Sunday, October 26, 2014

Falcon Pride

Football has been our theme for this fall. We are loving our Friday Night Lights with fun friends in our district, and have only missed one game. We have been so thankful for all the fun friendships that are being formed this school year. Tyler and Georgia Kate also love all the fun perks of having a Dad that works in the district. Tyler is probably our most loyal fan and you will know what I mean when you see his Halloween costume. He admires all of the players and is always there to high five and encourage them at the end of every game. Gk even gets in on the action. It has been so fun to watch these players interact with our kids this year. Sweet memories are being formed under the stadium lights every Friday night. So fun to be apart of all the games this year. Win or Loose we are proud to be a Falcon.

 We end every game with high fives and Tyler got his picture with his favorite player. Notice the number on his jersey is the same number as his favorite Falcon football player. Such sweet memories.
We've got spirit yes we do, We've got spirit how about you?

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