Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Are you ready? The good news is, it's Friday, but....... Sunday's Coming! Yes, Sunday, glorious Sunday, for all those who trust in the Lord. The Fridays of life will come but if we trust, Sunday will surely follow.

This promise of life returning to us means that Sunday is coming and that we are in the Season of Spring and Easter. The precious and humbling reminder of new beginnings.  However, today my heart is reminded that we can live the resurrection story at any time in our lives. We are constantly dying little deaths; in our relationships, our ...grief, and our personal journey carrying our own cross. But there is always the HOPE of our resurrection, and this can only come through knowing our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6)

On this Good Friday, I am praising God for the reminder of the promise that He can make all things new. He will turn ashes into absolute beauty. But just as today symbolizes, we must sometimes wait. But, He cares about our loss, and He can bring his Resurrection power in to your aching heart and life. God is so Good.
May your heart be filled with overcoming peace this Easter weekend as you cling to the Hope that comes from the Resurrection.

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