, a musical in Austin with my Mom, and not being able to stay at our house due to the smell from the priming in our addition. I think it is getting better. .....we all stayed with my parents last night and Tyler and I are here again tonight. Ryan is going to tough it out at home.
Whew..... Where do I start?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heartbeat Heavenly

Today I went to my monthly Dr. Apt and so far so good! Landry's heartbeat was strong and I am measuring right at 24 weeks. Next Month is my glucose test and blood work. I can't believe we are half way there. Landry is a little mover but I love feeling every kick. We can't wait to meet our second little boy! Thank you Ghee for watching Ty and taking him to the Choo Choo Park! He had a great time.
I am amazed at how people that I know that are also pregnant and due right before me or a few weeks after me. Several of my Friends have my same Doctor. It looks like Dr. Fothergill is going to have a very busy Summer and Fall!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Pictures

I am sure most of you are tired at looking at our addition pictures but I get so excited when something else is complete. Our bedroom door.

The final pictures are from our Master Bedroom closet. We have very little closet space in our current Master that Ryan has to use one of Tyler's closets and one of the closets in our soon to be nursery. I am sure Ty and Landry will appreciate having their own closet space back. When can we move in?? Now for me to finalize our hard ware selections. I am trying one more place with my Mom on Thursday. We also need to find a bedroom set, too.
Well, the rest of our day and evening is full so I thought I would blog while I had a moment.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Provisional Sale

It is hard to believe that I am already posting about another/last Provisional Sale until next Fall. Please come out and Support the Spring Class this weekend! I know you will be able to find some good deals. Therefore, the next few days will be spent with organizing and pricing.
This league year has flown by. Tomorrow night is our last General Membership meeting of the year. We have 3 more events to go until summer. On June 1st I will pass over Membership VP hat and take on my new role as Secretary. My good friend, Christina is our current Secretary so I will have some big shoes to fill. However, I know it will be a great experience for me, and I will still get to serve on the board so I am happy about that. We will be loosing some of our current board members as they take on new roles but we will have a lot of new faces joining our outstanding board. This is my year to make a difference so I am determined to do my best and will continue to strive to help our community. I must say that I did have a productive day today! I booked Ty's 3rd Birthday Party!! I know it is hard to believe. I also booked the dates and place for the Temple High Class of 95 fifteen year class reunion. It will be held in October during Homecoming!! I am one of the Co-chairs for the event with my good friend Lindsay! I know it will be great and thanks to FB we hope to have a good turn out!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Addition Update

I wanted to post some more pictures of what got done last week with our addition. We got most of the framing done, the cabinets now have doors, and our closets are getting shelving in them. There is still a lot left but we are getting close. Since Ryan and I are getting a new bedroom we decided that we would buy new bedroom furniture. We spent this afternoon furniture shopping. It is a good thing we are not in a hurry to buy because, I did not really love anything that we saw. I liked some, but defiantly want to look at more places.
Of course I had to add a picture of Ty doing he what he loves to do these days (build). Another weekend is over and we have a busy week ahead. You can tell we are getting close to the end of a school year.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Gala

Last night we had the privilege of attending the Christ Church School Spring Gala. "Deep In The Heart of Texas was the theme of the night. It was a very successful night for the school and it made me even more excited about sending Ty to school there next year. It was a great evening of food, fun, and fellowship. I also heard the Margarita's were very good! Maybe next year.
I am very thankful for my friend, Kristy and the wonderful maternity formal I was able to borrow. If it was not for her this little Momma wold have had nothing to wear. Tyler had a fun evening with his Ghee and Poppy. We were supposed to go to dinner with Friends tonight but they had to cancel so we are enjoying a rainy Saturday at home with Ryan! No class for Ryan today!! Whitney, Me, and Lindsay

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last week and this week in Ty's MDO class they have been learning about bugs. Today's Ty's art work was a picture of fireflies. When we got home Ty wanted to take his picture in the bathroom and turn the light off. Ty's fireflies glow in the dark! It is hard to see that they glow in the dark because of my flash. They took their pictures into the bathroom at school today, too. I thought that was so cute and Ty enjoyed it, too! We are so blessed to have found such a great program for Ty.
Ty's MDO program offers a Summer Program that we decided to register Ty for. The theme for this summer is "Little Chefs Academy".
Well, we are gearing up for a busy weekend. It starts tomorrow night with a Gala for Christ Church School where Ty will be attending school next year. I was able to borrow a maternity formal from a friend. It should be fun!

Funny Moments

Yesterday afternoon I was lying on the floor next Ty when he started patting my belly. Therefore, I thought I would take that moment to talk about baby Landry. We talked about the the baby for a few minutes and I loved that he was really starting to ask about the baby. I know he is still not fully aware of what is about to take place, but it made me feel good that we good talk about Landry.
All of the sudden Ty sits up and lifts up and shirt and looks right at his belly and says "that's my baby." I started laughing so hard. What a funny little boy. I of course called Ryan and My Mom to tell them all about it.
I really treasure this time with Ty because I know it is going to change just a little bit when Landry arrives. So for now I will cherish Ty and how much fun it is to watch him react to my ever expanding belly. My favorite is when he lays is head down on my belly. What precious memories I want to cherish forever.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Ryan had to stay late tonight to mark the fields for Spring Training. I think that is what it is called? I better learn since I will be the Mom of two boy's soon! He also had to stay late for a Cheer leading meeting (no he is not coaching Cheer leading, at least I hope he's not... ). Therefore, Tyler and I headed out to Westphalia after school was out to bring Daddy some dinner and let Ty run around. Ty actually wanted to help his Daddy the whole time. We had a great afternoon outside and then enjoyed a little picnic dinner in the gym. However, Ty did not want to eat since he was surrounded by basketballs. Ty loves going to Daddy's school! (That is what Ty calls Westphalia). Of course we shed some tears when it was time to come home.

Spring Training

Football Spring Training is right around the corner so Ryan has been gearing up for the big Day. Ryan will be the coach for Spring Training, but as of Monday he hired a new Football and Basketball coach for the 2010-2011 School Year! We are all very excited about the new addition at Westphalia!! Ty thought he would take part in some spring training as well. He did a great job practicing his mean face while he had the helmet on.
I did this post for Ty's Poppy, because Poppy played football at Baylor when he was in College, and we thought he would appreciate seeing Ty already practicing and preparing!

My Favorite Time

Bedtime story time has always been a special time for Ty and Ryan. I just love seeing them together reading stories. It makes me feels good that Ty has some special time with his Daddy before bed. However, I got to read tonight because Ryan is working late. I really enjoyed it, too!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We officially have cabinets as of yesterday afternoon! My parents have an amazing cabinet maker that has been doing work for them for several years, so he worked his magic for us and we are loving it! Ty loves them too. However, I think he misses "Bill" his name is Bull but Ty calls him "Bill" he always loves when he is around and he even offered him a Popsicle yesterday afternoon. This afternoon we had our Tile guy come and measure for flooring! It is really coming along. Book shelve along the wall going to our bedroom.
Master Bathroom

Laundry room. I can't wait to have a laundry room again.
Lockers with a built in desk! I love this. I have seen these in the Pottery Catalog, but of course our cabinet maker came to the rescue and saved us some money!! I that it would be so fun to have a place for Ty and Landry to put there things and store shoes and balls. Ryan needed one, too! Well, he wanted one! Ty already has his picked out. I went and looked for hooks this Morning while Ty was in school.

Bloomin Temple Festival

Ty started a little restless around the house on Sunday afternoon so we decided to load up and head to the Bloomin Festival. We was a weekend long event filled with lives music and a mini carnival. When we first walked in to the gate Ty spotted a fire truck. The firemen were giving tours and letting the kids on the truck. Well, our little boy was in heaven! The Festival was also at the train depot so Ty was surrounded by his favorite things.
They had a fun kids Zone with activities and then after Ty did that for a little bit we headed over to the carnival rides. I was so so proud of our BIG boy for actually riding on the cars. He sat in his car during the whole just steering the wheel. I am already looking forward to next year. We ended our Sunday afternoon outing with a drink from Dairy Queen.