Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Finding Beauty

July. Some of the days during this month just sting, and leave me feeling broken and bruised. The past two days I have just wanted to straight up hide and wallow in my sadness with a bag of Peanut M&M's and Starbucks coffee. But, then I was gently reminded that I don't have any M&M's and there is not a Starbucks in our town.... that is a whole other sadness.
July days can catch me off guard at the slightest thought and reflection of Landry, and the precious boy he would be growing in to. I simply yearn for him just as I did four years ago when we were hoping, planning, and dreaming about our littlest and all he would be and become. The memories are still very fresh and can leave my heart aching.
However, while that hurt can still be present and creep in with out warning, the hurt will always heal with time. I can say that I am marked and bruised, but over time God has taken my hurt and hard days, and made me happy again. He has taken my sorrow and made me smile. God has allowed me to see what He sees. He has shown me that when things are not always perfect or easy, they can still be beautiful.
God makes things beautiful in time. We must just hang in there and walk this road with patience, and when we do, we will see that pain has been replaced with absolute hope and joy.

" He has made everything beautiful in its time. " Ecclesiastes 3:11

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