Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today we honored and celebrated Landry on his 3rd Birthday. We are so thankful for Landry and his amazing legacy. He is a true blessing in our life and we will be forever thankful for him and the precious time we were able to spend with him.
We still love balloon releases so what better better way to celebrate our littlest, today. The 3 blue were for Landry and Tyler's Birthday is Friday and he wanted 6 red balloons. Well, of course some were sent up too soon and 2 popped!! Thankfully we ended up with 3 for a real release and of course pictures.
So thankful for all that Landry has brought to our life and family. I know for a fact that his Birthday celebration was better than any celebration I could have thrown him. What a lucky boy, and we can't wait to celebrate together in Eternity.  

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Richard James said...

Very happy family.. I'm really very envy you.

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