Monday, July 21, 2014

Sea World

The main reason we went to San Antonio was for Sea World. This special trip was Ty's special early Birthday trip, because he has been so anxious about going back to Sea World since he did a report about about Killer Whales this spring at school. We even invited Ghee and Poppy to join us, per Ty's request.  This was our first time to the San Antonio Sea World, and it was a hug hit for Tyler and Georgia Kate. We saw lots of fun shows, and the kids got to feed the Sea Loins. Tyler of course loved Shamu. We also found some fun rides, too. Ty even got Poppy to ride one with him. Thank goodness there was a carousal for Georgia Kate to ride on. She loves, might possibly obsessed with carousals. She rode twice, and probably would of rode again if time allowed.
We had a fun filled day at Sea world, and Tyler thought this was the best birthday, ever. He said that last year, too. :) And, it is not over.... yet! Love celebrating our almost 7 year old biggest!

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