Thursday, August 8, 2013


Another big event in our house was Tyler turning 6 (double did-gets) on July 26th. Still hard to believe our biggest is 6 and starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. 
We didn't do a big party this year which I think worked out for the best since we were in the decision process of our move and making trips to Brookshire two weekends in a row. Tyler got to do a lot of special outings the week of his Birthday. However, one thing Tyler asked for was to have a picnic lunch at the pool followed by swimming with one of his favorite friends, Hudson (I also happen to adore Hudson's Mom and his family). Such a fun filled day of Chik-fil- A and swimming at the Summit. We topped it off with a trip to Sonic for a famous fruit slush. On Ty's Birthday we were heading to Brookshire to look at houses and get to know the area a little bit more. I woke up extra early to get donuts for our biggest. He requested chocolate donuts with sprinkles and of course a 6 candle on top. After we sang Happy Birthday we loaded up with Ghee and Poppy and headed to Brookshire for a short weekend visit. We stayed at the La Quinta, which if you know Tyler he loves that Hotel, well I think he would love any hotel. We checked out the area and got to the Hotel for check in and a fun swim in the pool . After swimming it was time for dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe, Ty's pick. First stop was to Toys R Us to pick out a special gift. Guess what he got? Lego's. Tyler got 3 Lego City boxes for his Birthday and the rule was you can't open them until we move... he is being so patient. :)
At the end of our dinner Ty received a huge volcano cake with sparklers and a big group of wait staff singing to him. Ty kept repeating over and over that night that this was his BEST Birthday Ever. Guess what he did after... night swimming at the hotel. I would have to agree with him, Best Birthday ever. We love you Tyler and are so proud of you and all that you do. You are the best biggest, around.   

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