Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Soccer Season

Along with a ballet dancer in the house we also have a soccer player, too. Soccer Season officially got under way last week with practice on Monday and Friday, and game on Saturday. Tyler's team named themselves the Dynamos. I guess the biggest news for this Season is Ryan is not coaching. Ryan offered, but another Dad beat him to it. Ryan has coached Tyler in everything since he started playing sports. However, this is probably a good experience for both Tyler and Ryan. Well, we are also playing in a different league. This year we are trying Katy youth soccer. It reminds me a lot of the league we played with back in Temple. So far it is going well, and we are ready for a fun a growing season.
Tyler had a huge cheering section for his first game. The important guests were his Ghee, Aunt Carol, and Poppy. We loved having all of them there with us, and had a fun weekend with them. 
We are supper proud of our biggest for always playing hard and trying his best! We can't wait to cheer him on through out his season.

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lvaught said...

I LOVE the last picture!!! Miss you guys!