Thursday, August 7, 2014

Four Balloons In Heaven

The month of July has come to a close and just like that we are 4 years closer to Landry.
Overall, it was a very peaceful day. Ryan had several work meetings that day, but we were able to spend the evening together. Balloons and Dinner at Chick Fil A were the way we spent our evening together. This year I let Tyler and Georgia Kate each pick 2 colors for Landry, and then we let them write notes. Georgia Kate told Ryan what she wanted to say on her balloon, and then she said Landry would want a Unicorn. Thank goodness for a Daddy that can draw, because Ryan will tell you I don't have any drawing skills.
Four years passed us by so quickly, but one thing we remains the same. We would not have chosen a different path or story for our life. Landry James is our son, and we are blessed and changed for the better because of his amazing Legacy. With each brightly colored balloon that has filled the skies over the past 4 years help us cling to the truth that we will see our Landry again, and that hope helps us choose joy, and to always embrace our story. We Love you Landry James. You will always be our littlest.

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