Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm Back

I feel like I should pause to allow time for my family to pick themselves off the floor over utter happiness that there is a new post. I know, I know it has been over a month. Embarrassing! I don't know know how many times I have heard over the weeks: when are you going to blog, again. Therefore, I am once again carving some time to sit down and blog. In all honesty I have missed it. 
The theme for the Steele family this fall is fast and furious. I blinked and it is already October, and the first of November is next weekend...  say what?!!?! Oh, and to top it off.... we have a 3 year old, now. Even though fast and furious it has been fun with a lot of fun family memories along the way. So, bare with me as I play catch up and try to recap our family happenings. The dog hair may pile up on the floor and the pile of clothes may build up, but I have missed this time.  Sometimes, it is important to sit down and just breath.... and my sitting and breathing with include typing! 
Here we go..... This picture is from Royal Homecoming week back in September. :) But, here we are and still look about the same. The only thing that is different is Georgia Kate is now three!  

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