Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Parade

I think the 4th of July might be one of my favorite Holidays. I just love all the fun activities and good friends that fill our 4th with so many special memories and a whole lot of fun. Of course we started our day with our Neighborhood parade. We participate in this parade every year and it is always a favorite of ours. I mean who does not riding a bike or sitting in a wagon next to fun friends?!?! Of course there is always snow cones, cookies, and cotton candy waiting for you at the the end of route. Yummy and well deserved.
After the parade it was time to come home and gear up for dinner and fireworks at our house with some special friends. It was such a special day and the festivities are continuing on until Sunday.

The Fire Truck was a huge hit. Tyler, Taylor, and Parker got their picture with Mayor Dunn. Another reason why I love our town and neighborhood.

We also ran into Ghee and Poppy along  the way. That was a special treat for sure.

Georgia Kate and Maggie.
Me and Maggie's Mommy- Laura.
Laura was my best friend through out my childhood and it makes me happy to see our children creating special memories, as well.
The parade wraps up at one of the homes I grew up in so Laura and I decided to recreate a picture we remember taking in 4th grade. Now if only I could find the older generation picture of us. ;)  

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