Saturday, July 6, 2013

Party Time

This morning the fun festivities continued at a Birthday Party for one of our favorite friends, Taylor. The party was at the Splash Pad right by our house so it was very close and the kids loved splashing in the water, feeding the ducks, and playing at the playground (that part was the big hit).
Georgia Kate has become very fond of Birthday parties, because she has learned that there are usually cupcakes and this is the only time she usually gets one.
 I did not realize how bad her addiction was until I looked at the precious picture of all the kids smiling at the camera and there is GK staring at the cupcakes, she literally did not move here eyes from those cupcakes until there was one in her hand. I am sure GK could have devoured another one, but one cupcake is plenty.
This afternoon we are to continue with the splash theme of the day and go to the pool with some friends. Tyler and Georgia Kate are both sporting some very nice tans this season. We love the outdoors and especially the pool.      

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