Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh The Places We Go

Last week we were blessed and thankful to be able to go to San Diego as a family for my Gramma's funeral. We left on Tuesday evening and drove to Fort Worth and stayed with Ryan's parents and then flew out of DFW Airport on Wednesday morning. My parents flew in the same day from Austin and their flight landed 30 minutes after our flight. Talk about perfect timing. Both Ty and Georgia Kate were great travelers and had so much fun. Thank goodness for modern technology and suckers. ;)
We enjoyed soaking up some precious time and memories with my Mom's family. The Funeral was on Thursday morning, it was absolutely beautiful. We decided to stay a few extra days so we could enjoy all that San Diego has to offer and just enjoy some time with family. Of course for my kids the Hotel and the Hotel pool was probably their favorite part. They loved all the swimming, and usually went twice a day. 
We headed back to Texas on Sunday evening. Our flight was delayed so we did not land until 11:00 at night. Both Ty and Georgia were still awake and were awake for the while flight. Great little travelers. Ryan's parents picked us up from the airport and shortly after we were headed back to Temple. Both kids passed out in the car and we finally made it home around 2:40 am. It was a very long day and I still feel like we are trying to get adjusted. Overall we had a wonderful trip honoring Amma and her amazing Legacy. There is more to share and pictures to see so I am not finished with this journey, just yet.  


Such sweet cousins. 2nd Cousins to be exact. So sweet to see all of them together. Precious memories. We were missing a few but here are some.

Georgia Kate, Aaron, Sophia, Tyler, and Madison.

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