Monday, December 2, 2013

Good Friends

While we were visiting Ryan's family last week we were able to reconnect with Ryan's good  friend from ACU. Ray was in our wedding and now he adores our children as if they were his own. We enjoyed lunch and even a trip to IKEA. He was such a good sport to go rug shopping with all of us. ;) 
Both Tyler and Georgia Kate loved him (even though GK was being super shy when it came time to taking a picture together). Georgia Kate immediately went to Ray upon arrival and loving sitting next to him at lunch. Visiting a good friend during a trip to Fort Worth was a nice surprise and made our trip even more wonderful.   

This post basically wraps up our Thanksgiving Holiday. I know there is no post or pictures from Thanksgiving, that is because I did not get one single picture. I still can't believe that... my parents came in to town on Wednesday and on Thursday we went to my Aunts house and was also able to celebrate with one of my cousins. We had a fun day even though I was not feeling 100% and Georgia Kate is working on cutting her two year molars and we have had a lot of up and down days and restless nights. Friday and over the weekend I worked hard to get Christmas all up. It is always hard to figure how to decorate a new place, but it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  

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