Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zoo Day

On Tuesday Morning we went to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco with the Erskine Family. Tyler had a blast with Sawyer and Graves, and Georgia Kate and Asher kept us running after them. ;) For some reason our area had a later Spring Break than most districts around us, like Waco so we practically had the whole zoo to ourselves. This was GK's first time to the Cameron Park Zoo and she really loved all the animals and making her famous animal sounds at them. Of course, we could not forget the class bear on our fun family outing. We have had a wonderful week as a family, and it has been nice to be able to step away from things for bit and just be together as a family. It was a fast week and we are back to our routine on Monday, but as always.... the break is nice but sometimes it feels good to get back in to the routine of things.

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