Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Special Delivery

One of the hardest parts of our move for me was no one really knowing our story, and would I ever find special friendships. Well, God has worked through all these fears and anxieties.
The past several months God has been placing some of the most amazing women on my path, and how these friendships have lifted my heart and made this move even more special and doable.
This special delivery to brighten my week and the couple of bittersweet days ahead filled my heart with so much joy today. I was brought to tears by this beautiful gesture and remembrance by these new and special friendships. It makes my heart soar that our precious Landry and our story made an impact on their hearts.
 I will always love sharing my littlest with others. I am just touched by the love an generosity of special new friends. My heart is aching tonight, yet at the same time it fills full. 

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