Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tiny Toes

 I am not sure how I let myself get so behind these days, but I think I will blame it on Spring Break. However, I think a week off was well worth it and we had a fun Spring Break. We got away and went to Galveston for a week with Ryan's family. I have tons of pictures and memories to share, but first things first.
I hardly ever get pedicures, but I do like to go and get a polish change on my toes, because lets face it I am horrible at painting my own toes. I was telling Ryan my last minute errands before we left for Galveston and Georgia Kate heard me mention getting my toes painted and she want to go and get her toes painted purple. Oh my goodness I had so much with GK getting our toes done and she picked out purple fore me, as well. I was shocked and how still and memorized GK was during the whole experience. GK even got a special flower on her big toe, and she was super proud of her pretty purple toes. I think I have created a monster because she is ready to go back and get her toes painted orange. :) I will say it is fun to have a special place where I can have a fun outing with Georgia Kate. I think we will have a girl day very soon! Any excuse to get our toes done, right?!??!    

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