Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wedding Shower

On Saturday evening while Ryan was was taking the Birthday boy and Georgia Kate to Main Event for some more Birthday fun, I got to sneak away for a special evening with my Mom and Family. I loved this time with some of my favorite people. 
My Cousin Claire had her very first Wedding Shower on Saturday in Houston, and I loved it was so close to home. This is the Wedding that Ty and Georgia Kate are in. It was so fun to be apart of this special evening with two of my Aunts and two of my Cousins. We are so excited about all the fun Wedding festivities ahead.
Every detail that went in to the Shower was so perfect and fit Claire so perfectly. I am so excited about her special day, and I love how she is involving my family.
 I will always cherish special time with my and Mom, and adding in more family is a double blessing.

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