Monday, March 4, 2013

It Does A Body Good

A little exercise always makes you feel good and brings a smile to your face.
Spring is getting close and daylight savings is this weekend so I think we will be outside a lot more. Which we love.
 Ty has started soccer practice and Georgia Kate loves it because there is a park next to it, so we tried a little of everything tonight, but I think slides are her new favorite. Ty's first game is Saturday so Soccer is officially underway and we can't wait for a fun season.
 Ryan goes and works out very early during the week, and I just happened to hear him this morning... I normally don't so at 4:45 am I laid there in bed thinking of all the JL stuff I need to do on the computer, so I got up and started working on my Board Meeting agenda for tomorrow night. Who does that?!?! :) Only one more Board Meeting left, after tomorrow night!! Count down has begun. Well, since I am little sleep deprived I think I am going to get of the computer and have some down time.

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