Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We Want Ice Cream

And we want it NOW!! Tyler and Georgia Kate love Ice Cream for a after dinner treat and it had been a while since we have had this special treat, so tonight was Ice Cream at our house.
Tyler was finishing up homework and I had taken out the ice cream and put it on the corner to get ready when I got called to help Ty with his homework.
 Well, Georgia Kate obviously could not wait any longer and decided to help herself. I'm still shaking my head that she is now tall enough to reach things off the Kitchen counter, and she also had to grab the Ice Cream scoop out of the drawer. GK is like a sponge these days... soaking up everything. Thank goodness Daddy caught her in the action, of course we must snap a picture first. :)
I still can't she was right behind me indulging in here after dinner treat. She must have been practicing being quiet like a mouse.  

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