Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sick, AGAIN!! Sweet Georgia Kate started running a low temp on Monday but seemed ok, by yesterday her temp was 101 and she was very lethargic and not eating. Thank goodness for her new princess cup, because she was always drinking water and never let the cup go. I got her in to her Pediatrician, and it is just a nasty virus that has to run its course. Once on Tylenol should would perk up for a little bit, but still just not herself. This morning was the same as yesterday, but around 4 after another dose of medicine she seemed to perk up a little more than yesterday. I hope that we are on the mend and it leaves our house for good. I am really over all this sickness. It just breaks my heart to see her so miserable. GK is so energetic and full of life that when she is sick, you can tell.
Of course, this week was not the ideal week for this to happen. But then I remind myself to be thankful that I have precious little girl to take care of when she is sick... in sickness and health.

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